Demon's Souls (2020) - PS5

  • Since the launch is coming closer and I think a lot of you guys will be playing this and/or talking about it sooner or later, let's make a thread for it.

    Announcement Trailer:
    Youtube Video

    First Gameplay Trailer:
    Youtube Video

    Second Gameplay Trailer:
    Youtube Video

    The Music of Demon's Souls:
    Youtube Video

    Special State of Play Presentation:
    Youtube Video

    At this point, they have shown so much good stuff, and it's pretty much my most anticipated game for the PS5. It'll be one of the first games I'll get when I have my hands on a PS5. The visuals are especially amazing, and it doesn't even use raytracing. Hoping it'll be another banger for Bluepoint.

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    I feel like Bluepoint have such a wealth of knowledge about these absolute masterpiece games that if they wanted to make their own game they could knock it out of the park first try.

  • @el-shmiablo I won't be surprised if Sony's already made a deal with them to work on making a completely new game for one of their franchises, surely they trust Bluepoint enough at this point.

  • I'm sure Brad's writing a review for this as we speak.

  • I truly think Demon’s Souls is in the top 3 Souls games, maybe even debatably the best.

    I remember being a GT Forum dweller and people were speaking of this game and how they were importing the Chinese version because it had English subtitles or something. Sony took notice and released a small run of English versions in North America and I got in while the iron was hot.

    I recall back then GameTrailers would find videos all over the place and upload them to the website and I recall being so curious about the game and world because it seemed so foreign from anything I’ve ever played or was interested in at that time.

    Once I played the game, I managed to make it though the tutorial getting the boss down to 1/4 health before getting pummelled to death.

    I played level 1-1 Bolitaria Palace first and I’ll never forget how foreign the game felt. I had that shield up and was scared of every corner. Discovering new parts of that area and eventually unlocking shortcuts might be the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done in gaming at that point. The level design was so textured and layered with rewarding payoffs and the whole time I was so scared to die I had L1 pressed the whole time for my shield. I managed to beat the whole level without dying and it felt incredible.

    Skip ahead to Level 1-2 and I kept getting wrecked! Like badly. And once I finally managed to consistently get to the Tower Knight, I kept dying in a few seconds.

    Frustration was kicking in and I consulted online guides when I realized the game has these weight limitations and my character couldn’t roll fast because he was too heavy. These are mechanics that I wasn’t aware of at the time.

    Now in 2020 I think we’re hyper aware of these types of game mechanics and I wonder if that sense of discovery, confusion, failure, and success will translate to this new version. I feel like we’ve been spoiled and hyper aware of different gameplay systems over the recent years but I also like to imagine somebody out there will discover this game in its full glory.

  • @dipset
    It was Atlus who picked it up.
    But I remember back when a few people on GT were talking about it on here, importing the Japanese version that had some horrendously bad English translations (on par with Castlevania 2 from what I remember)
    They all made it sound like this almost mystic games, and because of that it was one of the first games I got with my PS3 (well after spending awhile hunting a copy down)

  • @dmcmaster

    Oh I thought it was Sony in NA and Altus in Europe but it looks like it was Atlus / Bandai Namco.

    Per the game itself. I watched the 15 min video and I feel weird about the atmosphere. Everything feels a bit bright and sharp. Something feels missing a bit from Tower of Latria. Wonder if I can turn brightness down.

  • Maybe it looks better with HDR or the brightness is cranked up a bit for the trailers

  • Direct feed gameplay footage. It looks so amazing! Youtube compression sucks ass, the previous trailers don't hold up to this.

  • I wasn't 100% sure if Gamersyde existed but that was the most beautiful website back in the day before every website had a YouTube channel posting footage immediately.

  • The Allies are playing the game in 3 hours! Hype!

  • Super cool interview with Bluepoint from DF

    Youtube Video

    I don't know if I'll play this myself, in part because I don't know when I'll manage to get a PS5, but certainly a good looking game and a super interesting interview.

  • @bard91 That's the game that keeps tormenting me for my decision of not getting a PS5 until a redesign. I completely trust Blue Point to absolutely nail it.

  • I also trust them but the more I see, the more something just feels off. The tutorial, Boletaria, and the Nexus look right to me. But the Vanguard, the Blue Eye Knights, the Valley of Defilement, and a few other things I saw just seem different.

    It's definitely sharp and bright. Demon's Souls has this kinda nasty haze over the whole game. It's likely a PS3 limitation but it's atmosphere to me. I really wanna play this to judge for myself.

  • @dipset I think there's a "PS3" filter.

    Youtube Video

  • @phbz

    Ohhhhh shit I think the camera was throwing me off too. Yeah I won’t be using the closer camera. Gotta pull that waaaay back.

    Well this is good news because something felt off to me. If this mode exists then I only have nitpicks left.

  • I've been watching a few streams of the early stuff in the game, and I really, really like the slow paced and deliberate combat. I feel like there's not that many Souls style games I have played that has this kind of pace. Obviously there's DS1, and Nioh 2 can feel like that at times (although it will push you to ramp things up as frequently as possible). I've restarted my playthrough of Sekiro recently, and that game is absolutely nuts with the pace, even though the stealthy option is always there (it's not that fun to stealth around tbh). I guess my preference are slower paced stuff like this. I can't wait to play as a sword-wielding peasant in this game.

  • @phbz This is amazing, I will be playing the game like that.

  • Interesting....probably something like the Sword in the Shadow of the Colusus remake though