Stories About Buying Videogames/Videogame Systems

  • There are wonderful memories out there of people who remember buying certain videogames and videogame systems fondly. I remember back in the autumn of 2003 at 11 years of age pleading with my mum to buy The Simpsons Hit N' Run for me as it was either this or WWE Here Comes The Pain I could get before Christmas. Anyway I got Hit N' Run when it came out, but I remember seeing my a display of copies for Here Comes The Pain and feeling a sense of urge and regret that I couldn't get it when I stared at that display. Thankfully not too long after I was allowed to rent it and it became one of my favourite WWE games and PS2 games I've ever played.

  • Not necessarily a time I purchased a game but ill always remember the lady who bought GTA:SA for her 6-7 year old kid, completely ignored the pleading from the gamestop employee, me and 2 other customers in the store. Then came back 30-40 minutes later throwing a fit about "how dare they advertise that as being something for kids"

  • i remember buying my GBA SP fondly, it was the first time i bought a console with my own pocket money. i remember my dad asking if i was sure i wanted to get it and that it just feeling really good to be able to confidently say yes and have a feeling of independace from my parents who bought most of my games for me when i was young. that all changed around that time

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    Back when the Wii came out I waited in line with a bunch of friends for it.
    I brought my GameCube and one of my friends brought a small TV and, using the outlets outside of Future shop, we got a 50+ person Smash Melee Tournament going that last from about 9 at night to 4 in the morning. I got 4th place with my Samus.

  • I recall saving so much money from my paper route and throughout the past year to get a PS3. Then for my birthday, my parents got me a PS3 and I could use all of that sweet sweet money on games. The day after my birthday happens to be Christmas and my parents also got me Rock Band! I don't know if you recall but right before launch Rock Band got delayed everywhere outside of the US for unknown reasons (I assume either music licenses or electronics problems) so I had a version from the US that they bought on a shopping trip when it was affordable to do cross border shopping.

    That Christmas was awesome because we brought it to my parents friends house and just played all night. It was painful watching all the dad's fail at easy rank guitar.

  • I love talking about this stuff, fantastic topic. First system I bought with my own money was a Neo Geo Pocket. Now the system had a shelf life of like 5 months but man, what a badass little system (the clicky joystick is still one of the best in the biz). The Capcom vs SNK card game and even their fighting game made the purchase worth it. First big system however was the Dreamcast. Got it and Marvel v Capcom 2, another system that was so fun but sadly just didn't last long.

    One of the purchases I felt the most empowered by was when I was in HighSchool and had a pretty decent paying part time job. Went to the mall with some friends and was debating over getting the PS2 Haverst Moon or Capcom vs SNK 2, and my friend basically said, why choose just get both, and I did and it felt awesome.

  • @dipset said in Stories About Buying Videogames/Videogame Systems:

    It was painful watching all the dad's fail at easy rank guitar.

    to be fair guitar hero and rock band actually make you worse at playing the instrument.

  • I think the first system I remember buying myself is the PS2 or maybe the PSP. I didn't really have an easy way to accumulate an income, so I basically did a lot of chores for a good period of time until I'd saved enough. I remember I walked in and picked that console up, and the first game I got with it was Final Fantasy XII, the steelbook two-disc one with the documentary. It wasn't the first PS2 game I played by far, my brother had a PS2 at launch, and so we played lots of games together until he moved out. This was the first console that was mine and mine alone, which was a cool feeling. That was the console I played Metal Gear Solid 1-3 on, Kingdom Hearts 2, among many other great games and RPGs, and I still have it in my living room today.

    One of my personal favorite stories was when the PS3 slim launched, I was enamored with it after seeing games like Uncharted 2 running. There was this really long series of commercials that was talking up how advanced the hardware was, but there was no way I could afford one. This was in a period of financial instability for the country that people were still recovering from, so jobs weren't paying much and some people didn't even have jobs. That Christmas, probably because I wouldn't shut up about the thing, one of my older brothers got me Uncharted 2, with the comment that "You can play it when you get that PS3". It was a little disappointing, but still touching, but in the next box there was a crock-pot. In that box though, there was a Playstation 3. All of my brothers had pooled funds together to buy one for me, and we shared playing it together for a long time. Even if I didn't get a HDTV for a year or two out, we played the multiplayer on my (by today's standards) small CRT for a long time, every holiday and every get together. A lot of games looked so bad on that TV because it would force a 4:3 aspect ratio and no text was legible, but we didn't care. It was like our little family community PS3, my brothers and I, and I couldn't be more grateful to have a family who supports my hobby. That too is still with me, though when cleaning it recently I broke the connector to the fan on the motherboard, so my girlfriend is going to help me solder it back together to fix it up.

  • @happygaming Nice, the old fake out box is a classic. Kinda similar when I was in College I moved into a house with a couple of guys, one of them bought a 360 a little after launch. Even tho it wasn't my system when Dead Rising came out I couldn't help myself and bought it even tho I didn't own a 360 myself. Also, like you, we were playing it on a SD TV so yeah, it didn't look great and it was almost impossible to read the text. Still was a ton of fun, there's nothing really like having that new console in hand.