Times You Were a Selfish Gamer

  • Do you remember any times in the past where you were a selfish and mean gamer who put his opinions and biases above everything else on a forum or in conversation? I recall a about a decade ago I started berating Greg Miller on Twitter or Facebook and Greg caught wind of this then threatened to block me after my onslaught of disrespectful jabbering. When Greg threatened to block me I sent a sincere apology and things were fine. I was messed up and set in my ways, I was in my late teens back then so maybe this behaviour is common amongst that age group but I look back and feel like a complete idiot for being so brazenly disrespectful.

  • I've personally always arrived to be respectful and open minded, even when an opinion isn't shared. I've never been very aggressive, combative or confrontational, so making conversation online or with specific parties has always been difficult when a lot of people feel a need to prove their opinions as fact with supreme aggression when I want to just chat and discover other opinions beyond my own.

    I think one time I was disrespectful was back in middle school, some buddies and I took to the GamsSpot website where you could post user reviews on games. We would sit in the library during lunch and just make stuff up or be really negative or disrespectful to the games, or would just write random troll posts. Looking back, I wish I hadn't, it was a dumb outlet for us then, but we could have been writing actual reviews and been constructive in some way. It was only funny to us, and I think that's why I look back and don't like the way we acted.

  • I think we did the same thing on some online games like Club Penguin or something, where one of my friends wanted to go around and spam "tittysprinkles" next to people in chat. I never thought it was very funny, but as an insecure youth, I went with the flow. To them it was funny and a sort of game to troll and get banned, but I always thought of the kids younger than us who just wanted to play the game and had to deal with us. We made their time less enjoyable, and that's so shitty

  • I would team kill and vote to kick trash players in SOCOM II and Confrontation back in the day. It is what it is, but that kinda bad sportsmanship was pretty widely fostered and accepted back then. Partly because the fanbase was extremely hardcore but also because there wasn't any inclusion for newcomers or casuals unless they joined a dumb 24/7 respawn server.

    If they made a SOCOM 5 today, I'd never act that way. I might get mad if a n00b is holding us back but I just can't get into multiplayer games as much anymore. Plus I'd expect the game will have casual servers AND serious servers.