Xbox Series X first impressions

  • First of all, it works! It didn't burst into flames, the optical drive didn't shred my game collection. It just works. And it's super silent. I don't know how it will sound in months or years, but right now it is surreal how silent it is. The only sound it produces is when installing a game from a disk, and it's still low.

    The installation is super simple and shortened by using the phone app to configure the system while simultaneously the console takes care of some stuff on its side. I just had to connect my Xbox One external to it, asked me if I wanted to keep the setting and that was it. Although for some reason not every setting was transferred, had to go switch off achievements again. But it was smooth sailing. Kudos for how easy it is to copy/paste installed games from the external drive to the internal and how it prompts you to update to the XSX version. Simple, easy, great to deal with the SSD space constraints.

    It's a different “new console experience” for sure. In a space of minutes you have the same console but not the same console. Like putting an old spirit on a powerful new athletic body. You know it already but every action is fast, braking some subconscious functional rhythms I had to navigate it. At moments I was thinking, this might work a bit too well, as I flew over some option because I wasn't expecting to be there so fast. Of course your brain quickly adjusts to it.

    The controller.
    I really like Xbox controllers, ergonomically speaking, This stays the same, nothing new really. There's a big improvement on the d-pad and the shoulder buttons are more accessible. Those were improvements needed and I feel they nailed it. Then there's a change in texture too, this I feel more conflicted about. On one side it greatly improves grip but it's a bit too raspy for my soft gentle hands. Also, would like it to be just slightly bigger.

    The games.
    Here once again it feels different from what a new console feels like. Of course I would love to have a brand new game to check my new toy but this is closer to getting a new GPU and checking how games you know run. Gears 5 looks truly impressive, but I've played it already and I'm not into replaying stuff, so after 1h I had enough of it. On the other hand Forza Horizon 4 is a near limitless game and I expect to play a lot of it, specially with the Quick Resume feature. All the times I felt like playing FH4 but didn't because the amount of time I had to play vs the amount of time spent in loading times are now a thing of the past... OR IS IT??? Effectively the Quick Resume feature at this time DOSEN'T WORK with FH4. This is a major stumble, a first party title updated for the XSX MS should make sure it had it working! Might be complicated being FH4 an always online game but hopefully it's going to be fixed soon. Wake up Microsoft!

    But going back to the lack of games, there really isn't one. I've completed 35 games this year, played some more. Still there's a ton of games I wanted to play before getting this console and I still want to play them now. Got a physical copy of Dead Space 3 installing right now and through GamePass I have Grim Fandango, Jedi Falling Order and Doom Eternal ready to go as must play titles. So if from a marketing standpoint it makes sense to say “Xbox has no games”, as a gamer I feel like it makes none. Still I wish I had Demon Souls to play right now, but I will eventually.

    So after my first hours with the system I'm happy with it as a continuation and improvement of a system I already greatly enjoyed. Looks elegant, feels fast and plays games.

  • Can you stream to your phone on Xbox Series X yet?

    I'm really curious how that'll work. I'm not in the market for a new phone because my iPhone 8 still works, but Game Pass compatibility and functionality will inform my next smartphone purchase perhaps more than anything else.

    For what it's worth something is fucky with Forza Horizon 4. I love the game but I've had compatibility issues with it just getting the right resolution on my screen. Then it wouldn't let me connect to online due to some insane legacy Windows issue that NO OTHER game has. I had to like manually futz with Windows 10 in some god knows where console command to fix it. Then recently I bought a new monitor and it has a hell of a time detecting the ultrawide and jumps between screen sizes.

    I assume the game is just fucky and that's why the quick resume doesn't work on XSX.

  • @dipset I tried out Doom today, not exactly smooth. But didn't looked much into it, it was just for fun. It's not something I'm thinking of using.

  • @phbz said in Xbox Series X first impressions:

    First of all, it works! It didn't burst into flames

    yes it did.
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  • @yoshi 😂

  • @Phbz Out of curiosity, have you tried doing some Auto HDR with your games? I'm especially interested in knowing how games look that don't have it built in (like original Xbox and 360 games), or if it looks a little blown out and oversaturated like Blood was saying in his preview. I just imagine its something you'd have to evaluate on a case by case basis to get the picture you're personally happy with for every game.

  • @mbun 😂

  • @happygaming My experience with it is limited to one 360 game and it works great. Although is not comparable to something like Gears 5 that probably has the best implementation of HDR on a game.

    Eurogamer/DF has a good article on the subject