Favourite game you never finished

  • Hey Allies

    I was just thinking about Persona 5 & how much I loved the 140 hours I put into it. Then I hit the wall andgot totally burnt out at the last palace. I've tried to go back but I can't do it. Anyways ever had a simular experience?

  • Persona 5 is high up there for me but I think Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch would be my main pick.

  • Chrono Trigger springs to mind, because the final boss was such a difficulty jump compared to everything before it, that I just looked up all the endings on Youtube since I pretty much played the whole game anyways. Darkest Dungeon is another where at one point I realized it would take me so ridiculously long to clear, plus my toaster of a PC literally bluescreened while playing it, so I just watched a great Twitch streamer (shoutout to Billy1Kirby) trudge through the back half expertly. Despite that, Darkest Dungeon is incredible, and I'm super pumped for Darkest Dungeon 2.

  • @paulmci27

    I felt like I was on the high end at 110 hours on my Persona 5 playthrough when everyone else was coming in at 90ish.

    Did you play on Hard and die a lot? 140 hours and never finishing seems absurdly high.

  • @dipset Yeah played on hard & grinded a lot. It ruined the game for me. I won't forgive myself until I complete it.

  • @paulmci27

    Yeah I played Persona 4 on PS2 (through PS3 store) on Hard and died late in the first Dungeon and if I’m not mistaken, I had to go back to the beginning of the dungeon and I couldn’t believe the backwards regression and never played it again.

    Ended up beating P4:G on PS Vita on Medium and that was the sweet spot. That experience made me realize cute high school game with JPOP background music isn’t for the faint of heart.

  • Dark Souls. Mostly because I lost my save data after 30+ hours of play time, and I can't find the strength to do it all over again.

    Also putting Nioh 2 here despite still trying to finish it. It's so hard, it feels really overwhelming at times. Every new enemy feels monstrously scary to fight, and the old ones just keeps finding ways to kick my ass all over again.

  • Yeah, most From Software games for me. Every Halloween I try Bloodborne again. I've been stuck at the spider boss for three or four years. I pick up Dark Souls 1 occasionally. Been stuck at Ornstein and Smaugh for maybe close to two years. Dark Souls 2 I just don't know where to go. My room mate owned the 3rd one, but I think I got to Witch Village. Sekiro I'm a the flaming bull. I've tried and want to like most of the games, but I reach a point where I just don't enjoy hitting that wall.

  • Also Hollow Knight. I don't know why I never finished that, but I put it down for a long time and didn't feel comfortable starting at my old save file. Thank goodness they released it on PS+ to give me and others that extra push to give it a go again.

  • @happygaming Oh, well if that last Hollow Knight DLC counts, then that's my answer too. I would've had to practice for months to beat the last Boss Gauntlet.

  • Hard to decide. If it was a good game i probably would have bothered to finish it

  • Crash Bandicoot 4. My disc is stuck inside of my broken PS4 :(

  • @neocweeny Haha, I'm sorry, but that's pretty funny.

  • @neocweeny same thing happened to my copy of Nier on PS3! Never played it again.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern All hail toploaders! Take out the games whenever you want!