What Game Console Would You Be?

  • Just listened to the latest EZA Podcast, and there's a L&R question that is just too cute and fun for me to not ask to y'all (thank you for the question, Sam Wise Game Geek). The question is: if you're a game console, what console would you be?

    I'm definitely the PS4 Slim: I don't stand out that much, and I'm not too memorable because I don't really bring anything mindblowing to the table, but that's not what I'm here for. I'm just gonna keep things working as usual and not make a lot of fuss in the process. Also, I look better in person compared to the photos. Outside of the console itself, the PS4's mostly emotionally-charged single player focused exclusives really resonates with me.

  • Gamecube. Tiny, square and bringing tons of new, unique ideas nobody cares about.

  • Maybe a PS2 slim. Unassuming for the most part, easy to fit where it would be most convenient without much hassle or stress, and I'm a pretty easy-going and a fun guy to hang with, but can still really impress and bring my A game when the time is right and I'm feeling up to it, even years after my prime.

    I've also just got a thing for Japanese RPGs, and I don't care who plays all of them or not as long as they exist and we can still be friends.

  • 100% the Sega Dreamcast. Chip modded to play anything. ROMs? Yup. PAL games? Yup.
    I have two normal controllers, with VMU's, a Seaman microphone, two maracas controllers from Samba De Amigo, and a mouse and keyboard.
    I have a built-in CD player, and even a screensaver!

  • I'm probably a PS3 because I'm big and heavy to lug about and I'm not that memorable.

  • @jdincinerator PS3 and it's giant enemy crabs were very memorable. so was it's $600 price tag.

  • @yoshi I mean when compared to the other PS consoles.