To Wait or Not To Wait

  • Next gen is officially here. For some of us. I don't personally have a PS5 of Xbox Series X yet, but seeing how certain games run on the consoles makes me pine for being able to play or replay them in that state.

    The question I have I guess is what last gen games should be played on next gen, and what would be better to play now?

    I've been holding off on certain games like Control, Ghost of Tsushima and a replay of Final Fantasy XV, but what are some games that would be better to play on the new current gen versus what we have, and what would be better to play immediately regardless of the wait in between the consoles?

  • meh. you can wait. pretty much everything can be played on PS4 or xbone anyway. they won't have any good exclusives until next year

    no demons souls isn't exclusive. that's a port.

  • Not looking at exclusives really. I'll play Demon's Souls or any PS5 exclusives when I have the consoles, but I'm more thinking of things that will benefit from the wait vs those that won't. Control, Ghost and FFXV all benefit from added loading increase and better framerate (especially looking at Control). So it's just a matter of what games benefit from the advantage vs those that run the same current vs last gen.

  • I can't think of any games really where the loading times have hindered the experience, I certainly don't think it's a big enough of an improvement to warrent waiting out for at least. Ditto with the frame rates.

  • I felt like Ghost of Tsushima played well on PS4 Pro. I don't know what Sucker Punch did to this game but the 30fps didn't bother me, and I'm normally a big proponent of performance over resolution. Also the loading times are already extremely fast and it's one of the most beautiful games I've played this year. I don't think it's necessary to wait to play Ghost of Tsushima on PS5.

  • Just try this out instead! Satisfaction not guaranteed.

    Honestly if you're not too busy with other games/stuff it's probably a good idea to try those games out now if you want to, especially Ghost of Tsushima since it's already so optimized for the PS4. Control and FFXV I'm less sure about (the base PS4 performance for Control gets pretty abysmal at times), but hey, if you're not really satisfied with the experience, you can just stop playing midway and continue it on the current gen consoles when you get them. I personally will be saving my NG+ for GoT when I get a PS5, I'm really excited to see this beautiful game run at 60 FPS.

  • @sheria
    Yakuza 7, in my time with the Japanese version load times are typically almost 2-3 minutes long, on PS4, meanwhile on PS5 it's like 2-3 seconds

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    @yoshi I don't think you understand what the term "port" means. Demon's Souls is very much a complete remake of the game. A port would be just a the exact same game that was on PS3 with no changes to assets.

    As for which games to play, basically anything with an uncapped framerate or "performance" mode. God of War immediately comes to mind. I won't mind replaying that at a locked 60fps at all.
    Dark Souls 3, Until Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima.
    Personally I'm hoping TLOU2 gets an update to add 60 FPS on PS5. That game is a mind blower even at 30, so 60 would be transcendental.

  • I'd wait to at least see what's going on with the manufacturing or software issues that are surely going to surface. I've already seen people complaining about crashes and COD automatically download the PS4 version on PS5. There is always some hijinx at console launch.

    With that said, depends on what you value. Personally, I want a PS5 ASAP. I sit at my desk in my home office all day. I don't walk to work anymore which sucks because that was like an hour per day 5 days a week. Now I just sit at home, work ends, I help with dinner, then I loaf around some more. If I had a PS5 I'd at least play high quality games away from the office.

    And I know that doesn't solve the issue I'm having with work, but at least I get out of my windowless office and my back and ass can have a break from the chair.

  • @dipset
    The download thing I think is a combination of human error and not wanting to wait a second.

    When I bought COD yesterday morning it download both versions of the game at first (my fault as I just hit download all) that said hover over any game, hit the options button then pick yoir download

  • I think waiting for next gen is the best option-mainly because most of the games on PS5 and Series X can be played on Xbox One/PS4. I suppose if you want to reign in the new consoles now instead of later that might be a good idea, but waiting will likely boost your excitement because new exclusive games on new hardware sounds much more exciting and memorable than getting them straight away with no exclusives and will have you paying through the nose needlessly.

  • Is there a list online of games that have been optimized or have variable frame rates that will automatically be taken advantage of on PS5 somewhere? I was thinking about the Shadow of the Colossus remake that I never got around to as well, but I think that just locks the frame rate with the higher resolution mode.

    Games like Control are definitely the ones I'm planning on waiting for. Even on my Pro, it felt like every wall would need to pop in, and I wanted to take the time to look at all the paintings and everything going on. Sekiro also just looks so good running at a higher frame rate from the Digital Foundry video. It may help with me sucking at the game and timing for parrying. I don't expect a higher frame rate on everything though, I'm just trying to think of games that would likely have a much better and more stable experience if I were to wait. I'm patient and have plenty of games to go through in my backlog until I eventually get a PS5 someday, just also thinking ahead to sort of categorize things I have in my brain.