Sun and Moon Pokemon Teams

  • When I play Pokemon, I don't want to strategise, and plan things ahead of time, like what will be my pokemon team etc. I want to play, and see what works and what doesn't. But that said, I will hunt down and get Alolan Ninetails. Because "regular" Ninetails is great in my opinion, I think Alolan version will be something glorious.

  • @Haru17 Cutiefly? That'd be quite the twist, since right now it's Bug/Fairy. Unless you meant Lurantis, which isn't a bug at all, and I'm pretty sure that's the final form of it. My team is lacking fire right now though and has an extra Rock Type.
    @jipostus I mean, this is just in-game team. It's not really about strategy for me, just using my favorites. I only hesitate if I'll end up with like four water types, at which point I usually just make a monowater team instead since I'm so far in that direction anyways. It's fun to just pick favorites and then try and make them work even if they're not the most optimized team possible.

  • I play Pokemon like a blue/green deck.

  • @Haru17 So recovery moves and stall hijinks? That's terribly slow for the main adventure. I couldn't stomach it.

  • @Mbun No, the pokemon are just blue and green. :P