Silent Hill HD Collection Is It Worth It?

  • Silent Hill HD Collection is currently on sale on Xbox One and I want to know whether you guys think it's worth getting at all.

  • Yeah it's fine. I played Silent Hill 3 a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. Is a cheap way to get 2 classic games even though the ports are far from perfect. Especially if you haven't played the originals you probably won't even notice there's a problem with them.

  • A lot of people shit on these ports for graphical fidelity and I'm not entirely sure if it's riddled with bugs so that MIGHT be an important factor, but I recently played the PS1 version of Silent Hill and the PS2 version of Silent Hill 2 and it looks like dog shit playing those games on an HDTV anyways. So unless you have the means to play the OG versions on a tube, may as well try it in this collection.

    Again, not sure if it's a broken port, but I've heard people complain about the graphics.

  • Youtube Video

    This whole video is pretty fascinating to watch through, but if you want to get to the specifics on the HD collection compared to other releases it starts around 14:30. Personally, I still prefer the look of the PS2 version, even on my HDTV, but I know it varies depending on models and cables being uses for different people.

    I'd say go with your own personal tastes of what looks good for you and is accessible. If that's the HD collection, it's better than not playing the game at all if you have the interest. Like, I'd love to recommend the Super Nintendo version of Chrono Trigger over all the others, but most people will probably just grab that Steam copy nowadays and that's fine.

  • It's not the best way to experience Silent Hill 2 or 3, but it's a way

  • Ahhh I didn't know the history there @HappyGaming

    Yeah the PS3 version looks pretty different to say the least. I thiiiiiink I'd probably take PS2 on an HDTV over this version, but again, it's a version of the game and pretty easily available.