Videogame Hot takes

  • Been playing a lot of Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield over the past 24ish months so here are some spicy shooter takes:

    1) COD4 Modern Warfare / Halo (to a lesser extent) gets a lot of credit for Battlefield 2's innovations

    • Battlefield 2 released on PC in 2005 around when Call of Duty 2 (Infinity Ward) released for PC and 360.

    • BF2 had: modern warfare setting, detailed mini-map, weapon unlocks, badges and medals for performance, upgrade progression for each class. It also had the ability to record your gameplay to a server which led to a ton of online videos about the game (that's how I learned about it).

    • COD2 had: none of that...

    • COD3 (Treyarch, 2006) tried to copy a Battlefield-like class system as well as vehicles and was an all-round terrible game.

    • COD4 MW (Infinity Ward, 2007) comes along and BOOM! It has all of these wonderful things that BF2 had, and copied the right things unlike COD3. Also, jumps from WWII to modern war. Class system that works in the context of Call of Duty (weapons, not roles), XP progression, new unlocks you earn as you play, rewards for performance in-game.

    • Halo 3 releases Theatre Mode which kicks off the big wave of Machinima on YouTube, but again, BF2 was doing it first, but doesn't get the credit.

    Now this doesn't discredit the MASSIVE influence COD4 had on the whole industry but I think COD4 gets a lot of credit for things that existed before them and they clearly took heavy influence from. Modern Warfare didn't just come out of thin air like people think it did.

    And to that point, I think if BF2 launched on Xbox 360, we'd have a whole new history here. Infinity Ward / Activision had a lot of good foresight to bring COD to consoles and keep it there.

    2) Call of Duty 2 holds up better than Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

    I've recently replayed both games and both games are massively dated by today's standards, but COD2 just has this simple timeless fun element to it which is just pointing and aiming on big WWII battlefields. Kar98k and Lee Enfiled will never grow old; even if the audio, graphics, and time-to-kill do.

    Whereas COD4 leads to so much aggravation in 2021. The perk system was highly inventive, but my fucking god is it an unbalanced mess that just isn't fun to play anymore.

    • M16 + Stopping Power perk = 1 shot kill from medium or close range.
    • Stacking killstreaks lead to 50% of the match hiding from helicopters
    • Noob tube deaths from a football field away
    • Completely broken respawning

    3) Battlefield V is a really good game that was marketed poorly by EA and loudmouth YouTubers who are closet incels need to relax

    Was BFV rough at launch? Yes!
    Is it a particularly ambitious game? NOPE!
    Is it really fun. HELL YEAH!

    People are hung up in comparing Battlefield V to other games and can't see past the fact that the gunplay is really great, the topography of the level design is second to none (blows terrain in Warzone or PUBG way out of the water), the destruction and general warfare gameplay is unmatched and un-replicated in any other game.

    EA clearly wanted this to release when they did and the game was unfinished which led to people not caring about it. I bought it in 2020 and still play it with friends to this day. I've sunk about 50 hours now and love it, even with some issues I have.

    Most of the launch negativity wasn't even directed at the games flaws but more at the fact you have the option to play as women and EA having some SJW agenda. I think it was a mistake for EA to focus on "playing as females" like it mattered, when it's a non-factor in gameplay or any other context in-game. I also think DICE made a mistake in focusing on "lesser known WWII battles" considering they draw absolutely no attention to that in-game and it makes the game feel a bit identity-less.

    HOWEVER, it's fuuuuuuun! People gotta relax a little. Play as a female Nazi with a British gun. WHO CARES?!

    4) Halo 3 stands the test of time against any other shooter I've played

    I've played 150 hours of Halo 3 since summer 2020. Take that in.

    Like I said, I've also been playing COD4 and it's an aggravating bad time.

    Halo 3 in MCC is completely untouched other than some weapon skins and the game is just as fun as ever. It didn't need to change at all and I was able to introduce another friend to Halo 3 who never played before and now even he is hooked.

    Name another game from that era that holds up by today's standards? It doesn't need any of the ra ra games have today. It's just unique, nothing plays like it, and its balanced, fun, and doesn't need to be updated. I think this will quite literally never age poorly.

    5) Bloc is an amazing map. Crash sucks.

    Sue me.

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    @DIPSET I agree with your take on BFV. (that you posted in a different thread)
    It really is the best Battlefield has been in years, but brain-dead morons focused more on the woman with the prosthetic limb in the release trailer (that ended up being completely tonally different from the actual game) instead of the monumental gameplay improvements over previous entries in the series.

  • @el-shmiablo But what about historical accuracy???

  • @El-Shmiablo

    Gun play and infinity combat is pretty improved. Topography / natural terrain in the map design is top notch.

    Sandbox gameplay was a step down, and overall ambition was lacking a bit.

    BUT people gotta relax. It sold 7M at launch which is slightly less than Battlefield 1. So what? That means it was still successful and is now in EA Play so even more new fans are joining to this day. Outrage YouTubers have to chill because it isn’t a failure or bad game by any stretch.


    Ah I forgot the historical accuracy argument. I don’t even know how to reply to that one since I’m no historian, but I did find it funny that people suddenly cared about history accuracy when they removed Swastika’s and added in female skins.

  • @dipset I kinda agree and disagree with your take on BFV, because I feel like it did got way too much hate (those skin controversies are the dumbest of the bunch), but also the game's slow and mostly average updates really didn't do it any favors. The Pacific update is pretty sick, but other than that I can't really think of anything that was worth the wait. I hope that DICE learns the right things from BFV, and make their new battlefields to be an actual complete experience from launch, and then have actual solid plans on how to keep it going in the long run.

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    @bam541 I think wasting resources on a Battle Royale mode for the game was one of its bigger mistakes.

  • @el-shmiablo oh absolutely. I would understand if they made that to be a free to play mode for the masses or something like that, but at this state it's just a distraction from the real game for most BF fans.

  • @bam541

    I don't even disagree with you. Firestorm Battle Royale had potential, but is ultimately a waste of time and money considering they could've just made the core game better. But in BFV's current finished and unchanging state, the game is really good and overall fun.

    The amount of fun that I've had playing BFV as well as the thousands of others who still play it on a daily basis is a far cry from all of the outrage and 0/10 reviews. I'm not here to argue it was flawed at launch. But there are people online who still spew vitriol about BFV to this day and I think it's legitimately a really great game. I actually enjoy it more than BF4 and BF1. Both of those games were also fantastic in their own way, but I think BFV nailed gunplay and squad combat.

    BF6 just needs to bring back larger maps and bigger sandbox gameplay and we're golden.

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    @dipset said in Videogame Hot takes:

    I actually enjoy it more than BF4

    I'll never say BFV didn't have an absolutely abysmal launch, but honestly that is just most AAA multiplayer focused games in this day and age.
    One of my favorite things about the advent of the online age is that games can completely turn around.
    Diablo 3 went from being perhaps the most disappointed I've even been at a videogame to my most played and enjoyed game across two generations and three platforms.

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    Yooka Laylee is a bad game, but so is Banjo Kazooie.
    If you think Yooka is worse than Banjo, you need to take off your nostalgia glasses.

  • @el-shmiablo if you think they're bad don't play the Crash remasters

  • @el-shmiablo said in Videogame Hot takes:

    Yooka Laylee is a bad game, but so is Banjo Kazooie.
    If you think Yooka is worse than Banjo, you need to take off your nostalgia glasses.

    Exactly how is Banjo bad?

  • @sheria
    A bear, using a bird. It's preposterous.

  • Crash Bandicoot(2017) is one of the worst remakes! It is just a graphically enhanced PS1 game with awful mechanics, this kind of game in this age is unacceptable while there are a lot better platformers out there. They should have touched and upgraded the gameplay too.

    It is just a torture and not fun at all. And don't get me start on those camera angles/perspective of the world, platforms, space etc.

  • @scotty said in Videogame Hot takes:

    Crash Bandicoot(2017) is one of the worst remakes! It is just a graphically enhanced PS1 game with awful mechanics, this kind of game in this age is unacceptable while there are a lot better platformers out there. They should have touch and upgrade the gameplay too.

    I'd say the Crash, Spyro, SotC and Demon's Souls remakes are the best examples out there personally.
    I may be sensing sarcasm, but then given the thread...

  • @sheria

    No sarcasm here.

  • @scotty said in Videogame Hot takes:


    No sarcasm here.

    Fair enough. Is that a failure of the remake though or just a dislike for the type of game?

  • @scotty I agree they managed to make a mediocre 3d & 2d platformer in the same game. Also the difficulty made my son cry.

  • @scotty Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy seems like it's nothing more than nostalgia bait with fresh visuals.

  • @paulmci27 said in Videogame Hot takes:

    @scotty I agree they managed to make a mediocre 3d & 2d platformer in the same game. Also the difficulty made my son cry.

    I'm confused. I get you think Crash isn't very good, which is fair enough, but what you're actually agreeing to is that the recent release is one of the worst remakes.
    What exactly makes it a bad remake specifically?