Videogame Hot takes

  • @paulmci27 I love my N64 and still enjoy a lot of the classics on it...but it's basically the Atari 2600 of 3D gaming. If you weren't there, it's hard to appreciate. And even if you were there, it's appearance has aged the worst by far of the systems from its generation.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Didn't have an N64 during its gen but of course almost all my friends had one so I got to play it a good amount and I think it had some really good stuff on it. However, over all there wasn't a ton I'd be interested in playing today. The Saturn on the other hand always had a soft spot in my heart, through out the years always thought about picking one up but never pulled the trigger. I still think about getting one.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I was being a bit harsh there. I think I just have a bias l because I loved my Saturn I collected import games as well it has so many great games that no one has ever heard of and probably never get to play.

  • @themarcv Saturn game prices are exorbitant. Hopefully. Sega does something with the back catalogue one day or emulation gets better.

  • @paulmci27 Not sure what you're talking about. Hyper Duel, Battle Garegga, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Cotton Boomerang can all be had for just a single monthly mortgage payment.

  • @paulmci27 No kidding, i just looked up X-men vs Street Fighter and its going for over $500. One of the draws for me of getting a Saturn was they were the only console to have the old Capcom Dungeon's and Dragons beat'em but luckily those did get rereleased on the PS3. There's just something about the Saturn that makes me want to play old sprite based fighters.

  • Adjusted for inflation, Nintendo will not only not match 2020 sales within the next decade, they will steadily decline. 2020 will be hard to match because of Switch + Animal Crossing + COVID but they are also flooding the market with plastic shit that people are eating up...for now. Even if the world didn't open back up, by the 60th lego set and/or 30th Mario Kart live racer (Goku) and/or 10th mini console and/or 1000th lack-lustre port, people will stop buying in and these things will stop selling out. Then what? Major releases are 1 per year at best, just like the Wii U.

    Now, it's Nintendo so they could certainly innovate overnight but they are so wet for themselves right now I can only see them going too far.

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    @paulmci27 And here I am with my copy of Guardian Heroes still with original tallboi crystal case and instructions.

  • @el-shmiablo Nice, give it a couple of years you'll be able to pay your mortgage off.

  • @themarcv
    Hopefully the rumor of a Marvel Vs Capcom collection turn out to be true (X-Men COA -MvC2)

  • I'm genuinely surprised Square Enix hasn't done more with Dissida as a brand, there's been 2 fighting games (one 1v1, one 3v3, both Arena style) and a smartphone game (a damn good one from what I hear), but where's like the Dissida Warrior's game, the 2.5D fighter, or hell even the GASS type game (which for some reason I feel Avengers is a precursor to) It's a unified brand that pulls on one of the strongest IPs out there and it's only had 3 entries.

    Also after seeing the sales success of the new Hyrule Warriors, I think Nintendo will probably let Koei Tecmo do more Warriors games with thier IPs, or even just Smash Warriors.

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    @paulmci27 That mortgage will continue to go unpaid. Never selling this badboi. Basically my favorite game of all time, occasionally switching with Super Mario RPG.

  • Now that I was watching EZA's reaction to TLoUPII State of Play and heard them saying ''This wasn't part of the Summer Game Fest right?":

    Summer Game Fest was such a letdown with lot of whatever streams and so few hype things. One of the few times I got excited was that awesome UE5 demo I guess.

    I prefer 3 days with a lot of packed excitement than whole summer with lot of boring streams. Hope we can see the return of E3 this summer instead of this mediocre attempt.

  • Johnny Silverhand is a dumb dumb dumb dumb name

  • Final Fantasy XIII is a good game.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Bring it to switch so I can finally play it

  • @naltmank I'll see what I can do.

  • Since I was talking about this game earlier in another post I'll bring this up. The Final Fantasy 15 combat system is more fun than 7 Remakes. Warp Strike 4 life baby.

  • @paulmci27 I played a fair bit of XV and loved it and the combat was great but I never really felt like I had complete control. I have yet to play Remake.

    This actually leads into another take I have had for some time: I feel like Final Fantasy should decide what it wants to be in terms of gameplay. ATB has always separated it from traditional turn-based games and made for some really interesting systems like 12 and 13 but since Lightning Returns, I feel like they have gone for games that look like action games but are bogged down by trying to still include menus in combat.

    Warp Strike is so sick though.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern The Remake combat is great & is alot better thought out than 15. Its a great compromise between Action & Turn based. Just not a fun in my eyes.