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  • I'm with Brawlman here, I found TEW2 to be a much better game than its predecessor

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    @brawlman DmC Devil May Cry does have a better story that literally every single mainline DMC.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Those are words that will put you in the deepest, darkest pits of hell where you will tortured for all eternity by having pineapples shoved up your ass while dressed as a French maid.

    Anyway, Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill Homecoming probably had the strongest potential of all the western developed Silent Hill games, like a bit of retooling of the plots, tighter controls (I.E not taking forever to turn around in Homecoming) and taking care of the technical issues they might have been better received.

    Shooting lights is the most important part of any game, if you can't shoot out the lights then its a absolute failure.

  • @el-shmiablo The story is better than DMC2. That is all you get. Otherwise, the story is still obnoxious, "edgy" for the sake of it, insists upon itself, is only a game that could have come from the early 2010s, and wastes my time. I'll give credit to the DE version for fixing most of the gameplay issues in the vanilla version. But most of that goes to fans who fixed the game for Capcom on the PC. You ungrateful bastards (Capcom)! PC players should have gotten the PC version too, for the work they did fixing your game.

  • This isn't my hottake but I'm just curious-does anyone hate or really dislike Doom: Eternal? A friend of mine really loathes it which surprised me and made me curious but then it kinda hit me when he explained why he didn't like-you spend so much time collecting ammo because the guns run dry way too quickly. In a game where you're supposedly given free reign to kick monstrous alien ass-collecting ammo regularly is really laborious and terrible. Also I realize that some of the prettiest and thus most attractive games out there can hide some truly dreadful and repetitive gameplay foibles. Again this isn't really my hottake but I'm curious about how you all feel about Doom: Eternal and whether you've had the same problems with it.

  • @jdincinerator I think the game does what it does intentionally. It has a very specific pace, a rhythmic loop, and it's masterful in how it keeps the player doing the dance the whole time.

    Gamers have this way of dealing with games that's like the equivalent of someone saying a chair is bad because it makes for an awful table. That is to say that while I can see why someone might not enjoy it I'm also of the opinion that is a superbly executed game.

    But this whole "loop" debate is something I'm very conscious about. For example, FFVII was my first JRPG, and to this day I can't wrap my head around the infinity of pointless randomly generated battles that game made me go through. And that kind be of grind present in JRPGs makes it really hard for me to enjoy them even if I appreciate a lot of stuff they do, I just don't want spend 80 hour on a game and 60 of those being superfluous filler content. Doom's loop on the other hand keeps me totally engaged, constantly making snap decisions.

  • @jdincinerator I feel like ammo management in Doom Eternal is well executed and an important part of the game. It encourages you to be precise with your shots, and make the best use of your cooldowns and chainsaw kills. It's a game that demands quick immediate action, but it also rewards you for thinking two steps ahead.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Videogame Hot takes:

    @brawlman DmC Devil May Cry does have a better story that literally every single mainline DMC.

    I have only played DMC1 and have no experience with DmC other than the demo, but this hot take reminds me of how there is apparently a weekly post on the Metallica Reddit where somebody sticks their neck out and defends 2003’s “St. Anger” as not only a great album but one of Metallica’s best.

    Then everybody in the comments eats them up like wolves.

    I feel like DmC is the St. Anger of the series according to the masses lol

  • @dipset DmC (2013) it's so much worse than St. Anger. I say this and I am not that big of a Metallica fan.

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    @dipset Eh. I think gamers are wayyyyyyyy too reactionary these days and are still wiping the pee off their jeans over Dante's hair colour and a silly joke he makes about it in the game.
    There is a reason DMC5 went so far out of it's way to copy DmC both stylistically and with it's gameplay systems.
    Mainline DMC is just a collection of played out anime tropes. That doesn't mean they are bad games, quite the contrary I think they (excluding 2) are some of the best Character Action games on the market, but they are super cringey and the stories don't amount to much more than excuses to give you reasons to fight big bads in cool ways.

  • @el-shmiablo It was more than hair color and you know that. Whatever DmC did, DMC5 did better. I noticed a references and I'm glad they were able to put in a reference for everyone of all fans. Still doesn't change the fact that Capcom changed too much for no reason than other trying to heavily appeal to Westerners and downplay anything Japanese. DmC should have been a spin-off title, or more likely, a divorced installment. It's how the Devil May Cry franchise got started. They would have two hack and slash franchises and make double the money. If they were really smart, they would have done that.

    DMC5 is proud of its legacy, but more so it's Japanese roots, gaming in general, and it's dedicated fan base.

  • @naltmank Because it is one of the greatest games of all time.

  • Symphony of the Night & Super Metroid although trailblazers & classic games don't hold a candle to modern Metroidvanias. Whether it be controls or level design they just can't compete, but that's okay. I would say the same for 95% of retro 8 & 16 hit platformers. Games are just better now & so they should be.

  • My base level hottake is that Final Fantasy 10 is the worst game I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing, with a story that might be worse than any other thing I have ever read, seen, or heard in my life.

  • @r-f-switch I actually really like FF10 but there is plenty of people like yourself that hate that game. I wouldn't fight for it but I'm all in on the nonsensical anime bullshit. It does have a good combat system though.

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    @r-f-switch Absolutely 100% agree. X put such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't play another FF until XIII.

  • @el-shmiablo I was waiting for that.

  • @el-shmiablo I found Final fantasy 13 even worse than 10. my brother and I barely got past the first disc and we stopped playing. At least 10 went somewhere, even if it was done badly.

  • Turok 2 (1998) is more fun than Turok 2 Remaster (2017) because it is more frustrating. People should be ashamed of their words and deeds.

  • I think I finally have a decent hot take now. I want to give 13 Sentinels a go because people are really enjoying it, but everytime I look at screenshots and gameplay of it, my desire for it gets sapped out pretty quick because of the art style. There's just something about the style that makes me uncomfortable looking at it. Same goes for Vanillaware's other games: Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere Lefthrasir. Those games don't look exactly the same of course, but I feel like they're trying to achieve similar things but in slightly different ways.