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  • Watch Dogs: Legion deserves nothing more than a 5/10.

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    @jdincinerator That isn't a hot take.

  • @jdincinerator
    That's common concensus

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I personally enjoyed ori, Hollow Knight, Bloodstained & Monsterboy more. I just think Super Metroids controls are a bit stiff & your characters to big. I do acknowledge that it is amazing though.

  • @dmcmaster Not according to EZA or IGN it seems.

  • @el-shmiablo Fair point just some of the high scores I've seen for it has compelled me to put it here.

  • Half-Life 3 will never live up to the expectations people have in thier minds for it, just look at Duke Nukem Forever or on a more positive note Season 5 of Samurai Jack. Not to mention the processing power required to render Gordon's crowbar will probably mean having to make concessions here and there, like being unable to shoot out lights.

  • @paulmci27 said in Videogame Hot takes:

    @e_zed_eh_intern I personally enjoyed ori, Hollow Knight, Bloodstained & Monsterboy more. I just think Super Metroids controls are a bit stiff & your characters to big. I do acknowledge that it is amazing though.

    I played SotN in 2017 for the first time and Super Metroid when the SNES Classic released and I generally liked them both, but I think some of the modern 2D Metroidvania games are better or even the 3D games that are heavily inspired by them like Batman Arkham Asylum.

    SotN has too much aimless exploring for today’s standards and especially because you have to look up how to even access the second half of the game. I beat all of the bosses except for 1 (not realizing it) then just got a bad ending. Stuff like that is a bit annoying by today’s standards.

    Whereas Ori 2 is just perfect. Hollow Knight controls perfect, has amazing exploration and my only complaint is that it becomes too hard, but it’s still ahead of its predecessors in SotN and SM.

  • @dipset fair take. I also played SOTN for the first time in the past few years and it felt super bloated to me but who’s to say how I would have felt had I played it on release. And so, of course, had I NOT played Super Metroid way back I may feel the same way about that game. MAY.

    Anyways, looks like physical Switch versions of the Ori games are $55 CAD. Seems steep for an indie though. Anybody have thoughts on that price?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I got it on Game Pass but it’s worth the price of admission. Even if it was more money tbh. It’s an easy 15 hour game and maybe 20-25 if you 100% the game which if you’re like me, you might inadvertently do because you’re so hooked on it.

    My buddy played on Switch and loves it, no Switch complaints from him.

  • @dipset last question: if I asked why you love this game, would gameplay be your first response?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Yup. It's a perfect mix of getting a lot of tools as the game progresses and they feed in on one another better than most other games. Ori 2 outright has like Top 3 movement/flow in all of gaming. It plays borderline perfect.

  • @dipset ordered

  • @dmcmaster I don’t think there is any expectations. Either way, half life alyx was as good as any half life game for me.

  • @bigdude1
    You say that, but I'm willing to bet there are people who have spent half of thier lives waiting on Half-Life 3, thinking it will be some transcendent experience delivered unto them by god.

  • The Sega Genesis Mini, Turbo Grafx Mini, and Neo Geo Mini are a 1000x's better than the NES & SNES mini. While the former three have their various duds in the compilations, at least you get more than enough variety of games. The NES & SNES you only get 20 games respectively, and the console compilation is way more expensive due to Nintendo stopping production and scalpers. Even at their original price points, they were way too expensive.

    Bayonetta 2 is a much better game than Bayonetta. The sequel gets rid of the bad QTEs, a more pleasing color palette that is not washed out, and better pacing. The story is simple and not as convoluted as the first game. The game has even better bonuses that easier to unlock and are not tedious nor obtuse unlike Bayo1.

    Asura's Wrath is a better God of War Game than all the God of War games. While God of War 4 can be described as American Asura's Wrath.

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales > than Spider-Man (PS4)

    Double Dragon Neon is great game, but it's not the best DD game. That title goes to Double Dragon Advance on the GBA. I feel that DDN has gotten over praised over the years and especially when it first launched. The game can and will force you to grind on harder difficulty to max out your stats and special moves. It gets old and repetitive having to switch between menus constantly for abilities. I found two sets of power ups that works best when maxed out, making almost all of the other abilities and skills useless.

    Eve is a better villain than Sephiroth. Yeah, I said it.

    Burnout Paradise is not as good as 3 or Revenge, but shits on most of the racing games that came out on 8th gen.

    The last good Need for Speed game was Hot Pursuit (2010). The last decent NFS game was Rivals (the PC port is horrible. Do not play.) I have not played NFS Heat yet.

    Shadows of the Damned is better than Lollipop Chainsaw. I do like Juliet as a character, but that is game couldn't have been made anywhere except in 2012.

    Ayane is one of the most unsympathetic characters in a fighting game series, and I have almost no sympathy for the bytch. They kinda try to fix this with DOA5 & 6, but it should not have taken that long to end that stupid grudge plotline. I don't understand how Kasumi has so much patience for that brat. I'd sooner cry for Juri Han than Ayane. Poison is a better person than Ayane.

    While games based off of anime are in better state now than most were back in early 3D days, there are still issues. Alot of them just adapt the shounen genre and not much else. They've mostly turn in to bog standards arena fighters. I may not like Naruto, but at least Cyber Connect 2 tries something unique with the anime games they make. Even if their design template is a more advanced version of what they did for Asura's Wrath. I do look forward to their Demon Slayer game. I still have not watched it yet.

    But where's my Cowboy Bebop game, and not just the ones from the PS1/Ps2 days? Where is a new Ghost in the Shell? Alita? Ninja Scroll? An open world Black Lagoon game? I would take a Panty and Stocking game just for variety sake.

    The best anime games from last gen are Dragonball FighterZ (which is their version of Marvel vs. Capcom) and Kill La Kill IF. IF may be an 3D arena fighter, but it's got more in depth gameplay and fighting mechanics than the standard usual fair. Its main flaw being the lack of much bonus content and a lack of a large roster. The game could have used a couple more characters. At least IF bothered to bring back all of the English dub voice actors from the anime. Something a lot of arenas fighters don't bother doing just to save some extra money.

  • @brawlman
    Completely agree on Anime games, we either get extremely boring Arena fighters, visual novels, and maybe on occasion a RPG (Fairy Tale recently got one)

    Also there was a F2P Ghost in the Shell a few years ago but I think it's gone offline now (was also a TF2 clone if I remember correctly)

    But Cowboy Bebop is like the perfect franchise for series for a game franchise so much so that I'm surprised no one at Namco Bandai has thought of it.

  • @dmcmaster That F2P games was an in-name only adaption. It got shutdown years ago due to being not very good.

    You would think NB would realize this, but all they care about is shounen, shounen, shounen!

  • Been playing a lot of Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield over the past 24ish months so here are some spicy shooter takes:

    1) COD4 Modern Warfare / Halo (to a lesser extent) gets a lot of credit for Battlefield 2's innovations

    • Battlefield 2 released on PC in 2005 around when Call of Duty 2 (Infinity Ward) released for PC and 360.

    • BF2 had: modern warfare setting, detailed mini-map, weapon unlocks, badges and medals for performance, upgrade progression for each class. It also had the ability to record your gameplay to a server which led to a ton of online videos about the game (that's how I learned about it).

    • COD2 had: none of that...

    • COD3 (Treyarch, 2006) tried to copy a Battlefield-like class system as well as vehicles and was an all-round terrible game.

    • COD4 MW (Infinity Ward, 2007) comes along and BOOM! It has all of these wonderful things that BF2 had, and copied the right things unlike COD3. Also, jumps from WWII to modern war. Class system that works in the context of Call of Duty (weapons, not roles), XP progression, new unlocks you earn as you play, rewards for performance in-game.

    • Halo 3 releases Theatre Mode which kicks off the big wave of Machinima on YouTube, but again, BF2 was doing it first, but doesn't get the credit.

    Now this doesn't discredit the MASSIVE influence COD4 had on the whole industry but I think COD4 gets a lot of credit for things that existed before them and they clearly took heavy influence from. Modern Warfare didn't just come out of thin air like people think it did.

    And to that point, I think if BF2 launched on Xbox 360, we'd have a whole new history here. Infinity Ward / Activision had a lot of good foresight to bring COD to consoles and keep it there.

    2) Call of Duty 2 holds up better than Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

    I've recently replayed both games and both games are massively dated by today's standards, but COD2 just has this simple timeless fun element to it which is just pointing and aiming on big WWII battlefields. Kar98k and Lee Enfiled will never grow old; even if the audio, graphics, and time-to-kill do.

    Whereas COD4 leads to so much aggravation in 2021. The perk system was highly inventive, but my fucking god is it an unbalanced mess that just isn't fun to play anymore.

    • M16 + Stopping Power perk = 1 shot kill from medium or close range.
    • Stacking killstreaks lead to 50% of the match hiding from helicopters
    • Noob tube deaths from a football field away
    • Completely broken respawning

    3) Battlefield V is a really good game that was marketed poorly by EA and loudmouth YouTubers who are closet incels need to relax

    Was BFV rough at launch? Yes!
    Is it a particularly ambitious game? NOPE!
    Is it really fun. HELL YEAH!

    People are hung up in comparing Battlefield V to other games and can't see past the fact that the gunplay is really great, the topography of the level design is second to none (blows terrain in Warzone or PUBG way out of the water), the destruction and general warfare gameplay is unmatched and un-replicated in any other game.

    EA clearly wanted this to release when they did and the game was unfinished which led to people not caring about it. I bought it in 2020 and still play it with friends to this day. I've sunk about 50 hours now and love it, even with some issues I have.

    Most of the launch negativity wasn't even directed at the games flaws but more at the fact you have the option to play as women and EA having some SJW agenda. I think it was a mistake for EA to focus on "playing as females" like it mattered, when it's a non-factor in gameplay or any other context in-game. I also think DICE made a mistake in focusing on "lesser known WWII battles" considering they draw absolutely no attention to that in-game and it makes the game feel a bit identity-less.

    HOWEVER, it's fuuuuuuun! People gotta relax a little. Play as a female Nazi with a British gun. WHO CARES?!

    4) Halo 3 stands the test of time against any other shooter I've played

    I've played 150 hours of Halo 3 since summer 2020. Take that in.

    Like I said, I've also been playing COD4 and it's an aggravating bad time.

    Halo 3 in MCC is completely untouched other than some weapon skins and the game is just as fun as ever. It didn't need to change at all and I was able to introduce another friend to Halo 3 who never played before and now even he is hooked.

    Name another game from that era that holds up by today's standards? It doesn't need any of the ra ra games have today. It's just unique, nothing plays like it, and its balanced, fun, and doesn't need to be updated. I think this will quite literally never age poorly.

    5) Bloc is an amazing map. Crash sucks.

    Sue me.

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    @DIPSET I agree with your take on BFV. (that you posted in a different thread)
    It really is the best Battlefield has been in years, but brain-dead morons focused more on the woman with the prosthetic limb in the release trailer (that ended up being completely tonally different from the actual game) instead of the monumental gameplay improvements over previous entries in the series.