Worst Games You've Ever Played

  • I'm sure I could find something worse if I thought about it more, but the first one to pop into my head is Mighty No. 9.

    What a massive disappointment that was, I backed it when Mega Man looked like it would never get another entry, and had so much hope for it.

    Terrible art style, pathetic writing and voice acting, awful and unfair level design, unsatisfying controls... I only tried a couple levels and hard quit it, something I rarely do. I might still give it another chance some day, but I don't know if it deserves it.

  • I think Destiny, when it came out. Right at the beginning I was actually impressed with the atmosphere and genuinely hoping for the best. But after a few hours it became such a shallow mechanical experience, doing the same thing over and over. But it's not my kind of game so it might be a me problem.

  • @scotty
    What's wrong with the PS2 version of MUA2?

  • @dmcmaster

    There is no right thing. :/

  • Grand Theft Auto

  • Aliens Colonial Marines.
    As a huuuuge Aliens fan I was hype af for a canon videogame entry to the series...
    Dear god, it was horrible.
    Horribly downgraded graphics from the previews, completely broken AI that was never fixed (but are caused by a literal typo in the game's code that takes 30 seconds to fix yourself) and all around abysmal performances from the cast.

    Gearbox literally stole money from Sega for the better part of a decade to make this travesty, only to shove it off to some third party a year before release to stitch it together into somebody that was by all right not fit for consumption.


  • @el-shmiablo

    In 2018 I played this in its worst form (PS3, local split-screen) and had a good fucking time. It’s soooooooo bad that it’s absolutely hilarious. But good call it’s pretty much right up there with Shellshock 2 for me.

    If you shoot the guns long enough they stop making noise. Also frame rate just goes down to nothing in split screen. And the graphics on PS3 are so blurry and greenish that is looks like algae is over the camera and on every object. It actually doesn’t look thaaaaaaat bad on PC tho. Idk how Gearbox didn’t get blackballed by the whole industry for this nonsense.

  • Isn't it interesting that Sega didn't do anything legal to Gearbox's obvious scam.

  • @bam541 Why do you hate Virginia and Ridge Racer: Unbounded so much?

  • @scotty

    What's the official story here? Gearbox went into a service contract with SEGA to make a Aliens game (SEGA approached GB?) and then Gearbox puttered around for a few years, used the money on other projects.

    Then when they needed to hand something in for SEGA, Gearbox paid very little to outsource the entire game to a different studio, and handed in a complete shitty mess to SEGA.

    And Gearbox denies the whole thing?

  • @dipset Pretty much. They funded both Borderlands 1 and 2 with the money.

  • Not the worst game ever but I like to shit on Xenoblade 2 as much as I can. Everything about that game is shite (except the soundtrack) Terrible characters terrible dialogue terrible map terrible combat system, game runs like shit. This game is for weebs with stained body pillows.

  • @paulmci27 I really wonder what leads people to takes like that. I understand the game has some cringe stuff in it like Blushy Crushy, but I've seen way worse in Tales games and such. I guess it is just whiplash from how the first game was leading to expectations for 2 it didn't match. Has some problems sure, but there's more to love about it than people let on.

  • @mbun Yeah I've no excuse I absolutely love the Tales series. What do I know anyway.

  • @paulmci27 You're allowed your take. I just spent months playing XBC2 off and on with all the side story lines for the Rare Blades, beautiful Titan areas to explore, etc. Had a great time with it. Rolled my eyes probably same as you with some of the dumb parts, especially the ending that had no idea what to do, but I actually loved the game overall enough to New Game Plus it just for some of the extra Blades that adds, and it isn't a short game to do so with. I certainly don't own any body pillows, stained or otherwise. Just had fun sinking into a huge adventure of fantastical locations with a crazy diverse cast of characters due to so many different guest artists designing the majority of them.

    Oh, and I don't think there's anything wrong with body pillows anyways. Honestly, I've seen more of that from female Persona fans, not to chuck another group under the bus, just every one I've met has been absolutely merchandise crazy and had everything you could imagine.

  • @mbun the body pillow comment was unnecessary. I may one day give the game another go since its been patched I guess I was just so disappointed after the first game being one of my favourites. It just left a bad impression, I bought a Switch for it put 20 hours into it & nothing worked for me

  • @dipset

    It's really crazy.

  • XB1 > XB2 >>>>>>> XCX

  • @paulmci27 Basically my thoughts. After the first game was almost Xenogears levels of good, the hard turn into weebshit put me off.
    I also have no problem with Tales games doing the same thing, but I think there is the expectation that those games will have a certain level of vomit inducing skits and "humour" so it doesn't hurt as much.

  • @el-shmiablo is X as bad in that regard? Was looking to jump into that now that I finally have it and, possibly, the time but I have zero patience for that shit.