Worst Games You've Ever Played

  • @dipset Pretty much. They funded both Borderlands 1 and 2 with the money.

  • Not the worst game ever but I like to shit on Xenoblade 2 as much as I can. Everything about that game is shite (except the soundtrack) Terrible characters terrible dialogue terrible map terrible combat system, game runs like shit. This game is for weebs with stained body pillows.

  • @paulmci27 I really wonder what leads people to takes like that. I understand the game has some cringe stuff in it like Blushy Crushy, but I've seen way worse in Tales games and such. I guess it is just whiplash from how the first game was leading to expectations for 2 it didn't match. Has some problems sure, but there's more to love about it than people let on.

  • @mbun Yeah I've no excuse I absolutely love the Tales series. What do I know anyway.

  • @paulmci27 You're allowed your take. I just spent months playing XBC2 off and on with all the side story lines for the Rare Blades, beautiful Titan areas to explore, etc. Had a great time with it. Rolled my eyes probably same as you with some of the dumb parts, especially the ending that had no idea what to do, but I actually loved the game overall enough to New Game Plus it just for some of the extra Blades that adds, and it isn't a short game to do so with. I certainly don't own any body pillows, stained or otherwise. Just had fun sinking into a huge adventure of fantastical locations with a crazy diverse cast of characters due to so many different guest artists designing the majority of them.

    Oh, and I don't think there's anything wrong with body pillows anyways. Honestly, I've seen more of that from female Persona fans, not to chuck another group under the bus, just every one I've met has been absolutely merchandise crazy and had everything you could imagine.

  • @mbun the body pillow comment was unnecessary. I may one day give the game another go since its been patched I guess I was just so disappointed after the first game being one of my favourites. It just left a bad impression, I bought a Switch for it put 20 hours into it & nothing worked for me

  • @dipset

    It's really crazy.

  • XB1 > XB2 >>>>>>> XCX

  • @paulmci27 Basically my thoughts. After the first game was almost Xenogears levels of good, the hard turn into weebshit put me off.
    I also have no problem with Tales games doing the same thing, but I think there is the expectation that those games will have a certain level of vomit inducing skits and "humour" so it doesn't hurt as much.

  • @el-shmiablo is X as bad in that regard? Was looking to jump into that now that I finally have it and, possibly, the time but I have zero patience for that shit.

  • @el-shmiablo Take that back what you said about Tales.

    Youtube Video

  • @jdincinerator I really didn't have a great time with Virginia. The game started off pretty well but it slowly became very confusing in a not fun way, and by the end I was regretting spending my time and money with it, even though it was a short game. As for RR Unbounded: the style and vibe of the game feels too "tryhard cool" to me and it got annoying at a certain point, the destruction stuff feels so flat and unexciting, the tracks are not fun to drive through, and the driving feels kinda sluggish and not nearly as fun as the other RR games that I have played. I tried really hard to like Unbounded, but after like 6 hours I'm got real tired of playing it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern As far as I remember from X, no cringy pervy weeby shit to be found there, its story and themes are pretty serious and some side quests actually touch on delicate topics like racism and discrimination.

  • Still Journey. What a sack of s**t that "game" was.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2, aside from the music there's not a single positive I can give that game.

  • I can't tell if y'all just hold grudges, have a faulty idea of what "worst" means, or have blocked out the entire library of online flash and licensed games that dominated the early aughts. Pick any of the games from Cartoonnetwork.com circa 2003 out of a hat and I guarantee you they're worse than half of the games that have been listed thus far.

  • Mortal Kombat: Mythologies Sub-zero. Spent full price (~$100 Canadian) on this pile of ass on release.

    Unlimited Saga: thought the traversal was just a mini game intro but nope.

  • @naltmank Bad games / simplistic games / games that exist to advertise something of course aren't impressive, but also it isn't like they're supposed to be. For the most part they're nonoffensive and not even worth remembering. Of course the topic isn't going to be everyone piling on student games, people playing around in Flash, and such. Most those games are free for a reason and none of them were widely anticipated or hiked up to be more than they actually are. There's loads of Flash games I like way more than some triple A horsecrap that gets overhyped and tossed out as a cashgrab. A fun simplistic game is still loads better than a frustrating complex one.

  • @mbun idk man, I think few games have made me angrier than that Cartoon network halloween game that was advertised as this big mash up of all my favorite cartoons/characters. Broken piece of shit, that one.

  • @naltmank I think it's all based on personal experiences but I'm sure many of those cartoon network games are bad and would be great to play because of how awful they are.