Biggest Criticism of Your GOTY games

  • Credit to @notjack for bringing this question to the EZA Q&A but what is the biggest criticism you have about your Game of the Year games? They don't have to be from 2020, they can be from any year and there can be multiple mentions.

  • For GoW: Semi-open world wasn't needed and game would be much better without it.

  • That a broken mess like The Last Guardian could even be nominated let alone win it.

  • 2014: Wolfenstein The New Order. I think the progression system would be much better if it was like a traditional level up system instead of having to do these specific tasks.

    2015: The Witcher III. The amount of jank in this game is genuinely intrusive, and it can be so hard to ignore it.

    2016: Uncharted 4. I wish there were more implementations of the dialogue choices. It was used like 3 times, and one of them's a pretty cool optional one with Sam. It would be great if we got one of these moments with each of the characters.

    2017: Persona 5. Some of the confidant stories are just way less interesting compared to others, to the point where I'm completely ignoring them.

    2018: God of War. I wish there were less of those mini puzzles, like the one where you had to destroy these orbs by throwing your axe at them. At one point I got frustrated of seeing so many of them (I think it was in Alfheim?) and had to stop playing for a few days to refresh my brain.

    2019: Ace Combat 7. The story is presented in a pretty confusing fashion, and I wish they relied less on pre-mission cutscenes.

    2020: ???

  • @phbz Think they're supposed to be your personal GOTYs, not just the EZA ones that won.

  • @mbun Ah, my bad.

    Breath of the Wild should have some underground locations to explore.

  • Banned

    TLOU2's story would have benefited greatly from being told purely chronologically.

  • @phbz
    I mean it sorta did, but I get what you mean.

  • Sekiro.

    The difficulty is all over the place with this game. Especially the gab in difficulty between the boss fights and everything else in the game. Like, it's pretty "easy" for the most part and then you do 30 times on one boss.

  • The biggest criticisms of my GOTY 2020 are that It's a refresh based on a game that came out WW in 2017 and that it's still a 100+ hour RPG.

  • @tokyoslim
    Dark Souls 3?

    Spiderman: Miles Morales (for now)
    Why haven't they made it so a charge jump stays charged during parkour stuff, it's annoying trying to jump after a small crime thing only for a car or something to cause Miles to flip onto a car or something and killing the charge.

  • 0_1606718303671_8262a859-6771-460e-aa55-12f76d8928bd-image.png

  • 2019: Fire Emblem: Three Houses - As much as I enjoyed exploring Garreg Mach Monastery, I would have preferred one or two more locations for all of the social and non-combat activates. Also the frame rate and performance could be better but that's more of a criticism of the Switch.

  • @shoulderguy Idk, i dont think 3 houses looks good enough to blame the switch. i just think they didnt know how to code.

  • xenoblade 2. the blade system made you spend way too much time in the menus micromanaging every little thing.

  • 2019: COD Modern Warfare

    This is the best single player COD campaign since Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, but the Apex Mountain of Call of Duty single player campaigns was COD4 Modern Warfare. It succeeded by building upon the post-Half Life 2 world of FPS revolutions through in-game storytelling without missing a beat in heart pounding action.

    2019's Modern Warfare had white knuckle action, but cinematic storytelling with camera blocking, cheesy acting, and a dumb story isn't necessary to effectively keep the campaign engaging. They should've stuck to loading screen cutscenes and in-game story moments just like the original Modern Warfare, COD4.

    Likewise, all of the best scripted moments happen in-game (i.e. botched bomb defusal, or the siege of the embassy, so they easily could've skipped the cutscenes).

  • @bigdude1 I don't mind lots of menuing, but it drove me crazy how you needed to frequently check their grids to lock in their progress, so that the next ones became available to start gaining progress towards, and I think everyone hated having to switch the Blades on your team just to trigger the overworld environmental interactions when just having the Skills probably should've been enough. I get why they did it the way they did, but they could've balanced it other ways and had it way more convenient. Heck, we could've just had a separate Party type menu that solely was dedicated to the Skills if they wanted to keep it that way. Oh, and whoever designed Ursula to need to spam like 300 5-Minute Merc Missions that constantly required you to stop and send out again legit needed to be fired.

  • Metro Exodus load times are the worst. It can take up to 3 minutes just to get in the game. If you die another 3 mins to reload a checkpoint. I've played on the Ps4 Pro & xbox one x they're still just as bad. Good news is that there's a free update due for next gen that will sort this problem.

  • @paulmci27
    Yeah the loading is kinda what killed my attention for Exodus, that and I probably wasn't in the right mindset to play it (just exhausted from work, plus some personal issues)

  • @mbun

    the skills and menus stuff was fine. i acutally really like the way skills work because i get complete control of how i want my party to get upgraded.

    i just hate the shitty randomised gacha like blade unlocking system.
    having over 300 hours of play time and STILL not unlocking a Rare blade like Kos Mos is complete bullshit.