EZA Watches "C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control" [SPOILERS]

  • I'll edit this later when I'm off work, but what are your thoughts about C Control? Remember that if it's after the first three episodes it should go in a spoiler tag!

  • I really like the whole concept of the show, but I'm not sold on the characters or their designs quite yet. I feel like I'd rather learn about how this world came to be than follow the protagonist's story. I think this is in part to the fact that I'm in almost the exact same position in life as the protag at the beginning so I should be able to relate to him, but I don't. My reactions to the situation were quite different and I just don't understand him. But like I said, the premise and world are both very interesting, and for that reason I think I'll continue watching.

    Edit: This is also one instance where the use of 3d models doesn't totally bother me since it makes certain characters look creepier.

  • Rough notes i took while watching:

    I watched 5 episodes, but this show didn't do anything for me. There isn't much that hooks me and makes me want to keep watching. The protagonist is bland, aimless kid dropped into magical world he doesn't understand and is amazingly proficient/receives help for no discernable reason .

    That can be done well, and it's possible that things are revealed later on that explain more, but nothing grabbed me and made me want to find out more in the first 5 episodes. I have no idea at the point i stopped watching who the antagonist is, or if there even is one?

    There is no hint as to why he was selected to battle other than that he was just randomly chosen. Unless I missed something?

    I'm not terribly interested in economics or financial theory, so most of what's happening in the battles seems like it'll be lost on me. Someone yells "5 million! " the other person yells "10 million! " ten million then wins. I'm sure there's technically more to it than that, but that's kinda how it goes down the first few episodes. I got little context as to why a brand new kid would have that much starting capital. Was it because of the worth of his future potential? Show seemed to spend zero time explaining to us that he was special and headed for any sort of greatness or notoriety in the real world.

    Art style is fine. No complaints there. Mostly just seems like there should be more of a hook, and it never really gets there in what I consider a reasonable amount of time.

  • I finished the series awhile ago and did a quick refresher. It was one of those shows where I wasn't particularly interested in but oddly, kept coming back to. I think I was more curious about what would develop between Kimimaro and Mashu more than anything, as little else got my attention (and even then, neither of them were that interesting).

    The financial premise is certainly unique and the setting has kind of that Persona flavor to it that some might enjoy. But like @TokyoSlim mentioned, it takes too long to get its hooks into you and I ended up just swimming around the bait in circles...

  • Wow, that Doom door noise, right at the beginning. And we're off!

    VR Finance Fighting! Betting one's life for money! No holds barred yen based demon fights with power levels that could be measured in the billions of yen!

    Yeah, it's kinda weird. It's a fantasy story told with a different set of rules. But, it seems pretty similar. Kid gets dragged into a world of monsters rules by old witches and wizards, all bent on gaining power and testing their skill against each other, while a shadowy organization gathers their forces in the background for some unknown purpose.

    And who is this young man's father? Just a defeated wizard or a king? A high ruler that was betrayed when he was trying to save his family from a fate he saw coming?

    I really feel like it's fantasy with just a different back drop, which is fine, but like @TokyoSlim said, it's kind of generic. The backdrop of the financial crisis is unique, but kind of ham fisted as a setting. I don't know that I'd keep watching it based on 3 episodes, but I might do what @Mechanoid did and go back to it a bit later on.

  • "I'm over 2 weeks late for an assignment" is actually something I've never thought to myself before. I'm a good student I swear. Expect me to be right back up to being punctual on review/discussion threads for anime in the future. I didn't jump into the Another thread because admitting I'm a month behind is something I don't want to do I have watched it many times already :p

    M's C Review: "I'm not creative enough to make an original subtitle joke"

    Gotta start with that OP/ED combo.
    OP It's alright, the song's the usual solid sort of stuff you got around that time and the funky visual "money everywhere" theme works since, well, it's the plot. Quality, would only really watch once though since it's very heavy on the "Pan/zoom, slow down, pan/zoom" editing thing that's really just annoying in repetition.
    ED Super skippable. Lyrics are hilariously bad though so karaoke it for a laugh or two.

    First episode started in the usual way you'd expect a "second world" story to start, with some inconsequential guy (with absolutely atrocious fashion sense) going to a confusing world and running into Mr Actually Important who destroys him while spitting clues that the viewer can use to put pieces together later when the inevitable Mr Protagonist does the same thing but on normal speed. I'll admit that I was a little disheartened by the scene, as I was not expecting a second world fantasy fighter anime at all, but I like to think I adjust on the fly pretty well (it's one of the things on my resume that's not a lie).
    The random dude later kills himself after he's... lost all his money? Ahh it's a stock market reference.

    "Oh wow, the whole show is a stock market joke. That's freaking hilarious." Is actually what I said to myself after it clicked to me in the fight scene at the start of ep 2. To be brutally honest, I now have no idea whether or not this was supposed to be a serious anime or a comedy anime since every line like (EP 2, first fight where he's had nothing explained to him at all:) "you're going to go bankrupt if you don't take this seriously" and "Oh, a veteran is having a hard time with him" - funny because at that point the guy had done literally nothing but brutalise the protagonist - just made me laugh. So basically my interpretation of this show at this point is a shounen parody with investment puns in place of fantasy jargon. Now, that's only halfway through episode 2, but if that's not the intention then oh jeez...

    Episode 3 starts off with a bang. "The Stocks! Sell my Stocks!" Was comedic gold right off the bat, and the overseriousness of the whole father and uni lecturer twists combined with the shots of the pregnant wife juxtaposed it brilliantly. As you can tell, I was really expecting some sort of hamfisted suicide scene after, but I really liked the actual thing that happened. It might have been the low bar for that sort of scene in the anime landscape, but I thought it was really well done. What the hell it is doing in a comedy show is beyond me though.

    And that's the sort of "live thoughts" as I watched it. Now to make this post even longer.
    I have a real issue with the character design's consistency. Human characters, especially MC and girl that I'm assuming he's into, look like ugly chimps whose jaws have been raised too high. Other characters have a tendency to look completely different depending on visual distance and angle which was weird too.
    There was one weird perv shot of the Msyu asset in episode 2, but that gets a pass for being like 3 seconds out of 3 episodes so unless it's bent over asset-a-mania for the rest of the show it's all g.
    Tone was all over the shop. On one hand I saw most of it thinking it was a comedy, on the other hand there's clear daddy issues and the "Refusal of the Call" stage is always hell when it's as overbearing as it is in anime, so I just get the feeling there's some really overdone scenes with the uni girl friend to come. There's surely some sort of secret sinister plot from a higher up organisation at play which could be played for some major laughs, or it could just be boring because as everyone's said in this thread: we've seen this a million times before.

    Final verdict:
    7.5/10 if it's meant to be funny
    5/10 if it's meant to be serious