GOTY 2020 Frontrunners

  • What are your frontrunners for GOTY 2020 before we head into December? My personal Game of the Year isn't a mainstream title and it's barely recognised by most critics presumably because of its blinding brilliance-but Huntdown is my current Game of the Year, a little game that Don recommended and when I bought it and I started playing it I was stunned by how good it was. A retro cyberpunk side-scrolling shoot em up that's witty and funny, with amazingly memorable bosses and slick shooting mechanics-a game I loved so much that it pips The Last of Us Part II to the GOTY contender post.

  • There is a little game called The Last of Us Part II, I think it has a tiny chance to win the category this year.

    Unfortunately, I am not prepared for GOTY this year. I even play less GOTY contenders than last year. Last year I at least played 3-4 of them but this year I only played Part II. I still want to finish at least the Ori sequel but we will see. Regardless, I don't think my contender would be different even if I played more of them.

  • For me it's currently a toss-up between The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Hades is not far behind but for all its ingenious design it didn't reach the emotional heights of the other two. Then there's the elephant in the room, Cyberpunk 2077, which could potentially beat them both, but I doubt I'll get to play it in time for our GOTY votes.

    Speaking of which (sorry for the mild thread hijack!), for the forum's GOTY votes I'm thinking of having them a bit later than usual, like some time in February, in order to give people more time to play as many 2020 games as they want, particularly Cyberpunk which I imagine even people who get it at launch may not complete in just a few weeks.

    And actually, if most of you prefer to have them even later than that, I see no problem to that. We can always have a "retro" GOTY vote in the meantime.

  • @axel

    Yeah, it would be nice to have more time to finish more of them and have more deep thought processes about them.

  • I have a few games I want to play and revisit before I decide, including Cyberpunk 2077. I'll just say that everyone should play Ori and the Will of the Wisps if you get the chance. It's incredible.

  • I think Animal Crossing will be my pick. It had a direct impact in my personal life and health by helping me to deal with the pandemic and my decision to quit smoking, so I really can't ignore that. Maybe Cyberpunk can have a chance if it manages to pull me in that world.

    Btw @Axel will Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition be eligible for 2020? It has been released in episodic form over the years, final episode was this year and so the full release with the TV Edition. It's really high in my top and a part of me will die if I can't vote for it.

  • @axel

    Let’s do it as late as possible please. I still haven’t played Ghost of Tsushima and I want to do that on PS5 which I won’t buy until they are available again which could be god knows when.

    I might take my Covid vaccine before I own a PS5 aha.

    I don’t actually know what my GOTY is so far but it’s likely either Yakuza 7 or FF7 Remake. Tony Hawk 1+2 is close but being just the first two games holds it back for me.

  • Banned

    I haven't really played a lot of big games from this year. Of the VGA nominees I've only played TLOU2, though I might pick up Doom Eternal since it's super cheap right now.

  • Right now it's TLOU Part II and Ghost of Tsushima by a long shot for me. TLOU Part II is pretty much Naughty Dog's best game IMO, and Ghost of Tsushima has not only rekindled my love for open world games, but also cemented Sucker Punch as a top tier studio in my eyes. I can't really complain much with both of these games, they really surpassed my expectations (especially Tsushima, which kept getting better as they updated the game and added more features and such). They might be my absolute favorite games from this gen... I need more time to think about that though.

    Other than those two, it would be FF7 Remake and The Pathless. FF7R can be such a delight to play at times, and the best parts of that game are more than enough to compensate for the less exciting parts of the game. I haven't finished The Pathless yet, but I'm really enjoying exploring the world. The main mechanic of hitting the orbs to dash around is so fun to master, and the puzzles scattered around the world are fun to tackle. Just finished getting the extra powers from the first 3 areas (which means I had to completely explore each area to find collectibles), and I'm excited to play more soon.

  • @axel I'm not surprised that your trinity of GOTY contenders are so damn strong. I played a bit of Hades and I think that it should be a template for all roguelikes going forward-I want to get back to it but damn it's one of the most memorable and satisfying games of this year for sure.

  • Doom Eternal is true GOTY of 2020. and its only proper game that is nominated since most of these are cinematic movie games for my taste.

    Doom Eternal is masterpiece and among the greatest FPS of all time (Halflife 2, STALKER, Deus Ex) etc. Eternal combat loop is just amazing you are low on health and ammo and think when to use chainsaw and glory kills.

  • Oh yeah I forgot about DOOM Eternal. It looks so much better than DOOM 2016 but DOOM kinda rubbed me the wrong way so I don't have this aching desire to jump into Eternal immediately.

  • @axel I'm in the same boat, the biggest stand outs for me personally were TLOU 2 and FF7 remake, but for me its TLOU 2. Obviously this game hit people differently but I'm in the group that was just completely floored, what they were going for landed on me hook, line and sinker (is that even the saying?). FF7 remake was pretty much exactly what I wanted and more, I 100% loved being back in that world and can't wait to get more.

    Other notable games for sure are AC New Horizons and Ghost. While I dropped off AC after a few months I adored my time with it and it's been pretty impressive to see my wife still playing it and the devs still giving reasons to do so with the changes every month and holiday events. Ghost I still have to beat but they really nailed it for me. For exploration and combat combined with a decent story and fantastic setting.

    OH! Also Miles Morales was freaking amazing too. Loved 2018 Spider Man and this add-on was fantastic as well.

    Playing AC Valhalla now and super enjoying it as well, but don't know if I think its a contender really. Didn't play Doom or Hades but I like what i've been hearing about Hades.

  • @jdincinerator I also loved Huntdown, personally it didn't hit that high of marks for me to think of it as a GOTY contender but totally loved that game and so glad Don was able to champion it and give it it's much deserved light in this community.

  • I don't know if I played a lot of big games to completion this year that actually came out this year. I'm still midway through VII Remake and Last of Us 2, and those are definitely up there for me. Animal Crossing didn't resonate with me, probably because I hate crafting things in any game, and being able to go into personalizing things makes me more stressed more than inspired. If they put New Leaf on Switch though, I'd put that up for deliberation.

    I did just pick up Doom Eternal and am digging that, but suck at it at the moment. Played through HuntDown, and enjoyed it a ton, but I don't think it's in the competition for me. It felt more like a tasty snack than a full course meal to me, where it tasted good going down but wasn't really filling to me. I also haven't even really put any time into Ghost of Tsushima after its introduction.