December Game Challenge!

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    Happy December everyone (in a few hours from now here anyways). Here's hoping to excellent new discussions and writing from everyone as the year comes to an end. Hope we all have a fun time!

  • Day 1 - Game you replay regularly

    Edit: I answered Forza Horizon 4 but realised that wouldn't exactly count as replaying, more of a continuous play.

    So my final answer is Half-Life 2.

    Kind of a boring answer but I think I'll never get tired of it. It is very rare of me to replay games except for Half-Life games and Another World. Half-Life 2 there's just some sections I think are so damn brilliant, suck pivotal moments in gaming where they absolutely nail the atmosphere of the moment, encounter design and world building. And every time I go through them I never fail to be impressed, not by a warm feeling of nostalgia, just by the elegant game design which to me it's timeless.

  • I almost never replay games, but Mega Man X has to be the game I've completed the most. Short, no filler, banging soundtrack, perfect gameplay, can't get enough!

  • Day 1 - Game you replay regularly

    Gradius, the first one.

    It's not my favorite game or even not my favorite in the series by a long shot. It's short, fun, challenging and on a good day I can beat it without dying.

    The same counts for the original Contra and Castlevania but I think I replay Gradius the most.

  • Day 1 - Game You Replay Regularly

    Super Metroid & Super Mario World

    Super Mario World is almost never alone and it's such a good game to play with non-hardcores. Super Metroid, while I only play it every few years, I play it because I am super excited to jump back in. I try not to play it so much that I remember everything for fear the lustre will wear off.

  • Day 1-Game You Replay Regularly

    Ring Fit Adventure

    I've been playing Ring Fit Adventure a lot since I bought it in April/May this year-a great way to keep active and get tendonitis.

  • Day 1-Game You Replay Regularly

    Max Payne 3/Batman: Arkham Knight

    Last May-June-July months period I guess I beat them both 3-4 times. Max Payne 3's shooting mechanics are so much fun! It would be incredible if story was too. Batman: AK's whole gameplay is fast and smooth. I really liked everytime I played it, can't wait what they will do for the next game in the Arkham universe.

  • Day 2-Upcoming Game You Can't Wait For

    Interestingly enough, I don't have one. Like seriously, until this June, it was Part II, before that it was Spider-Man etc. but since the Miles Morales launched already; I simply don't have a game in my mind that I wait passionately. I guess I will wait until the next big thing from PlayStation Studios, new IP from Naughty Dog maybe? Or the new Uncharted from new San Diego Studios.

    If I have to say something: Zelda: BotW sequel and SS: Kill the Justice League.

  • Day 2-Upcoming Game You Can't Wait For

    It's Cyberpunk

    Immersive Sims are usually reserved for AA budgets, so Cyberpunk being this highly ambitious AAA title it's kind of a dream come true for someone like me who loves this genre and fears it's in danger of disappearing due to its limited commercial success. Maybe it'll be the swan song for high profile immersive Sims, hopefully it will bring to it a new vitality.

  • Day 2-Upcoming Game You Can't Wait For

    Bugsnax 2/DLC

    Cyberpunk 2077 would be the obvious choice but I think Bugsnax being followed up somehow would be awesome. I haven't felt a sense of discovery in a videogame captured so well since Pokemon Snap on N64.

  • Day 1 - Game you replay regularly

    alt text

    This is one that I've played so many times since I was a kid, that I can just do a runthrough in like two or three hours. Certain levels are always still just as difficult, in a fun way, but it is really nice to just have a game I know I can finish that doesn't have a lot of stakes attached to it. Probably just one of my favorite 2D platformers!

  • Day 2 - Upcoming game you can't wait for

    I was really thinking of putting Guilty Gear Strive here because it's the first fighting game I'm genuinely excited to jump in and try to get good at. But really, everytime I think about Eastward, I know that's going to be an instant day-1 purchase.


    alt text

    This game just nails a feel that I can't describe. It's almost Earthbound-esque. It's charming and alive, and has its own vibes. It looks like just the most charming game, full of heart, humor, and a retro style that has its own unique artistic vision that's inspired by anime and 90s fashion. I am going to play this game into the ground.

    *checks release date *

    2020 huh. Probably not.

  • Day 2 - Upcoming Game You Can't Wait For

    Metroid Prime 4

    While I prefer 2D Metroid, Prime is nothing to shake a stick at. I feel like every prime so far has been, "it's really good but..." so hopefully there is no long ass fetch quest at the end or other characters who talk too much.

  • @happygaming

    This game won't come out, so I am not waiting it. :DDD

  • Day 2 - Upcoming Game You Can't Wait For

    Metroid Prime 4

    It has to be that one for me too, Metroid is one of my all-time favorite series, if not the number one, and I trust Retro who have only ever released excellent games to do the series justice. Fingers crossed, we finally see something at the Game Awards this year!

  • Day 3 - Game with pixel art you dig


    Youtube Video

    This is a short little gem I played close to a year ago. While I wanted to leave the day open to pixel art from all generations, not just modern pixel art, this was one that I thought bridged the gap. 198X is an homage to the glory days of arcade games through the lens of a teen youth. The games are represented beautifully, looking just like you'd remember them, so faithfully in its understanding of how the medium and visual style works that if feels just like popping those quarters in again. On the other hand, apart from the games themselves, there are also just fantastic vistas as the story unfolds; the protagonist sitting outside a convenience store in the rain smoking a cigarette is one of my favorites. There's just a beautiful styling to this game that really shows love to where its inspiration comes from, as well as a respect for the medium and culture of arcades that doesn't really exist anymore.

  • im late but ill start now.

    Day 3 Cave Story. They nailed down the charm that should be in pixel art. also a amazing game in its own right.

  • Day 3 - Game with pixel art you dig

    Hyper Light Drifter

    Youtube Video

    Such a cool game with a gorgeous art style (and soundtrack too). Also an interesting story behind its creation. Some gameplay issues due to the Game Maker engine but no doubt a fantastic game that I feel not enough people played.

  • Day 3-Game with pixel art you dig

    Hotline Miami

    Hotline Miami's gore and violence are made sensationally retro by its pixel art aesthetic and it promotes the game's arcadey speed and combo-heavy nature.

  • Day 5-Music or Rhythm Game

    Sayonara Wild Hearts

    One of the most psychedelic and strangely compelling and compulsive games I've played in recent years, Sayonara Wild Hearts is unforgettably quirky and insanely flashy with its dazzling colours and its wonderful soundtrack-so good that Begin Again was nominated for best song in their 2019 Easy Allies GOTY awards.

    Youtube Video