Your Spotify Wrapped 2020

  • It's that time of the year, and I thought it would be fun to share each of our Spotify Wrapped like we did last year. You can check yours on the Spotify smartphone app, they got this fancy setup to show your info and it's real nice. Anyway, here's some of my highlights. I can't figure out how to share each screen other than screenshotting them.

    Apparently I have the "genrelust". I'm also at the top 2% of listeners for The Strokes. Lastly, I don't what the heck Escape Room genre is, but I listen to it a lot.

  • Thanks for doing this Bam! This year I didn't listen to Spotify nearly as much as Covid eliminated my commute, but the stats are neat regardless.






    I too have no idea what Escape Room is. Also I didn't want to add anymore pictures, but apparently I listened to about 10,000 minutes of Spotify and I listened to 140 genres.

    Edit: 10,000 MINUTES, not hours. That's a pretty big distinction lol.

  • I think I listened to maybe more Spotify this year because I've been at a computer more often, or wear headphones when my girlfriend is working from home. This mostly all seems pretty accurate. Top 2% of Joe Hisaishi listeners though.







    1_1606938717002_Screenshot_20201202-131424.jpg 0_1606938717002_Screenshot_20201202-131139.jpg

  • I only listen to music by YouTube and physical CDs, and occasionally Pandora (which I would use more often if I didn't need a VPN to access it).