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  • Video game environments can really effect how one would see and play a game. It's not unusual for me to be unsettled by a well-designed atmospheric creepy areas in non-horror games, or to feel the drive to explore more after discovering a hidden beautiful area. But sometimes, there's just these very special places that make me feel so safe and relaxed when I'm there, and I even return to these places long after I finished with the game, like an adventurer returning home after a long journey. My question is, do you have these sort of happy places? I have a few mostly recent examples in mind. Feel free to share photos as well, or whatever you like.

    My main happy place is these remote islands near Madagaskar in Uncharted 4. Exploring this area with a boat in hand is just so relaxing, and it can really feel like I'm on a vacation here. Not to mention climbing the actual main paths of the scavenger hunt is fun as heck. I haven't been back here for a while, maybe I should reinstall this game for the 10th time.

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    A more recent example is the Golden Temple in Ghost of Tsushima. Seeing how the main and side story got progressively darker as it goes on certainly made this place even more special to me, since it's the first big safe area that I found in the game, and I got really attached to it. Even after progressing through the later parts of the island, I return here every once in a while just to cool off for a bit.

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    I'm not fully sure if this is a fully fledged happy place for me yet, but man, I really like the view from the Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact. It's a big ass treehouse, which is like a huge soft spot for me.

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    Also, shout out to the Ganton Gym in GTA San Andreas. I really like hanging out there and lifting dumbbells and such back in the day. For some reason, the other gyms are nowhere near as memorable to me.

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  • The Gold Coast in TES Oblivion. It's less forested, with yellow prairie grasses and gently rolling hills. It's just a nice place to be...

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    Whiterun in Skyrim is always a place that have felt close to heart through my hundreds of hours through Skyrim and became my main home in that game.
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    Stormwind and its Trade Disctrict in Vanilla/Classic WoW have been where I've spent hours and hours just hanging around and going about my day. Even if I play as a Night Elf I always enjoyed Stormwind and it's aesthetic.

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    Destiny Island from Kingdom Hearts.... Do I need to say more?
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  • Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2

  • @lotias Ah, I forgot about Whiterun! I was really invested in the whole Adventurer's Guild thing, and I pretty much did any kind of crafting exclusively there. Once I bought a house, I always return home after my item weight capacity is full so I can store the valuable stuff I got from quests and such there. Also, I really glad KH started with Destiny Island. I really should continue playing it...

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    Freya's house in GoW

  • This probably isn't going to be for everyone, and I've mentioned this one on different threads, but the beginning portion of What Remains of Edith Finch is something I come back to just to walk through the woods and go through the house the first time.

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    The house has a realistic lived in quality, with books and pictures everywhere, and having growing up in this part of the Pacific North-West, the cold and damp woods feel like home to me in a really cozy and comforting way. I know the grey skies and cluttered rooms probably don't feel the same way for everyone, but they really make me feel happy and at home.

    I think on a different end of things, camping places in Final Fantasy XV and going back home in Earthbound also have a similar sense of happy place feelings for me.

  • @happygaming honestly if the Finch House didn't feel abandoned and decayed as it is, then it probably will be a happy place for me as well. Like Edith said, it's like a bomb exploded and spared the furnitures, and it's kinda creepy to me.

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    @bam541 Whiterun just got the best vibes! spent time there and used my house as my central hub. It being located central as well is super useful.

    destiny Island is a place I would love to spend my vacation at

  • Talking about it

    Call of the sea is pretty cosy (sure things are about to change, probably) but I sure wouldn't mind being here right now.
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    Held off on Dragon Quest for the Holidays this year for Link's Awakening. The original is probably my favorite Zelda game ever, and hearing the new soundtrack, especially Marin singing Ballad of the Wind Fish makes me tear up.

    I used to play the original on Gameboy, and there was something magical about the music even then. I would put the Gameboy down just to listen to tracks. So now, walking around the world and village in the remake feels like coming home in a certain way.

  • I genuinely feel "at home" whenever I'm back in Balamb Garden.

    Many a hour was also spent in Iron forge, sitting on the cart watching people go by and whispering away.

  • Final Fantasy XII: Rabanastre

    Majora's Mask: Clock Town

    Ni No Kuni: Ding Dong Dell


  • For me, there are several places that make me both happy and more accurately, very content with life, that many probably wouldn't consider "Happy Places." As with most of my favorite games, there typically is a spot or two for each game. Some examples:

    Midgar/Cosmo Canyon - Final Fantasy VII
    Besaid - Final Fantasy X
    Drake residence (Chapter 4 AND Epilogue) - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Destiny Islands/Traverse Town/Olympus Coliseum - Kingdom Hearts
    The Normandy - Mass Effect Trilogy
    Fortress of Doom (Specifically the Slayer's room) - DOOM: Eternal
    E1M1 - DOOM (1993)
    Freya's Home - God of War (2018)
    Nibel/Niwen - Ori series
    Artisan Homeworld - Spyro: The Dragon
    Pallet Town - Pokemon Red/Blue
    The destroyed Venator - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    Paris - Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    The Ocean/Dragon Roost Island - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • @brannox said in Video Game Happy Places:

    Besaid - Final Fantasy X

    Never fails.