Anyone else on media blackout for Pokemon Sun/Moon?

  • This will actually be the first game I media blackout for, and I was wondering who else was doing it?

  • I kind of wish I was after today's trailer, you are in for some cool surprises come November! But I am weak and I follow to many Pokemon related things online to avoid spoilers.

    I've made my bed and I'll have to lay on it.

  • @thenerdtheword I'll keep that in mind...

    I haven't really gotten into the last 3-4 pokemon games, and EZA's coverage has a bit more excited about it than usual. So it's pretty easy for me to avoid any pokemon news as I just have to avoid reddit/youtube content. (as well as the forums here).

    I do get really interested in the psychology difference of wanting every detail, vs being content with just waiting for weeks on end.

  • I'm with you on that one, I don't need trailers or anything to convince me to buy it, so I'm doing my best to avoid them instead. I just watched a little bit of the E3 Treehouse demo but that's it, and have avoided all the new Pokémon or features reveals since then.

    I hope I manage to keep it that way until release. It will be way more fun to discover them in the wild when playing!

  • I wish that I resist the news but that's not possible. I'm weak man, it's so easy to click the thumbnail on Pokemons youtube channel :D

    I won't spoil anything for you guys but this 7th gen will blow us away. After today's trailer, my hype for the game is trough the roof and beyond! We are in for a real treat you guys.

  • X and Y weren't that exciting for me so I decided to go on a blackout this time around to see if I like Sun and Moon any better.

  • Not me, there's not much Pokemon could do that would really shock me by now. Other than to announce an actual home console release.

  • @thenerdtheword @theabram You guys are not making this any easier haha!

  • I'm on a small media blackout. I'm not even sure if I'll get Sun/Moon yet but now that I have the N3DS I'm extremely tempted.

    I've seen the odd few things here or there but I'm not going out of my way to find info on the games so if I do pick it up, I'm going in pretty blind.

  • Kinda, I don't watch trailers anymore but I still read some articles to see the new Pokemon, which I think many of them are butt ugly tbh.

  • Yup! Going for the media blackout this time. I've only seen the trailer with the three starters and the two legendaries. While I liked X and Y, it didn't feel super special to me after the full pokedex was spoiled for me. Honestly, this is the most excited I've been for a pokemon game in a while. I'm really looking forward to it!

  • To me, Pokemon seems like a totally unnecessary game to go media blackout on. It's not exactly like the games are particularly story heavy. Especially as we're coming off a few average games from the series, I want to know if the new one interests me before I take the plunge.

    I think I'm sold though, so I'm not gonna seek out anymore trailers. I want to see the final evolutions of the 3 starters though, so I know which one I want :)

  • I've already been completely spoiled... yesterday's trailer surprisingly seems to have confirmed the Chinese leak we've had about a month ago, which also pointed to there being no gyms and to Kanto Pokemon having Alolan version.

    I can't believe they went with a Fire/Fighting starter again.

  • @sonmi I'd mark more of your post as spoilers.

  • Only blackout for new Alola native Pokemon. Everything else I don't mind learning.

  • @Rayne5 I guess I'm more of the same. I'm not too intense on my desire to media blackout, its just something that...I've bought the game. I'm very content not seeing anything about it and just exploring it in-game.

    Pokemon always really hits you over the head with new features and how to use them. So seeing everything before hand makes me just mash the A button when I play the game.

  • @Stormcrownn agreed. I used to check out everything before the older games would come out and it was fine when I was young but as I've gotten older it really spoiled the experience. This time around the less I see of what jumps out at me in the wild, the better.

  • I really wish I could go on Media Blackout for the game, but my friends will be talking about every new little thing, the new Pokemon are always plastered over the internet, and I can't resist the news anyway.

    Like others have said though, lots of great new things are coming in this generation I believe. Can't wait for the game.

  • Seeing as Sun will be the first Pokemon game since Gold and Silver for me I'm trying to avoid as many spoilers as I can, though a few new Pokemon have been spoiled for me. It's really a pain using Twitter and trying to not get spoiled. So far I've had less spoilers than I did with Metal Gear Solid 5 though so that's good.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown Not bad. Have you played Heart Gold/Soul silver? I just picked up a copy (HeartGold goes for $55-$65, and SoulSilver for $70-$85). It's such a crazy good game, and the "remasters" are even better. You can transfer pokemon (one way, with two DS's...) from HG/SS to White/Black 1/2 then to X/Pokebank.