Anyone else on media blackout for Pokemon Sun/Moon?

  • @Stormcrownn I have not, I do kind of want to check them out and I may just do so through emulation because those prices are pretty crazy in my opinion (though I did just pick up Yakuza 2 for 50$) I've recently been told that Pikachu is able to wear different costumes in some Pokemon game and that sold me immediately. Because Lucha Pikachu is what I truly need.

  • I tried to go on media blackout, but after that last trailer my classmates told me about everything and gave up. It would be great to be surprised for all those things, but I'm glad I watched the trailer.

  • I don't really see what there is to spoil lol. It's always the same "story". Random pokemon. Three starters. I hope some surprises do come up but I've always found pokemon to be completely lack of surprises. I still like it and play but yeah.

  • My uncle works for Nintendo and he's getting me a hush hush copy of Pokemon eclipse. Best of both plus you can catch Sonic!

  • I am indirectly just because I haven't actively looked up anything or come across too much since I don't pay attention to Nintendo. Pokemon is a game I always enjoy but I don't think I'll ever be really hyped unless it's another remaster of the first two generations or something really wild, but I don't see them doing anything too off formula in this series.

  • Glad I still click on articles, I think the majority of the new pokemon look terrible, actually thinking to not buy this one, at least not day 1.

  • @Musou-Tensei Interesting, I'm completely opposite. The Pokemon in this gen look inspiring and well designed to me considering the Hawaii-theme of this gen. After 5th gen which had so many new ones who were hit or miss, and a solid lineup in X&Y, Sun and Moon Pokemon look really on point!

  • Users who are not able to download pokemon go can download it from here: