Flipping Pizza!

  • Perhaps the creation of a gyro-like pizza oven device to flip pizza while cooking to retroactively make Don correct is the will of the universe. Get on it, science (after COVID, please).

  • It's not "a bit". Don is legitimately confused about pizzas, and everybody who's perpetrating this is only adding to it. You're essentially picking on Don.

  • @tokyoslim Nah, you definitely have the wrong read on this. Ian talked just the other day about famously all the silly debates he's gotten in with Don. You're not giving Don enough credit.

  • Ian and I had a very different conversation. Is it a silly debate? Yeah, but that has nothing to do with it.

    Don was led astray and he never questioned it. It happens - but then people draw it out because they find it amusing that somebody is confused, so they continue perpetrating or obfuscating the issue, when it's a simple answer. Just for their own lulz. It's a stupid thing. My reading of it is fine.

    I mean, you can believe whatever you want - you can have fun with it - but the answer is simply no, you don't flip a pizza when you're cooking it. That's it. There's no "joke" there.

  • For the record, an oven already cooks things on all sides. In a traditional brick oven, or when you use a pizza stone, one side is cooked by convection and radiation, and the other side is cooked by conduction.

  • This is the weirdest thread in the history of the forum. I thought it was just a fun pizza joke. Don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

  • I bet I could find a weirder thread.

  • @capnbobamous said:

    I thought it was just a fun pizza joke.

    It is. Ignore the dude having a meltdown over literally nothing. Picking on Don? EZA wouldn't have made a meme of it if that was the case. We all wouldn't be bringing it up if that was the case. Dude doesn't want to admit he got the wrong read on something. Honestly, he never seems to do well admitting he's wrong about anything it seems. Prideful? Pigheaded? Whatever you want to call it, I know better now than trying to even respond anymore.

  • lol meltdown. You really do love gaslighting people, don't you?
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  • @capnbobamous said in Flipping Pizza!:

    I thought it was just a fun pizza joke.

    It was an hour-long discussion about Don's crazy ideas about how pizza is made. Didn't seem like a bit or a joke to me, just Don things.

    @mbun said in Flipping Pizza!:

    Dude doesn't want to admit he got the wrong read on something.

    Sounds more like Don about pizza than @TokyoSlim about Don's take on pizza.

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