Flipping Pizza!

  • I think I found what Don may have been thinking of with his flipping pizza thing. Last night The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had a viewer talent segment and this guy was flipping fuckin' pizza, here (timestamp 4min 50sec):

    Youtube Video – [04:50..]

    Of course this is just a demonstration of skill and has nothing to do with actually making pizza, but maybe it's what Don was thinking of? Thoughts?

    Edit: For anyone who doesn't know what this is about, a few weeks ago Ian and Don played Family Feud and the long Flip the Pizza discussion starts here (I don't know if it has been discussed or mentioned since):

    Youtube Video – [2:03:40..]

  • It is clearly not what Don was talking about. Don was talking about when the toppings are ON, you flip the pizza upside down to cook it, which is crazy talk.

  • You're both wrong. Don was talking about when professional chefs flip the pizza.

  • No, actually - I'm not. I was there and i watched the whole thing. And then I went back and watched it again the next day. Don literally believes pizzas are turned upside down when cooking.

  • No, you need to watch it again.

  • I don't.

  • @Mbun @TokyoSlim
    Seeing two old-time EZA members get into a argument about Don's crazy talk is at once upsetting and hilarious. Let me add my two-cents...

    I also watched the whole thing of Don talking about the pizza, has it been mentioned since (I can't keep up with all the content)? On my recollection, Don did seem to emphasize that the toppings were (or could be) on the pizza when this mysterious flipping took place, so I'm backing up @TokyoSlim on that. @Mbun, when you say "when professional chefs flip the pizza", what do you mean by "flipping"? I think the definition of flipping is part of the issue here. If you mean when they spin the dough in the air to form the crust circle, that's not flipping, and I believe Don indicated that's not what he was talking about either. I believe Don was indicating that he thought the pizza gets turned upside down during the cooking process, which, as @TokyoSlim said, is crazy talk.

    Maybe trying to interpret what Don means about anything is a exercise in futility, and I doubt we'll ever get a better explanation from him, but when I saw that video, I had to post it.

  • He's just trolling. He knows very well that's not what Don is talking about.

  • I'm not trolling.

    I'm continuing the bit, which this topic seems not to get. It isn't something you're supposed to dissect and try to understand. Don talked in circles for a reason. You ruin the magic when you try to disprove him. Especially you, @TokyoSlim you are being way too serious over such a silly topic.

  • really? we're arguing about flipping pizza now???

  • Italian here—professional chef's who flip pizza are mangia cakes.

  • I would like to point out that I once accidentally put a frozen pizza in the oven upside down, and the pizza was rendered inedible and it took about a week to clean the oven.

    With that said, I'm of the opinion that Don is always right, so I must have done it wrong.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to cook a pizza on both sides if you were using a brick oven and used those wooden slab thingies to slide them in and out, and you cooked it on the bottom first, but then put another slab on top, held them together, swiveled to flip the pizza, then pulled the slab previously on the bottom out so both sides of the pizza get cooked. When it was done cooking, you would repeat the process in reverse to remove the pizza from the oven onto the correct side with possibly minimal topping spillage. The question would be whether the toppings would cook onto and stick against the slab part touching them while they cooked, but maybe since it cooked a little beforehand before that part it wouldn't? Or maybe you could use some other material that wouldn't stick the same? I imagine you could also improve your odds depending on the specific toppings used, the amount of cheese used, and by having the cheese under the toppings. All very complicated and theoretical, but I'm sure there's a way to make it work that actually does more evenly cook the entire pizza. Especially if this works:

  • I think perhaps the best solution is to develop a gyro-like matrix that spins in the oven in such a manner that the toppings of the pizza never fly off, thus ensuring an evenly cooked pizza that was, in essence, flipped.

  • Perhaps the creation of a gyro-like pizza oven device to flip pizza while cooking to retroactively make Don correct is the will of the universe. Get on it, science (after COVID, please).

  • It's not "a bit". Don is legitimately confused about pizzas, and everybody who's perpetrating this is only adding to it. You're essentially picking on Don.

  • @tokyoslim Nah, you definitely have the wrong read on this. Ian talked just the other day about famously all the silly debates he's gotten in with Don. You're not giving Don enough credit.

  • Ian and I had a very different conversation. Is it a silly debate? Yeah, but that has nothing to do with it.

    Don was led astray and he never questioned it. It happens - but then people draw it out because they find it amusing that somebody is confused, so they continue perpetrating or obfuscating the issue, when it's a simple answer. Just for their own lulz. It's a stupid thing. My reading of it is fine.

    I mean, you can believe whatever you want - you can have fun with it - but the answer is simply no, you don't flip a pizza when you're cooking it. That's it. There's no "joke" there.

  • For the record, an oven already cooks things on all sides. In a traditional brick oven, or when you use a pizza stone, one side is cooked by convection and radiation, and the other side is cooked by conduction.

  • This is the weirdest thread in the history of the forum. I thought it was just a fun pizza joke. Don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.