VGA Reveal predictions

  • So extremely last minute, but anyone want to take some educated guesses at what might get revealed tomorrow?

    Back 4 Blood: New game from the makers of Left 4 Dead. Was announced last year I think but nothing since except some leaked screenshots.

    Bayonetta 3: Been MIA since it was announced

    Metroid Prime 4: See above

    Eldin Ring: Ditto

    Suicide Squad: Seems like a good time for some kind of gameplay trailer.

    Resident Evil 8: Release date trailer if leaked Capcom documents are still accurate.

    Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell actually announced it via Twitter/ Facebook but beyond a game being announced nothing is known (unless he was referring to Ash being in Mortal Kombat which is currently in legal limbo)

    Dragon Age 4: Been announced to be at show.

    Need for Speed 2021: Possibly to early, but with Criterion behind the Wheel again EA might have a concept trailer to show

    Mass Effect Trilogy: comes out early next year, makes sense to show it off.

    Drake of the 99 Dragons remake: launching December 31st

    Ninja Gaiden reboot: Just seems like the time for one.

  • Are we talking about the new game reveals that Keighley teased? I know for sure that the Striking Distance studio (led by Glen Schofield) is gonna show something, since it's PUBG related I'm betting that it's some sort of coop story focused survival game set in some sort of fucked up world. Other than that I have no clue at all.

  • Firstly, I must live under a rock. I had NO CLUE this was tomorrow. TBH, I think I'm gonna watch yesterdays The Bachelorette instead lol

    I haven't really studied up, but based on the amount of From Software games that have appeared here before, I wouldn't be surprised if Elden Ring has a nice lean 30-60 second sizzle reel.

    In terms of unannounced speculation; I got nothing. I feel like some smaller studios have been on the DL but nothing is popping in my head right now.

  • @dipset
    30 seconds? that seems a bit too generous

  • @dmcmaster

    I remember this 3 min demo.

    Youtube Video

    I don't even think Game Awards do demo's anymore? Or at least Sony doesn't do them? Either way, no way we're getting more than 30 sec of Elden Ring imo.

  • My only educated guess is Uncharted movie trailer. Other than that there are only dreams, like New Uncharted from the San Diego Studios.

  • Elden Ring absolutely confirmed!
    Bloodborne 2 and a fresh new programmer team which will make it run @ smooth 60fps Confirmed!
    Amazing AAAAAAAA episodic Perfect Dark Confirmed!
    Metroid 4 brand new enhanced logo... Confirmed!

  • Fuck it, MGS Remake reveal exclusive to PS5 confirmed.
    Also, new Fable gameplay reveal confirmed.

  • Bayonetta 3 and I am satiated.

  • Also, anyone here up for some super quick predictions for the awards results? I think it's gonna be a similar situation to 2018, where TLOU Part II wins at least half of the categories that it's nominated for, but game direction and GOTY goes to Hades (and Indie GOTY of course). Also, I have a feeling that Ori is going to win art direction, and I think FFVIIR is going to win best score.

  • @bam541 I want ACNH to win goty, although TLoU2 should win.

    Ideally I would like to see awards given to various titles and not just one big winner for the night.

  • TLOU2 will probably win the GOTY award due to the AAA bias but i hope it lose's.

  • @bam541 I agree with your picks, except I think TLOU Part II also wins GOTY.

    My reveal predictions:

    TLOU Part II - DLC announced.

    Playdead (Limbo/Inside) - New game reveal.

  • Buckle Up Lads!
    Who's getting in?

  • @yoshi It’s been a while since we’ve seen another sword user so that’d be great. Otherwise Data from Star Trek or the Brave Little Toaster.

  • @yoshi
    Considering all the DLC characters have been hybrids of other characters.

    Shantae, can probably rework some aspects of Simon and Shulks moveset to make her work.

  • @yoshi Goku in Smash babyy

  • Banned

    Jonesy from Fortnite.
    Quote this.

  • Btw, I am watching the awards for 2 years in a row now and the show is too long and boring but still I want to watch it because of the tiny hope for something really exciting to be revealed, only to be dissapointed. 😒

  • If the Smash reveal isn't Gex we riot