Videogame Nightlife

  • Which games do you think look the best at night? I personally believe Fallout: New Vegas was made to be played at night because you can see New Vegas light up the night sky like an attractive waypoint-making New Vegas seem like a source of safety away from the treacherous and unpredictable wilds of the Mojave Wasteland. I quite like that neon glow in some games that make their settings come alive with an electric glow.

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    I really enjoy playing AC Odyssey during the night because you can look out at the other islands and see the town's and cities all lit up.

  • I just want to clarify, are these games that you play while it's night time for you while you're playing, or games that look better when it's night within the game itself?

  • @happygaming Games that look their best at nightime within the videogame itself.

  • SOCOM Confrontation had god-tier night time gameplay. Every map had a night option and the colour scheme in that game was very realistic.

    Night time wasn't just a stylistic thing, it was dark and Elimination mode in a tactical online shooter with silencers on, with layered maps, a wide range of gun options, and pure darkness was an absolute treat.

    Some maps were quite large too and a sniper could take your ass out from a serious distance and you wouldn't even know wherefrom. Even if you felt like you're alone, you had to play stealthy in multiplayer. I can't think of any other game where the multiplayer gameplay demands stealth and it plays well too. I miss that game so much.

    I don't have much of an example, but here is a grimey ol screenshot off Google. The light sources at night were a death sentence. And to answer your inevitable next question; YES I BELIEVE YOU COULD SHOOT OUT LIGHT BULBS.

    alt text

  • Easily Days Gone. The skybox in that game looks insane! Here's some pics I took from way back then at night.

    Also, I really like how Shenmue 3 looks at night. The skybox is very good, and there's this overall dreamy vibe to it that I really like.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
    0_1607736290052_xenoblade chronicles meteor shower.jpg

  • I know you don't technically get to see it during the daytime, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second walking around Goldpaw in Ni No Kuni 2. The neon signs, and the storefronts and townspeople walking around is just enchanting, like walking around Chinatown at 11pm.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Actually, how could I forget but the Walled City section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the gaming moment of the year!

    That was probably the best Chapter in the past decade of gaming for me.

  • @yoshi
    Took one of the best environments from the original and just made it better.

    Also said no one has said Yakuza, a game series basically about Nightlife (and ripping off your shirt showing off your back tat on top of a rooftop)

  • Maria Definitive Edition.


  • @scotty
    Ah yes the Maria franchise