Daring Videogame Impulse Purchases

  • When have you bought a game impulsively and you feel and know you shouldn't have but the temptation was irresistible? I've just gone ahead and bought Yakuza: Like A Dragon despite being financially concerned-all because I said F it it's Christmas.

  • These days in my opinion it's too easy to over-educate yourself about a game and basically know everything about it before you begin. Back when I was able to do retro game hunting, I would love to pick some game up I'd never heard of and play it purely based off of the back of the box art, no internet, videos, reviews, scores, etc. That always feels daring to me because you could get a stinker, and it feels like an adventure to try something blind.

    Generally I do the same here and there digitally too. I'll just slip something in there with another impulse buy; I splurged on a good few games in the Black Friday sale like Amnesia and Mafia, but threw in Kuukiyomi and some other stuff i hadn't heard of to have that dash of spice.

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    This was essentially a weekly Blockbuster visit for me when I was a kid. Only "research" I did was from magazines or something I saw at a friends house. I remember in Grade 2 some kid made fun of me for liking GameCube cause he was older so therefore he played Xbox and I'm not entirely sure I even knew what an Xbox was at the time. I miss being able to go in blind like that. I discovered the original XIII on GameCube by just grabbing it at a used games store back in 2013 and that was probably the last time I went in blind.


    Basically all of my purchases are impulse these days. I have like 4 books on the go, one of which is a text book. I have hundreds of movies on my Plex server, and I go through multiple series as little side distractions. I have 3-4 active save files going on a few different video games. And somehow I'll still justify to myself "yup I'm gonna play this".

    I've already set aside $1000 for PS5, Demon's Souls, some other game, and Pulse Headset despite all this other shit I have going on.

    Surprisingly, I'm quite frugal though. If I didn't buy video games and alcohol so often, I'd probably be all that much richer (and skinnier). But those two are my only vices and I'm not thaaaaaat bad. Still though, I'd be a lot happier with myself if I didn't have 5 games on the go at once and bought less games in the year. I probably won't buy many in 2021 besides the initial PS5 purchase.

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    I'm a big Aliens fan, so I was pretty hyped for Aliens Colonial Marines. Even when bad reviews were flooding in I said "It can't be THAT bad, right?" and bought it anyway. I figured the worst that could happen was a swimming in 7's situation...
    Oh man. I can't even properly wrap my head around just how terrible that game was.

  • I don't know if all of my examples are daring, but they're certainly bad. A good amount of games that I impulsively bought on sale on the Switch actually turned out to be bad: Snake Pass, Sniper Elite V2, My Friend Pedro, 1979 Revolution Black Friday, and a few others. I also bought LA Noire impulsely on the Switch, and that game turns out to be not as exciting as I remembered. Right now I'm also considering BOTW to be a bad impulse buy since it really doesn't feel like my kind of game, but I'm very willing to give it more time to sink in since I like the personality of the world and the random characters I have met so far.

    Back in the before times, when I went to Singapore, I bought Sekiro because I saw that it has this fucking sick cover sleeve. I don't even like the game, but it's still a cool visual addition to my physical library.

  • So so sooooo many. I used to be such a tit with money and still have the occasional relapse. I think rock bottom was when I got my Japanese Saturn. Within a few months, I ordered Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga, Hyper Duel and Kingdom Gran Prix to add to the copy of Cotton Boomerang I already had. I was fortunately able to sell it all later for a tiny profit but, man, those were dark times.

  • yeah I feel very good and curiosity in my mind

  • i didn't become a collector by making rational purchase's

  • Surprised nobody has taken the bait and said Cyberpunk 2077 yet.

  • @mbun that game looked generic AF to begin with.

    turned out be buggy as hell like Fallout 76 too.

  • If you count rentals from Blockbuster growing up, far, far, far too many

  • While I admit it's a lot rarer that I don't know my stuff about a video game, I'm still just as willing to try my luck. Some people say the internet and the increase in information is an improvement, I personally disagree and I actually feel we lose a lot as a result.

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    Hmm What I can think of back in the day was when I bought Zone of the Enders 2 for what at the time was A LOT of money for me, based on one small review thing in a games magazine I had read. Walking home I did feel quite stupid and horrible... luckily I ended up absolutely loving the game and bought both remasters for it. So all well in the end.