Daring Videogame Impulse Purchases

  • I'm a big Aliens fan, so I was pretty hyped for Aliens Colonial Marines. Even when bad reviews were flooding in I said "It can't be THAT bad, right?" and bought it anyway. I figured the worst that could happen was a swimming in 7's situation...
    Oh man. I can't even properly wrap my head around just how terrible that game was.

  • I don't know if all of my examples are daring, but they're certainly bad. A good amount of games that I impulsively bought on sale on the Switch actually turned out to be bad: Snake Pass, Sniper Elite V2, My Friend Pedro, 1979 Revolution Black Friday, and a few others. I also bought LA Noire impulsely on the Switch, and that game turns out to be not as exciting as I remembered. Right now I'm also considering BOTW to be a bad impulse buy since it really doesn't feel like my kind of game, but I'm very willing to give it more time to sink in since I like the personality of the world and the random characters I have met so far.

    Back in the before times, when I went to Singapore, I bought Sekiro because I saw that it has this fucking sick cover sleeve. I don't even like the game, but it's still a cool visual addition to my physical library.

  • So so sooooo many. I used to be such a tit with money and still have the occasional relapse. I think rock bottom was when I got my Japanese Saturn. Within a few months, I ordered Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga, Hyper Duel and Kingdom Gran Prix to add to the copy of Cotton Boomerang I already had. I was fortunately able to sell it all later for a tiny profit but, man, those were dark times.

  • yeah I feel very good and curiosity in my mind

  • i didn't become a collector by making rational purchase's

  • Surprised nobody has taken the bait and said Cyberpunk 2077 yet.

  • @mbun that game looked generic AF to begin with.

    turned out be buggy as hell like Fallout 76 too.

  • If you count rentals from Blockbuster growing up, far, far, far too many

  • While I admit it's a lot rarer that I don't know my stuff about a video game, I'm still just as willing to try my luck. Some people say the internet and the increase in information is an improvement, I personally disagree and I actually feel we lose a lot as a result.

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    Hmm What I can think of back in the day was when I bought Zone of the Enders 2 for what at the time was A LOT of money for me, based on one small review thing in a games magazine I had read. Walking home I did feel quite stupid and horrible... luckily I ended up absolutely loving the game and bought both remasters for it. So all well in the end.