Vote for the forum's GOTY 2009!

  • I played virtually no new games in 2009. It may very well be my most empty gaming year ever.

  • The GameTrailers GOTY 2009 was hilariously controversial and watching that back in hindsight, the only controversial piece to me, is referring to MW2 as "liquid crack" haha. Idk how that passed editorial.

    It's funny because back then we'd praise games for being addicting but now it's a hot button issue with sounds and images coming on screen just at the right time to give kids that dopamine rush.

    That GOTY 2009 controversy wouldn't have even been controversial if GameTrailers didn't give MW2 a better "story" score than other games, then proceeded to give it Best PS3 Game, Best 360 Game, Best PC game. Then Shane backed it up by saying "Uncharted 2 didn't do anything new" which is rich when you give MW2 GOTY. But again, in hindsight, everybody was playing MW2 and it's a pretty awesome game despite being infuriating to no end and the story making no sense past a certain point.

    That was also when the DLC controversies were at their peak. Clearly the anti-DLC crowd lost that battle. But at least Activision doesn't charge $25 for 4 mediocre maps, 1-2 of which are remakes.

  • Votes sent. Excited for this countdown.

  • Got my votes in! Excited to see how this one plays out.

  • Apparently, League of Legends official title upon release was League of Legends: Clash of Fates. I never knew this until I just looked it up.

    It's kind of insane how much that game changed the world.

  • @brannox Yeah I'm planning on doing the 2020 GOTY later than usual (in part to compensate for next-gen unavailability), so I figured we could do a retro one in the meantime!

    As usual, when I first gave a cursory glance at the list of 2009 games, I thought what a crap year! But after going through all of it, there's quite a lot of classics in there (a lot of trash too though).

    My GOTY is a very easy choice, but it's gonna be a tough battle for the other spots.

  • Wait. There is no way in hell LittleBigPlanet released in November 2009. That was supposed to be 2007 and delayed to 2008 and released at random because of the issue with the word Quran being in some copies.

    I vividly remember that being 2008. Is this list correct?


    Yeah, Wiki is showing October 2008. But I guess there was a PSP version also called LittleBigPlanet that I’ve never heard of. So just beware that this is not the original PS3 version of LBP.

    I’m gonna pull from this list:

  • @dipset Yep there was a LittleBigPlanet on PSP which is why it's on the list. LBP on PSP is great stuff if you're not looking for any multiplayer.

  • Looking at this list, I now see in hindsight why my friends used to make fun of me for playing so much PS3. I swear to god I played sooooo many games from 2009.

    Even the smaller titles were good: Overlord II, Battlefield 1943, Fat Princess, Wipeout HD Fury, Critter Crunch, NHL 10, Gran Turismo PSP, Motorstorm Arctic Edge, hell, even Wheelman was amusing (but not good, lol).

    This year was really damn good. Idk how I had money to even play all of these games back then.


    Just putting out the PSA that The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena was not only an expansion / sequel (I don't actually know what they consider that game), but it also included a remake of the original classic Escape From Butcher Bay. And once you play the remake, there is no going back to the original because the atmosphere is through the roof.

    Here is a super interesting article about the creation of that game. A lot of the staff who made Riddick and The Darkness now work for or might've even founded Machine Games (new Wolfenstein series):


  • Just sent my votes in! I also feel it's my duty/obligation to remind people that Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days came out in 2009

  • @dipset I noticed a couple games in the same situation as LittleBigPlanet for that year, same title but a fully different game. Maybe it would be worth adding the platform in brackets next to those to avoid confusion, I'll try to do a pass on the list later.

    Everyone try to do your due diligence too ;)

  • There's so much here I saw at Sierra's last preview event before they went and got purchased. And so much here I only saw or played at said event.

  • Can I participate if my list is less than 8 games?

    Nevermind, I realized we only need 4 games :)

  • Wow, looking at this list reminded me of how excited I was for Lord of the Rings Conquest. I actually managed to have fun with it, but it was undeniably disappointing.

  • I've put mine in. It was quite tough to narrow it down actually.

  • PSA....dragon age origins... PSA OVER.

    Thought this was a pretty bad year for me since this was at a time when I didn't really buy myself games, but there are a surprising amount of some of my faves games hidden in there.

  • Ha, there's a lot of games in 2009 that I played at release, and even more that I've played at all. That being said, I don't have very strong feelings for many of them. I feel way more strongly about the games as part of their series, but that particular entry didn't particularly speak to me.

    Still got 8 games together, but I didn't need to obsess over the order.

  • It hurt me with only eight eligible. I had to regretfully leave off Secret Files 2, The Legendary Starfy and Magna Carta II, all of which I loved.

  • I gave my votes, that was a pretty easy job. Had to cut only four games to form my group of eight beauties.

  • Bumping up the thread to remind everyone to vote, and also to add a PSA: Bayonetta is not eligible, it came out in the West in January 2010 (it was eligible when we did that year).

    I already got 4 different people voting for it this time around, and those people didn't vote for it in 2010, so looks like it slipped through the cracks back then.