Vote for the forum's GOTY 2009!

  • Banned

    Just letting everybody know how rude it is that they've deprived me of being the absolute last second entry.

  • I'll try one final call and then end the votes: @FerrisK96 @parasitepaladin @DMCMaster @Ringedwithtile @tokeeffe9 @iboshow @Tearju-Engi @FF7Cloud @Chocobop @Hanabi @Inustar @Danjin44 @TokyoSlim

    Please give it a shot in the next couple days :)

  • No new votes at all the entire week, I think it's safe to say we won't get any more.

    I'll officially end the votes on Sunday 23rd to give some one final chance to participate, and start revealing the top 20 on Monday.

  • @axel 20..... bummer.

    Completely speculation, but do you think it's because of either people are not visiting the forums as much or could it potentially be burnout?

  • @brannox I'd be sad if I ever had burnout from liking things. :D

  • @sazime As would I, but without anyone really stating why/why not for participating, I can only go off what info I'm given, hence Axel's headsup he didn't get enough to reach our normal 25.

    And that makes me sad because these threads are best when the most people take part as possible.

  • @brannox Could also just be a down year. I know I had trouble even getting to 4 this time.

  • It seems like a mix of different things.

    Some of the people who always participate didn't this time, maybe because we're going too far in the past and it gets harder to remember how much you liked one game over an other? I know I struggled with that too.

    But 2010 was one of our record years in terms of participation so it might just be loss of interest like you said.

    It's also a bit unlucky: with the current amount of voters we could have ended up with a top 25 if the votes were spread differently, but this ended up being a very "top-heavy" year where a small group of games got a lot of points, leaving only crumbs to the rest, that's why we've got tons of games at 5 points or less. That's just the nature of the game and means extra praise for the games that made it.

    I'm sure when we do 2020 it'll bounce back :)

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern For each person that's true. Speaking just for me, 2007-2009 had the most games within each given year that I played (a weird quirk of my gaming history. I was in high school at the time so I don't know if its because I was starting to really get some spendable income/freedom or it just was a nice stretch).

    @Axel As we go further and further back, I can understand that when trying to recall without any aid, but you do a great job compiling a highlights list at the top, and people could always just go to Wikipedia and type in the "Gaming in X year." Granted when we did 2000, that was a personal struggle, but that was because I didn't have many games/interests of the time. And I sure hope for the bounceback. Makes everything more exciting. This isn't to say the coming reveal won't be. 2015, the other year yet mentioned where we had only 20, the point disparity was super obvious. My GOTY was only voted on by one other person and the game finished 17th. Seven points off just two votes isn't great and the fact it still placed higher than three others is... discouraging... from a participation standpoint.

    At the end of the day though, I'm still excited how things'll shake out. Just wish for more of them votes!

  • And that's a wrap! Stay tuned for the top 20 reveal!