General Gaming Deals/Giveaway

  • PS4 - Extra Final Fantasy XV Amazon preorder goodies. Had an extra code from an error on their part so I have a couple to spare. Should work?

    Mage Mashers (FFIX) & Camera Kit:

    Gae Bolg (FFXIV) & Travel Pack:

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    @Zugdar They both worked.

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    For Watch Dogs 2 Amazon Prime Pack - For people living/registered in UK

    Since I dont planning on buying WD2 or play it on PC, I'd figure I'll try and give away my prime code!


  • Watch_Dogs 2 Twitch Prime Pack - Region: Germany-Austria

  • From Humble if anybody wants them go grab em:

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - 5F9AP-FJ3KX-7P0HD
    Train Simulator 2016 - 70K42-BE9YA-T2YKQ

  • Two more sets of FFXV Amazon preorder bonus codes for PS4. Apparently Amazon had a bunch screw up so they just sent another batch to me. Hope they work.

    Gae Bolg (FFXIV) & Travel Pack:

    Mage Mashers (FFIX) & Camera Kit:

    Blazefire Saber (FFXIII) & Gourmand Set:

    SET 2

    Gae Bolg (FFXIV) & Travel Pack:

    Mage Mashers (FFIX) & Camera Kit:

    Blazefire Saber (FFXIII) & Gourmand Set:

  • Got Gears, Gears 2 and Gears 3 codes to give away if anyone wants them.

    Also got a code for Killing Floor on Steam.

  • So I bought some Monster yesterday to fuel my day of Final Fantasy and it came with a code for 4 battlepacks in Battlefield 1. Not anything amazing but hey, if you want them, they're all yours. Please just let me know if you scoop them up so I can strike out the post.

    C5X425JNCNVC - enter at Should work for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

    @Zugdar, I'm going to attempt to use one of those sets for FFXV later on tonight, I'll let you know which one once/if it goes through.

  • @DisturbedSwan Would really like that Gears Judgment code if you still have it. It's the only game in the series I haven't played.

  • PM sent @Axel

  • anyone has any free Smite skin codes to spare , God knows I could use some ...

  • Got a Kali and Demon Slayer skin if that's any good? The code is from a while back so not 100% it'll work, but if you want if let me know. @Gandalphus

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    is it possible to give away games from humble bundle by copy paste the keys, or do I have to gift them to people?

  • @Lotias I believe you can give someone the key and they should be able to use it just fine

  • I think it depends if its been linked to your Steam account already, I've given away some Humble bundle keys via copying and pasting and sometimes it has worked, others not. I always use the gift option now.

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    @DisturbedSwan okey, so then the gifting option will be the best.. planning something.

  • You've missed some of the free Ubisoft Games over the last months?
    No Problem, they're all free on Uplay till this Sunday.
    That is:
    Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time,
    Splinter Cell,
    Rayman Origins,
    The Crew,
    Beyond Good and Evil,
    Far Cry Blood Dragon
    and Assassin's Creed III

  • I have some steam games if folks want them. Just let me know. (Fair warning I come on here once a week or so)

    Saints Row 2
    Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package
    Saints Row IV
    Styx: Master of Shadows
    WWE 2K16
    NBA 2K16
    Sid Meier's Civilization V
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Multiplayer Starter Pack
    Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition
    Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition

    Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition
    Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition

    Risen 3 Titan Lords

  • I've got a Steam code for the newly released Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. I backed the Kickstarter and the Wii U backer codes are late, so they gave Wii U backers a complimentary Steam code.

    Edit: It's gone.

  • And now, I have some stuff to give away... PM me to gain codes/links/whatever it is for following stuff:


    -BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
    -Anomaly 2
    -Syder Arcade
    -Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    -Guacamelee! Complete
    -Torchlight II
    -Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    -Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
    -Magicka 2
    -SteamWorld Dig
    -Binary Domain


    -Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition (NOTE: If you have NCsoft account with Guild Wars 2 on it, you have to make a new account to use this code, because reasons)
    -Neverwinter Enthusiast Pack + Humble Bundle exclusive in-game title
    -Path of Exile — Arctic Crown + Cobra Pet
    -Stronghold Kingdoms — Humble Kingmaker Bundle
    -WildStar — Jumpstart Pack
    -Contraption Maker (Spotkin key)

    First come, first serve. I'm not limiting anyone, but be considerate of others. L & R.