Movies You Can't Stand

  • What films do you utterly detest and fret sitting through or give up watching? I personally cannot tolerate SING. I've watched SING a few times and it's really painful because it's so loud and so damn fake to me. Everything from its lousy drab animations to its lack of characterisation to the regurgitation of ear-splicing mainstream hits. Illumination's films tend to be soulless but SING is like their 2001: A Space Odyssey of utter vacuous drivel. Another film I had a very hard time sitting and watching in the cinema was The Turning- it's one of these amateurish horror films with an over-reliance on ineffective jump scares and one of the most disgustingly awful and twistedly horrible endings I've ever seen in any film-oh and it's sequel bait as well.

  • Anything by Michael Bay. He's a glorified porn director. His films are vacuous & soulless. A total immoral human being.

  • If the Sing you're talking about is the one with Matthew Maccanaughey, I also can't stand that one. I was watching it with my best friend's wife and son and she LOVES it. With that one I think it basically comes down to two checkboxes: 'Do you like mainstream pop music?' and, 'Do you like musicals?' I'm out on both, so I hated it. But she was in, thought it was one of the best collective soundtracks of the year.

    On the same note, I never got bitten by the High School Musical bug. I cannot stand it. I can do most Disney animated musicals, but outside those, if there's spontaneous singing and choreographed dance numbers, I'm hard out.

    La La Land though, actually pretty jolly.

  • Most Marvel movies I dislike them, some I tolerate at best. Bad jokes, cheesy writing, plot holes, awful acting direction. It's always mind-blowing to me how awful these movies are because I always go for a new one with an open mind, thinking "ok this one might be the one" and by the end I just feel like I lost my time.

    Michael Bay is pretty terrible too.

  • More of a type of movie: the 'so bad it's good' movie. The kind of movie that people put on to laugh at because it's inept or campy, but watch from a position of condescension and faux-disbelief that someone could have made something so bad. Most of the time, they're just bad movies. They're boring and derivative. When they do have something interesting about them, or when they are actually quite good, they never get meaningfully interacted with. Just the same, ironic 'lol isn't this stupid' reaction from whoever is watching.

  • Suicide Squad - it all sucked but there was no coming back from that dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, insulting scene with Joker lying down with all those guns around him. I actually swore out loud at that part.

  • @happygaming Yeah that's the SING I'm on about. I respect that people love it but I really can't see why it's so dry and those animals are simply just animals doing the same things humans do with nary an interesting idea in its veins.

  • @jdincinerator

    It reminds me of a video I saw by KaptainKristian. When I took a film course, I did part of the study specifically animation. One of the principles they teach is ‘why does this need to be an animated movie?’ And at the time it bothered be, but it’s become probably the most highly regarded thing I think of when I see an animated movie now.

    Without detailing too much, I'll link the his video here, but it goes into why things like Toy Story work, while things like Shark Tale don't, and also why it doesn't exactly work the opposite way when adapting properties.

    Youtube Video

  • Just remembered Sausage Party for some reason. I was managing a theater when it released and I kicked so many kids and teenagers out, and had to explain to so many parents that it wasn't a kids movie. It felt like being behind the counter when Conker's Bad Fur Day came out, and all the kids tried to convince their parents it's for them.

    After seeing it, I can definitely say it isn't for kids, but moreover I don't even think it's for Adults. I remember hearing that the point of the movie's creation was that movie higher ups don't censor animated films, so they were basically allowed to do whatever they wanted. Instead of it being any sort of statement on that, it's several hours of grotesque, cheap animation, exhaustingly offensive tries at pushing the boundary of humor and taste too far, and a final product that sort of just hurts in all the wrong ways to watch through. It's one of maybe three or four movies I wish I could un-see.