Favorite Year of the PS4-Xbox One Era

  • The previous console generation lasted 7 long years, and we have seen a lot of great games in the process. What's your personal favorite year of the console generation in terms of gaming? I said PS4-Xbox in the title, but this doesn't count out Nintendo, of course. It's just that they march to the beat of their own drums. I'm mostly focused on 2014-2020 since 2013 was still a mostly PS3-360 year in my eyes. Don't worry too much about the games you missed out, my aim with this thread is to encourage reflection on the stuff that we did experience ourselves during each year. Also, you don't need to have a long answer like mine, lol.

    It's kinda hard for me to choose because I feel like all the years had at least one game that I really, really resonate with personally. Not to mention all the smaller titles I played in between these games. I wish it was as easy as adding up all the great games I played each year and calling it a day, but some of these games hit way harder than the rest. After putting more thought into it, I think it's mainly between 2016 and 2020 for me, and 2016 is probably my favorite one out of the two.

    2016 was the year when I got a much needed boost of excitement for games from Uncharted 4, which came out at the right time and place for me. It was also the year when I started getting into indie games, with Firewatch, The Witness, and Inside primarily coming to mind, and since then I have certainly paid more attention to indies. I had tons of fun memories playing Battlefield 1 on my now-dead laptop, which was my first Battlefield game after BF3, and returning to the franchise felt wonderful, even if the momentum didn't continue to the next game. Also, I was introduced to Fumito Ueda's work with The Last Guardian, and FFXV was my first mainline FF game.

  • 2016 was incredible! FFXV is one of my all time favorites, and I still need to get to Last Guardian, but I think that 2017 with Persona 5 hands down has to go there for me. Besides that you had Edith Finch, Horizon, Resident Evil VII (a modern horror favorite of mine), Night in the Woods, freaking Yakuza 0 AND Kiwami, Detention (that I reviewed and just realized had that year too). There were also a whole bunch of remasters and collections like Kingdom Hearts, Nonary, FFXII the Zodiac Age. There are so many games, indie and AAA that I haven't even touched from that year that I'm still excited about.

    2017 was definitely a year I'll always remember for the generation. It sparked new franchise interests, had many games that literally helped change my life for the better, and helped me through difficult periods. It always felt like there was something solid, uplifting and imaginative everywhere you looked.

  • 2019 because the Switch officially outsold the Xbone :3

  • @happygaming yeah, 2017 is absolutely mindboggling in terms of variety. Only in 2017 in I could say that the games that made me cry includes a JRPG about highschoolers, a fantasy game featuring magical girls, and an alternate history FPS. Also, I didn't play REVII for myself, but the full playthrough stream by Huber and Kyle was absolutely amazing, and it felt great to see a legendary franchise like RE find its footing again.

  • 0_1609384059923_pizza-min.png

    I found this on my hard drive when I was upgrading my computer. I paused on this moment at one point during that RE7 playthrough and I had to screen cap it. Just enjoying pizza and RE.

  • I would say 2017 is the strongest year for me. It has my favorite Game of the Decade and probably the most games I enjoyed playing in any one year. Even now, I'm still going back to games I never played from 2017 and finding some real bangers.

  • 2018 had the most pronounced releases and three of the best games of this generation in RDR2, God of War and Spider-Man. 2017 is very convincing especially for Japanese- developed titles but 2018 just had more pronounced releases imo.

  • Looking back, it's insane the games that came out for Wii U in 2015: Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Pokken and Xenoblade Chronicles X...still couldn't save it though.

    I feel like it's 2016 for me. Hitman, Final Fantasy 15 and Deus X Mankind Divided are all games I loved and sunk days into. Uncharted 4 was another Uncharted game to me - not a GOTY but still a lot of fun while I was playing it. Dishonored 2 I started a few months back and really enjoyed.

    Shoot thought, 2017 had a Zelda, a Mario and a Metroid. I think if I had loved BOTW and Samus Returns more, that year would have run away with it.

  • Good question!

    I was thinking about making a thread where we rank the gen overall against the PS3-360 Era but this pretty much serves the same purpose.

    It's a toss up between 2015 and 2017 for me.

    The case for 2015:

    • Broforce couch co-op
    • Rocket League couch co-op
    • NBA 2K15 / 14 couch co-op
    • Metal Gear Solid V
    • Bloodborne
    • Alien Isolation w/ roommate
    • Until Dawn w/ roommate

    This was my first full year in my first ever apartment with my roommate and one of my best friends. I gotta say, this was one of the worst years of my life but looking back on things - I would love to go back and just play games with my buddy every night again.

    We didn't know at the time but life was getting real before our eyes and this was the last hurrah for childish behaviour. Watching movies like Predator and Aliens then playing Broforce and Alien Isolation this year was just too good. We put maybe 200 hours into our NBA franchise.

    The case for 2017:

    • Yakuza 0
    • Persona 5
    • Neir Automata
    • Resident Evil 7
    • The Evil Within 2

    This is probably one of the best years in gaming full stop. These are the games I played, and these alone blew my mind. P5 came at such a good time. I started my career, my ex and I had a breakup that was my first "real" heart break, and to top it all off my best friend died at the age of 21. Late 2016 into early 2017 was one of the best years of my life and then it took a hard turn by the spring.

    But some really fucking great games were there to keep my mind positive and ultimately, I couldn't help but feel privileged to be playing such amazing games all year.

    Yakuza 0 immediately jumped into one of my favourite games of all time completely out of nowhere. That unexpected shock was different from Bloodborne which I kinda expected to be great.

    In the end, 2017 is the better year for games but 2015 was my favourite year. Every day we were up to something and that NBA2K franchise was just too much fun. Yelling at Alexi Schved for sucking so much ass back when the Philadelphia 76ers were an under 10 win team.

    Good times

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    2018 wins for me because of God of War alone. Detroit, Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption 2, AC Odyssey, Celeste, Destiny 2 Forsaken, Dragonball Fighter Z, Smash Ultimate, Tetris Effect, Hitman 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spyro Reignited, and a bunch of other stuff was a nice bonus.