Favourite Cuisines / Tier List of Nations by Food

  • No restrictions, just come here to spout about countries, cities, pocket communities or whatever that you think have incredible food. Feel free to recommend particular spots in your area or anywhere you have visited.

  • This was inspired by my sadness at walking past an Indian restaurant after I had already bought my lunch. The significant Indian population in the Vancouver area means Indian food is available on a near-Starbucks level. I couldn't tell you exactly how authentic it is in terms of sourcing ingredients and such but I CAN tell you I never leave an Indian restaurant comfortable due to the ungodly amount of insanely good food I have just eaten. Samosas, pakoras, naan, roti, korma, butter chicken, aloo tiki - this list could go on forever. Eat more Indian food.

  • I love some Mexican food and cuisine. At the moment I'm eating a burrito once a week and I love enchiladas, juevos rancheros, chimichangas, tacos and fajitas. I enjoy loads of different cuisines but Mexican cuisine is possibly my favourite.

  • @jdincinerator Oh god, Mexican food. Yet another one I cannot stop once I've started.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Dude last year I visited this Mexican-devoted restaurant called Wahaca and had buttermilk chicken tacos-they are sublime I tell you-so much so I and mother replicated it at home.

  • Mexican food is best food.

  • I gotta keep the trend going and shout out Mexican food. I hardly consider myself Mexican (I'm only like 20%), but I come from a Mexican family and it's definitely part of my heritage, so it's really like a warm blanket to me. In the holiday spirit, I'll give an extra special commendation to tamales. They're a shit load of work but man are they worth the effort.

    Edit: This got me thinking about how much I love food, so I'll give a shoutout to my second favorite: Mediterranean. There's this small, hole-in-the-wall place by where I live that makes the best chicken shawarma. I'm forever grateful to Avengers for getting me to try it.