Favourite Easy Allies Q&A Questions And Moments

  • I don't know whether you guys keep track or go back to Easy Allies Q&A sessions on YouTube, but I do so frequently and there are so many interesting and great questions the fans submit. One of my favourite questions has to be one of my own when I asked the Allies about their personal embarrassing moments. Jones had one of the LMAO responses I've ever heard in a Q&A.

  • My favorite question(s) has to be Alexander Zyryanov's multipart EZA castle story. I think the idea of giving the allies a goddamn castle as a studio is way too fun, and I really like the answers that the allies gave. If I'm not mistaken, it's in the 2018 Q&As, somewhere in January-June.

    I think my favorite moment is Damiani's "I'll destroy you" response when Jones joked that Damiani isn't as good at FFXIV PvP as everyone else thought. I think it's during one of their earlier Q&As in the new studio (around January 2020).