Is Age Of Calamity Worth It?

  • I know many of you have been super hyped about Age of Calamity since it was announced as many of you absolutely love Breath of the Wild and the prequel significance Age of Calamity represents makes it very alluring. Yet I'm wondering whether any of you believe the Musou aspects can be overlooked and forgiven-whether the game's qualities sing through regardless of the constant enemy clearing. Basically I'm asking should I get Age of Calamity in spite of the Musou elements and do you think Age of Calamity lives up to the hype surrounding it?

  • Not a big LoZ fan, but I loved the last Hyrule Warriors game. AoC has many gameplay improvements over the last game. There is smaller character roster, but everyone plays completely differently from each other. Not just in their fighting styles, but how they handle sub-weapons too. Plus, you can pull off Witch Time/Dark Stepping, so it's a plus in my book. I got the game for Christmas and I am enjoying it.

  • I've been enjoying it a lot more than I expected, and it's the first musou game I've ever played. You'll obviously get more out of it if you have a fondness for BotW, which I absolutely adore.

    I don't find the musou gameplay to be a negative, it can get a bit grindy but it's always fun, and the playable cast is diverse enough to regularly switch things up. I believe there's a total of 18 characters, even though a solid half of them are only unlocked near the end. Combat is not as deep as a DMC or Bayonetta, but you still have to be cautious and can't just button-mash.

    I guess if you know you hate musou games already, you should probably stay away from this one, but if you like BotW and are open to trying out a hack n' slash set in that world, with the same production values, characters and world, I say go for it!

  • meh. it's ok.

  • There's a demo on the eShop with three characters you can try. First level is alarming framerate to the max, but that's pretty much as bad as it gets, and the second demo level is much closer to the average experience you'll get. Divine Beast levels are close to the first level in framerate, maybe a bit worse at times. You should know if you want it or not after that. I personally really love the game, despite being a Musou on Switch, which is a disaster recipe. Story is divisive with people, but honestly not as bad as people act, and you'll know exactly what I mean after playing the demo. Honestly think it is a great game, and if you play it on harder difficulties, it'll feel more like an Action Game than a Musou. Just be aware on the hardest difficulty, enemies get VERY damage spongy near the end of the game, so maybe stick to one under hardest to have a good time.