Completed Games of 2021

  • @ffff0 I understand, Bugsnax just didn't speak to you in any way. I was just surprised about that because generally Bugsnax is quite well enjoyed by many. I think we all have a game or a few games that we don't care the slightest about and it's completely understandable.

  • @jdincinerator As someone who loved Octodad and was looking forward to Bugsnax before launch, it also super didn't leave me with positive vibes. I was happy to be done with that game and move on when it was over. The mechanics were interesting at first, but they became repetitive by the end. The story went predictably, exactly where it was hinted to go from all the trailers, so it ended up being kind of boring as result. While I appreciate what they did with the characters, it interrupted the otherwise jolly flow of the game. I get being into it if you feed on drama like Beffica, but through most of the game it just felt like watching friends fighting while being stuck in the room.

    I know they teased a sequel at the end, but I kind of hope they do something else instead.

  • @mbun I enjoyed Bugsnax mainly for its sense of discovery-there's a Pokemon Snap appeal to it that I really liked and uncovering new Bugsnax was a pleasant experience. Yes it's repetitive and the story goes to predictable places but it's a brief pleasure that I don't think outstayed its welcome.

  • Feb.
    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yakuza 7

    The Artful Escape


    Lost Judgment

  • Hey all! January ended 8 days ago, so I’m very sorry this is late. Here’s the tally for January:

    Ringedwithtile- 5
    Shoulderguy- 10
    paulmci27- 3
    Capnbobamous- 1
    Sentinel Beach- 3
    Scotty- 3
    bam541- 5
    DIPSET- 1
    Axel- 3
    Hazz3r- 2
    fff0- 11
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 2
    Brandon_Reister- 2
    MiserablePerson- 1
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 6
    Earju Engi- 1

    If you noticed I messed up anywhere just let me know. I’m very tired right now so it’s certainly possible. Also I didn’t include anything from February yet if it was labelled as such. See you next month!

  • January: 6

    • Ori & The Will of the Wisps
    • Raji: An Ancient Epic
    • Call of the Sea
    • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    • God of War: Chains of Olympus
    • Bayonetta

    February: 7

    • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
    • Bayonetta 2
    • The Pedestrian
    • Bastion
    • Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind
    • Resident Evil VII
    • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

    March: 7

    • Maquette
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns
    • Metroid Prime
    • Transistor
    • Killzone: Mercenary
    • If Found...
    • Ultimate Spider-Man

    April: 5

    • Pyre
    • Ratchet & Clank 2016
    • Doom II
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2
    • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    May: 5

    • Tell Me Why
    • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    • Resident Evil: Village
    • New Pokemon Snap
    • Elite Beat Agents

    June: 5

    • Resident Evil: Revelations 2
    • Resident Evil: Revelations
    • Roki
    • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intermission

    July: 6

    • The Simpsons: Hit & Run
    • Dishonored
    • Donkey Kong Country
    • Donkey Kong Country 2
    • Donkey Kong Country 3
    • Dishonored 2

    August: 5

    • Concrete Genie
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island
    • Luigi's Mansion

    September: 5

    • WarioWare: Touched
    • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    • WarioWare: Get it Together
    • Luigi's Mansion 3
    • Life is Strange: True Colors

    October: 6

    • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
    • Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
    • Life is Strange: Wavelengths
    • Metroid Dread
    • Kingdom Hearts Union X Theater Mode (?)
    • Resident Evil (Jill Valentine!)

    November: 2

    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

    December: 3

    • Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond
    • Chicory: A Colorful Tale
    • Undertale
    • Death's Door

    Total Games: 63

  • February

    Bowser's Fury
    Super Mario 3D World (replay)


    Starcraft (replay)


    Resident Evil Village
    Warcraft 3: Reign of chaos (replay)


    Metroid Fusion


    Metroid Dread


    The Gunk

    Total: 8

  • Hey everyone. Sorry again that this one is late. Life has been a little crazy for me so I lost track of time. I promise the next one won’t be late!

    Ringedwithtile- 9
    Shoulderguy- 20
    paulmci27- 5
    Capnbobamous- 2
    Sentinel Beach- 8
    Scotty- 3
    bam541- 9
    DIPSET- 4
    Axel- 6
    Hazz3r- 4
    fff0- 18
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 7
    Brandon_Reister- 6
    MiserablePerson- 1
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 12
    Earju Engi- 2
    TokyoSlim- 1
    brunojoey- 7
    corsair_4- 2

    I did not include anything from March if it was labeled as such. See you next month.

  • Hola everybody! Hope you all are well. March is over, so here is the tally.

    Ringedwithtile- 13
    Shoulderguy- 30
    paulmci27- 8
    Capnbobamous- 2
    Sentinel Beach- 11
    Scotty- 5
    bam541- 11
    DIPSET- 5
    Axel- 9
    Hazz3r- 11
    fff0- 20
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 8
    Brandon_Reister- 9
    MiserablePerson- 2
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 20
    Earju Engi- 7
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 20
    corsair_4- 2

    I did not include any games from April if they are labelled as such. I really need to get this out on time so that stops being an issue lol. Seriously though, sorry, I need to set a reminder on my phone or something. Anyway see you next month!

  • Well bit of a slow start a lot of half completed games(digging into the backlog) but better late than never.


    -resident evil 2 remake
    -loop hero


    -Spiderman: miles morales.
    -resident evil village
    -Mass effect 1


    -mass effect 2
    -Ratchet and clank: rift apart
    -FF7 remake intermission dlc



    -12 minutes
    -Fallout 3

  • Bonjour everybody. April is done and so here is your monthly tally.

    Ringedwithtile- 19
    Shoulderguy- 38
    paulmci27- 10
    Capnbobamous- 3
    Sentinel Beach- 12
    Scotty- 7
    bam541- 14
    DIPSET- 5
    Axel- 14
    Hazz3r- 14
    fff0- 23
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 10
    Brandon_Reister- 12
    MiserablePerson- 4
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 27
    Earju Engi- 13
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 25
    corsair_4- 3
    Nimbat1003- 2

    As always I did not include any games from May if they were labelled as such. Also I noticed a suspicious lack of Balan Wonderworld in your lists this month. Maybe you’re all just savoring your time with it and I’ll see it in your lists next month. See you then!

  • Aloha Allies. Hope you’re all well. May is done and so here is the tally:

    Ringedwithtile- 22
    Shoulderguy- 45
    paulmci27- 15
    Capnbobamous- 4
    Sentinel Beach- 14
    Scotty- 8
    bam541- 14
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 16
    Hazz3r- 14
    fff0- 29
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 14
    Brandon_Reister- 15
    MiserablePerson- 5
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 34
    Earju Engi- 14
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 27
    Hede- 5
    Nimbat1003- 3

    As always I did not include any games from June if they were labelled as such. I was planning on making another Balan Wonderworld joke here, but you know what, I’m tired. Real sorry to say that the much awaited Balan Wonderworld joke will have to wait for next month. I tell you what though, it’s gonna be a real zinger, just you wait. So I’ll see you then, with another tally and a HILARIOUS joke about Balan Wonderworld.

  • Ciao Allies. Hope everything is well. Here’s the tally for June:

    Ringedwithtile- 27
    Shoulderguy- 50
    paulmci27- 22
    Capnbobamous- 5
    Sentinel Beach- 19
    Scotty- 8
    bam541- 16
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 19
    Hazz3r- 16
    fff0- 32
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 16
    Brandon_Reister- 17
    MiserablePerson- 5
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 37
    Tearju Engi- 15
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 27
    Hede- 5
    Nimbat1003- 8

    Probably don’t need to say it, but as always I did not include any games from July if they were listed as such. I also have some unfortunate news. Though the long awaited sequel to my Balan Wonderworld joke was slated for this month, I am afraid that it must be delayed again, this time to Q4 2021. I understand that this may be distressing to some, but know that the delay occurs so that I may ensure the joke you receive is as good as it can possibly be. I could push the joke out now, but it would not be of the quality that you have come to expect, so I ask you to sit tight and stay tuned.

  • Dia Dhuit, Allies. Sorry I’m getting this one to you even later than usual. I plain ol’ forgot. I promise that I will get the next one in on the first of September next month. No dawdling. No dilly dallying. No tarrying. I will not rest until I get the next update to you on time.

    Anyway here’s the tally for the month of July:

    Ringedwithtile- 29
    Shoulderguy- 55
    paulmci27- 27
    Capnbobamous- 6
    Sentinel Beach- 22
    Scotty- 8
    bam541- 18
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 22
    Hazz3r- 18
    fff0- 35
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 22
    Brandon_Reister- 20
    MiserablePerson- 6
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 46
    Tearju Engi- 17
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 41
    Hede- 5
    Nimbat1003- 8

    Video games, amiright? Gotta love them. See you next month!

  • Konbanwa Allies! Here’s the tally for the month of August:

    Ringedwithtile- 32
    Shoulderguy- 64
    paulmci27- 31
    Capnbobamous- 11
    Sentinel Beach- 24
    Scotty- 11
    bam541- 23
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 24
    Hazz3r- 18
    fff0- 39
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 24
    Brandon_Reister- 26
    MiserablePerson- 7
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 54
    Tearju Engi- 21
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 41
    Hede- 6
    Nimbat1003- 10

    We had a lot of games completed in August, more so than usual I think, so that’s neat. Won’t know for sure until I do the stats, but I look forward to seeing how it stacked up compared to other months. See you in October!

  • Hei Allies, is October here already? I can hardly believe it, but here is your tally for September.

    Ringedwithtile- 34
    Shoulderguy- 71
    paulmci27- 34
    Capnbobamous- 12
    Sentinel Beach- 29
    Scotty- 12
    bam541- 24
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 26
    Hazz3r- 19
    fff0- 44
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 25
    Brandon_Reister- 27
    MiserablePerson- 7
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 60
    Tearju Engi- 22
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 51
    Hede- 6
    Nimbat1003- 10

    Somehow it's now the month of spooks and scares, of chills and creeps, of fear and freaks. I for one can't wait to see how this is reflected in your lists. See you next month!

  • Halo Allies, here’s the tally for the month of November:

    Ringedwithtile- 39
    Shoulderguy- 84
    paulmci27- 39
    Capnbobamous- 13
    Sentinel Beach- 31
    Scotty- 12
    bam541- 32
    DIPSET- 8
    Axel- 28
    Hazz3r- 21
    fff0- 57
    iboshow- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 32
    Brandon_Reister- 35
    MiserablePerson- 8
    Kristen Rogers- 3
    Phbz- 68
    Tearju Engi- 24
    TokyoSlim- 2
    brunojoey- 55
    Hede- 7
    Nimbat1003- 10

    Last month I was unfortunately unable to update the thread, so apologies for that. The computer I had my spreadsheet on decided to shit itself and I didn’t get it fixed until halfway through the month, and by then it felt too late. I’m here now though!

    We’re also one month away from 2022. This year felt like it flew by fast, but then again I think any year would after 2020. This was an interesting year for games, with no obvious frontrunner for GOTY, and few games that seem to have the level of hype that the top contenders did last year. Your lists have been a very interesting reflection of this. There are a few games that appear on many lists, but without having completely compiled the stats the lists seem to be all across the board. Can’t wait to see how everything stacks up when I have the stats for you next month. See you then!

  • A new thread for the new year, please. :)