Games That You Wish Were Better

  • I'm sure we all have our own stories of being underwhelmed with the games that we play, but some games have really cool ideas, which makes it even more disappointing that the game failed to fully capitalize on it. Do you guys have any games of this kind in mind?

    I think the one game that really comes on top when I think about this is The Order 1886. The Victorian-era supernatural setting is really cool, and it's such a pretty game to look at, but man, the gameplay design is so lazy. I think the gunplay feels solid, and the weapons have great feedback and feel, but the scenarios/skirmishes they put you into are so simplistic. The level design is pretty one-note, and most importantly, they didn't take advantage of the supernatural setting to have cool enemies. It's not like they didn't try, there's werewolves in the game, but they are the absolute dumbest enemies in the game, which is just ridiculous. Imagine if the werewolves were actually really fun to fight, and there were more supernatural enemies to fight against, instead of boring humans. Also, the Tesla Gun is super cool, but surely they can come up with more than just one unique weapon? The game also didn't have enough variety in terms of what you actually do in the game (barely any puzzles, the lore collectibles are boring af, etc), which further exacerbates my combat complaints.

  • The Order 1886 is such a good one. I really gave it a fair shot this last Halloween or a little before, and it just felt like it never got its footing of if it wanted me to explore an environment or shoot guys. It was too slow and too fast paced all at once. The graphics are gorgeous, and I loved shooting when it happened, but overall I just couldn't get into it.

    As a big Mega Man fan, I do wish Mighty Number 9 was good. Not just better, but good. That game just feels so sloppy, and has no character or identity outside of the developer name. It's not very fun to shoot guys, and the dash move that has some actual potential is just sort of used too often, and the way its used isn't very fun either. At least Mega Man 11 is pretty awesome, but we could have had a brand new and unique franchise with Mighty Number 9, instead of a mess that doesn't appear to be anything.

    Just looking at my shelf for more ideas, and I think that The Last Story definitely could have been better. That's a game I actually do love, but as it stands, it just feels like its missing something. Combat is fun, but not deep. The world is sort of confining, and it's never clear where side quests are, or when you're activating them over the main story. If some of the things in the game were better communicated, the world were a little more exploreable, and the combat had a little more depth, I really think it could have gotten a Switch remaster and maybe even a sequel. But as it stands, I think it's just a dusty gem with a wonderful and subtle story, lovely music, and a really nice cast that is just difficult to recommend to others who aren't hardcore on the idea of a Hironobu Sakaguchi game on name recognition alone, or have exhausted most other JRPGs in their catalog. I can still dream though. Clean it up and give it a Switch Remaster baby!

  • While it's fresh and hot I have to give it to Cyberpunk 2077. I don't think it's necessarily fair to criticize a game for not being something that it isn't (if that makes any sense), but I really wish this was something else.

    Everything about it feels half baked: the combat, the driving, the open world, the missions, the level design, and even the art direction. I don't think I've ever played a game so clearly half baked and I'm not just talking bugs, I mean from writing to skill trees to progression.

    CP77 is a 20 pound turkey. The butcher tells you to cook it 15 mins per pound and CDPR took it out of the oven and served it to the guests after an hour or two.

    I guess it stings a bit because I love me a good cRPG, Immersive Sim, Simulated Open World, whatever, those types of games - but CP77 just has nothing on most marketplace competition. To me, it feels like experimental open world games from the PS3/360 era.

  • There are many games that I wish were better over the course of the last generations. Back in 2014 I was really looking forward to Murdered: Soul Suspect and it turned out to be a serious dud that looked so interesting and had some good conceptual ideas that didn't come together properly.

    Considering that I bought the game for kicks The Quiet Man should've been tons better because if it wasn't for the broken gameplay it could've been a so bad it's good kind of game and those are always a hoot.

    I could go on all day but the last game I wished was better is WWE Wrestlemania 21 on the original Xbox. The graphics were brilliant but the gameplay was a total shambles with matches that can end in one move and incompetent AI. To be honest WM21 would be an ideal wrestling game if the gameplay was decent.

  • GTA. any of them.

  • My Friend Pedro: It was very dissapointing to play after all those awesome gameplay trailers.

    Hotline Miami 2 - Wrong Number: They just killed what makes first game great with big maps and fractured unfocused story.

    Inside: First half hour was really nice but after that it just became a chore to play and ending was not worth it at all.

    Maybe I'll add some AAA games later, these are the ones that came to my mind first.

  • The Last of Us Part II

  • Banned

    The vast majority of JRPGs.

  • @jdincinerator
    Completely agree with Murdered. Think I bought it on release or damn close to it, was expecting something like Ghost Trick meets Phoenix Wright, instead we got, well not that.

  • Majora's Mask. I love the concept of this game. The atmosphere and world building is amazing but it's such an annoying game to play.

  • I'm a Final Fantasy XV apologist (I genuinely loved it), but even I acknowledge that the story is a mess that had been cut to shit. Still hoping for a Final Fantasy Versus XV.2 Royal Edition S Director's Cut Remake in 20 years that acts as a synthesis of all the present XV materials while adding back in all the content that was clearly cut and reworked over the tumultuous development.

  • @naltmank Did you ever replay with the additional content & DLC? Its still a bit of a mess but it really improves the story quite a bit.

  • @paulmci27 My first playthrough was actually the Royal Edition, yeah, and I loved all the DLCs (Episode Ignis was especially good IMO). Even watched all of the extra media, but even with those additions I can't ignore the fact that Luna and Ravus's development is non existent, Iedolas is completely forgotten about until all the sudden you have to fight him, and key moments happen off-screen and/or in supplementary materials. You shouldn't have to read about dramatic occurrences that shake the structure of the world you're playing through in tiny game text. Like I said, though, I love it warts and all, and really think that the core themes of the game (and how they play out through the central cast) are strong enough for me to ignore most of these issues.

  • You're right about Luna & Ravus shame we never got that DLC even though it should have been included in the main game.

  • @paulmci27
    Isn't there a book that covers all the scrapped DLC? Forward onto Dawn or something like that?

  • @dmcmaster I never knew that came out. Better than nothing I guess. I must look into that to see if it was any good.

  • @paulmci27
    Double checked it was meant to be just a expanded Epilogue to a new ending added in the DLC, before just adding the story content of the DLC into

  • So I'm actively replaying FF15 and I completely forgot about the random "Several Days Later" after your encounter with Titan and after you get the Regalia back

  • Gravity Rush 2, game has garbage mission and game design, but the vibes and feeling are spot on, was a shame that playing it was so boring that I had to drop it, the writting was also very poor but I could have looked past it if the game were fun, but it isnt.

  • Banned

    @bard91 Oh man, so spot on.
    The was a game I turned on just to fly around it because it was so beautiful to look at and cozy to be in.
    Then we lost power one night while I was playing and lost about 3 hours of progress and haven't played again. Fuck that.