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    I've got this ready to go when I get home from work today. A few people who worked on Journey are involved in the game, hence why it looks so beautiful and I can only imagine will have an amazing soundtrack.

    Anyone else looking forward to it?

  • My impressions before getting into it and watching previews is that it isn't going to be as impactful as Journey.

    I think missing out Jenova Chen is a huge part of what made Journey really hit home and made me think about the ups and downs of life, the people I meet, the ways we communicate. There are a lot of underlying themes in Journey that I just don't feel the same sense in those previews.

    It's beautiful, it's mysterious, but it looks like I'll just be in some aquarium.

    So I'll talk about it when I finish playing it, but Jenova Chen was the mastermind behind both Flower and Journey. It's difficult to see how an artist from Journey can replicate that feat.

  • That's fair. I'm actually curious if other members of the journey team are involved at all. Either way I'm not necessarily expecting another Journey, that game is genuinely up there as one of my favourite games.

    I'm specifically hoping for a visual and audible treat which does appear to be present.

  • Added Blood's review to the OP. Really looking forward to starting it in an hour or two

  • Had it pre-ordered on PS4. Can't wait to play it when I get home, looks fantastic!

  • Just after completing it now and just wow. What a wonderful experience. I seriously just love the art style and how vibrant the areas are with different fauna and aquatic creatures. On top of that you have Austin Wintory's soundtrack which hits the perfect notes for every situation in the game.

    The story is very much in the background and isn't one that I fully grasped to be honest so I might either go back and play through it again or do some reading. Either way like Journey, it is very much the sensual journey you go on that really matters.

    For anyone who liked Journey, this is an easy recommendation.

    And for everyone who's completed it, you haven't completed it unless you unlocked the following trophy.

    Arctic Explorer

    I was standing on this ice patch, with a polar bear behind me, penguins surrounding me and in the distance, blue whales jumping out of the water. It was genuinely incredible. I just stood there for a while.

  • I reviewed this game this weekend and i REALLY loved it.

    Good luck getting 100% on the trophies those, that will take you a few playthroughs.

  • The trophy list didn't look too bad from what I remember but you're probably right that it'd take some time to find everything to get them all.

  • @tokeeffe9 There aren't many, but the two collectables take a LOT of searching.

    I think i played through the whole game 7 times before i got them all :D

    Currently still at 0.00% Ultra Rare

  • Looks right up my alley. Definitely putting this on my wishlist!

  • Thanks for sharing this and thanks to Bloodworth for the review. I've never heard of ABZU but it looks wonderful to me. Based on the review, the purpose of the game seems either ambiguous or nonexistent from a narrative standpoint but the exploration aspect still intrigues me.

  • Never heard about this game until now. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be picking this one up some time.

  • This game is every bit as impactful as Journey. In fact, it's exactly as impactful as Journey because it is literally "next gen, underwater Journey," as everyone's been saying. I don't know how they pulled it off, but I hope Playstation promotes the hell out of this game as they did Journey.

    Even the plot echoes Journey (FULL SPOILERS): You start as a lone wanderer (lava girl), meeting a companion before long (shark boi). The music swells for an energetic sequence in the second level and somewhere around the third level they introduce enemies in a horror-esque sequence. At the end of the game you and your companion thematically "die" (the diver, who's apparently a girl, loses her skin) and are reborn in a sequence where you defeat your enemies and restore balance to the world.

    Theme-wise, though, it's more like Okami than Journey. The emphasis is on restoring the natural world from an evil, decidedly unnatural force that's corrupting and suppressing it. Meanwhile, Journey was about life more than a hero's journey / journey of purification.

  • @Haru17 That does seem to add up alright to the themes of the game. Thanks for explaining.

  • @Haru17 I think what made Journey more impactful though, was the ability to connect with a random person.

    It doesn't need that though

  • @TheHashtag0nist I'll let you know a secret: I finished Journey in singleplayer. I fell off of the bridge at the end and the game never matched me with another player, so I completed the game by my lonesome (story of my life) and didn't get the mountain symbolism until I looked it up.

    So naturally I don't think they need the multiplayer component at all. Both games are every bit as fun and emotional without "GAYmer420" in the credits.

  • @Haru17 The first time i played Journey, i turned it off because it was weird. We all have our moments ;)

  • This game is fantastic! Right up there with Journey for me, just evokes different emotions. Highly recommended. It's short, yes, but well worth the asking price.

  • I really love the soundtrack. Can't stop listening to this one in particular.

    Youtube Video

  • Seems like the perfect thing to play before going to bed, or after a bad day.