Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q1 2021

  • my Pop tart is Metroid Prime 4
    reason: game will be fucking awesome like the first 3 prime games were and i'm hyped.

    my Toaster strudel is Metroid Prime 4
    reason: we have seen nothing except a logo and a video saying that development restarted at the beginning of 2019. this game is never coming out is it?

  • @axel Bravely Default 2 is also my Toaster Strudel for mostly the same reasons you mentioned. The first Bravely Default was okay but I didn't even care enough to finish it. I really want more Octopath Traveler from Square Enix and the Bravely series doesn't scratch that RPG itch in the same way.

    I looked through the early 2021 release schedule and I don't see many Pop-Tart candidates. One game that I'm confident will be good is Hitman 3 so that's my Pop-Tart. I like that it's not episodic anymore and I'm excited to see how it plays on PS5. Faster loading, better performance and DualSense optimization could make playing Hitman 3 feel like a new experience, even if overall it's not much different from the previous games in the series.

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  • @capnbobamous Those games ain't coming out in Q1, chief!

  • I really think we should revisit the argument brought forth by one of the allies that toaster strudels are way better than pop tarts. Or at least that’s how I remember it from the last time I had either like 20 years ago.

  • @axel Clearly my reading comprehension is not up to par. Whoops!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I had never heard of either of those things before EZA so I'm just following the standard established by sir Bosman :)

  • My Pop-Tart is Balan Wonderworld. You can really tell the passion the devs have for the project. They speak about it as though it has been a long time since they've gotten to make a dream game, and this is it. I'm not expecting it to have a super high score on metacritic or anything, but I am expecting it to be an extremely imaginative, fun game full of experimenting with a difficulty accessible to kids that older players can also enjoy. Even better, it has 2-player local / split screen coop, so if you have kids it'll be perfect to play alongside them.
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    My Toaster Strudel hilariously is ALSO Bravely Default 2, but that's no fun, so let's just say my Toaster Strudel is Ghosts 'n Goblins: Resurrection. Something about the style they picked just looks off and cheap and hard to tell your hitboxes in a legendarily difficult game.
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  • Strawberry for both.

  • Pop-tart:

    Housemarque are great and glad to see them taking this route

    Ratchet and clank(if it release in that period) Insomniac baby

    Toaster struddle:
    bad vibes for sure but Balan Wonderworld frankly has me worried.

  • @mbun Shit, I had no idea they were making a new Ghosts n Goblins. Thanks for bringing that to my attention =D

  • Pop Tart- Hitman 3. Probably be one of the best games of the year. Given the previous 2 games this is a cert to be good.

    Toster Strudel- Prince of Persia Remake. This looks just awful the delay makes me think it got negative feedback from play testers. I hope I'm wrong seems like a passion project for that team.

  • @neocweeny they're remaking the original

  • @mbun I'm cautiously optimistic about Balan. Haven't seen any red flags, it's just a genre that's usually hard to crack. I'll definitely be happy if it turns out great.

    I want to believe they spent the 6 months since the reveal to polish the visuals of Prince of Persia and it could still turn out decent, but maybe not.

  • @paulmci27 I considered that as well, but as a huge fan I didn't have the heart to pick it. Just hoping it turns out to be way better than everyone expects. The environments actually looked good. Just seemed like all the character models were unfinished.

  • @yoshi Looks like new levels in the trailer.

  • Pop-Tart: Eastward

    From the moment I saw the initial reveal trailer some years ago, I had no doubt that this game is going to rule. It's got a beautiful aesthetic inspired by 90s anime and captures an almost Earthbound feeling vibe of charm in its characters. Characters, animations, the world, everything looks like it's got so much heart and soul poured into every bit of it, and so I've got no doubt this game is going to be a gem this year, probably similar to how Celeste blew up some years ago.

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    Toaster Strudel: Oddworld: Soulstorm

    Oddworld is one of my favorite franchises. I've played every game, and while many haven't been perfect, they've all been unique to say the least. It's been a LONG time since New n' Tasty came out, and even though I can feel the love and passion from Lorne Lanning (definitely check out the Ars Technica interview with him about the inception and creation of the property if you haven't and are interested - there's a two hour cut and a 20 minute one that are both fascinating) I just don't know if the game can capture the feel I love from the original. It feels less like the old school adventure platformers, and like it's lost a bit of that in what I've seen from this remake, like shooting a turret at dudes while everything is blowing up. I hope this is great. I'm definitely playing it. I'm just feeling a little cautious about the way the cooking process is turning out, especially given it feels like we've seen the same trailer cut five different ways.

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  • @happygaming We're doing games coming out in Q1, January to March, so I don't think those two qualify :)

    About Oddworld, I'm like you, I really enjoy the series, but I'm still optimistic about this one. Maybe it's a case of the trailer being more action-oriented to have broader appeal or something dumb like that. I can't imagine it's a full-on action game. I'm pretty sure it'll have stealth, puzzles and platforming just like the old ones.

  • @axel My bad! I didn't fully read the thread title. This year is just going be so weird because nothing has a release date.

    I'll be back with that Oddworld post again when it has a date, haha