Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q1 2021

  • @axel Oh no, I assumed they just pushed it from December to early 21. I want to believe!

  • Hmmmm tough to say... I think the most I can go on are gut instincts because we haven't seen much of these games if at all for most of them.

    Pop Tart

    Riders Republic -

    It looks like what a groups of white bald guys in suits assume teens think is cool and edgy. Basically has the same energy as a beef jerky commercial. But—it's a downhill mountain biking and snowboarding game.

    Even the bad snowboarding games like Shaun White are still amusing to some degree. And we haven't had many downhill biking games but Downhill Domination is one of my favourite PS2 games as a kid [EDIT: after writing this post, I looked up Downhill Domination and realized it was developed by Incognito (Twisted Metal, Warhawk) and published by SCE. No wonder that game was so great! I always assumed it was some B-tier in my memory, but clearly it had that sweet sweet SCE TLC. Now why did Sony have to close this studio down :(] Something about mountain biking while racing flat out is insanely fun.

    It might be microtransaction hell, but I think this is going to be certified fun.

    Toaster Strudel

    Pump the breaks on The Medium -

    I saw the newest demo today and I think this game will be cool for old school survival horror fans like myself, but this game has dated stamped all over it. Don't get me wrong, I like this type of gameplay, even if it feels dusty to other people. But if you don't have a Capcom Resident Evil 2 budget, then old school survival horror is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

    It's lifting a lot from games like Silent Hill and I think it'll maybe be too derivative for a lot of people.

    Side note - both Pop Tarts and Toaster Strudel are absolute fucking dog dirt (like most boxed foods), but I can at least half enjoy a Smores Pop Tart with a coffee in the morning. Toaster Strudel is just wet hot cheap fruity bullshit. The texture alone makes me wanna yak something terrible.

  • @dipset I too have high hopes for Riders Republic. That was the main competition with the Pop-Tart I picked.

  • Pop Tart: Returnal
    I think it's about time Housemarque translated their style of arcade gameplay and feel to an actual 3D environment. It's like a really jacked-up inFamous game but in a creepy Dark Souls-ish alien world. There's a few gameplay clips in these dev diaries, and it looks great.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Toaster Strudel: Balan Wonderworld
    This game looks janky as heck to me. Might be one of those games where you have to struggle with the gameplay to enjoy the cool setting and ideas in the game.

  • My Pop-Tart: Far Cry 6

    Youtube Video

    The only reason is Giancarlo Esposito. I don't have high hopes for gameplay, it will be the same with last 4 games most probably but I'm really curious about the story mode, because both the setting and the main villian's potential really excite me.

    Mt Toaster Strudel: Hitman 3

    Youtube Video

    I'm not so interested in this IP that's for sure but man, I just feel like they add new episodes to Hitman from 2016 and nothing else. It doesn't feel like this is a sequel at all, just an expansion and that's it. They said they are keen to add new IP's to their company's catalog, hope it's true and hope 007 project is not a reskin Hitman.

  • @scotty said in Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q1 2021:

    I just feel like they add new episodes to Hitman from 2016 and nothing else. It doesn't feel like this is a sequel at all, just an expansion and that's it.

    That is basically what they are doing, you aren't wrong. They release 5-6 new levels per game and a bunch of gameplay tweaks, then if you own the older game, you can bring those levels into the new one.

    However, each level can take 90 mins to like 3 hours on your first attempt. So it isn't like this is some small potatoes "expansion". If I recall, Hitman 2016 was called Hitman: Season 1, but Square Enix kicked IOI to the curb so they just made sequels and took their time instead of making more frequent "seasons," but you're correct in that they aren't re-writing the book.

    Idk man, Hitman 3 looks really damn impressive. So much so that I want to wait for PS5 or a new GPU to play it in its full glory. I don't see this reviewing poorly or disappointing fans.

  • Pop-Tart
    Returnal - Never played a Housemarque game, though I know they're typically well received for what they are, and I think this move to a larger production will make them a little more well known to the average player going forward. It gives me heavy ReCore vibes from a gameplay perspective, but is drastically different with regards to its visuals and tone and the fact that it fits within a roguelike structure. I don't have a PS5 yet so I won't play at launch, but I'm looking forward to getting around to it down the line and am sure the reviews will be very favorable.

    Toaster Strudel
    Riders Republic - This just looks like Steep with the addition of the mountain bike from Trials and terrain that isn't just snow, but a mashup of American national parks. There seems to be a greater focus on co-op and group play as up to 50 people can compete at once, but I'm wary that's enough to make this interesting. While I could see people loving this, I imagine the biggest draw of the game will be whatever tour mode they create to view the landscapes like they've done with the latest Assassin's Creed game worlds. I don't see this being a big hit, which is unfortunate.

  • @dipset

    Thanks for the clarification. Fans probably will like it because of it is the same thing with new locations and these type of games are rare but critics won't be too happy about it is my guess. Because of the lack of innovation and the ''feeling'' I explained in the post above.

  • Well this post aged poorly. Not only was Balan a mess, but now Bravely Default 2 is here, and the reviews are looking pretty positive right now, about in the 80s range. Apparently the game has framerate stutter issues, which seems to be a trend with new Switch games lately, but other than that it actually sounds pretty good. I've also heard the new Ghosts 'n Goblins has a style that is charming when you're playing it that didn't come across in the trailers, and that one seems to be swimming in 7s right now. Still incredible hard though from what I hear.

    So yeah, I was wrong. Maybe check out Bravely Default 2 and / or Ghosts 'n Goblins: Resurrection if those look appealing to you.

  • @mbun I still need to read the reviews for Bravely to see what they think about the story/characters, as that was my biggest worry. I'm sure the combat and systems are good, they always have been, but I'm not playing through another "Chosen one saves the world through the power of crystals" plot ever again.