Favourite Thing About Each Ally

  • What is your favourite thing about each Ally? Here is my list:

    Don Casanova- Don's love of retro games and his sense of humor really resonates with me.
    Michael Damiani-I always value Damiani's pleasantly laid back demeanor and his videogame acumen.
    Brad Ellis-Brad's love of hardcore and difficult games always stands out and direct and honest demeanor is very appreciable .
    Daniel Bloodworth-Blood's calm, composure and modesty is wonderful and some of his unexpected bursts of charisma is delightful.
    Ian Hinck-Ian is uncanny and whimsical it's always delightful to see his videos and ideas that he brings to EZA and he's got some great insights too.
    Michael Huber-Hype is of course what Huber does best he's Hype incarnate but he's also just a wholesome and passionate person whose liveliness brings the best out of everybody.
    Brandon Jones-Brandon's voice is iconic and he's got a gentle and fair personality.
    Ben Moore-Ben has a way with words and journalism that's of a very high standard, his writing is always fraught with interesting thoughts and insights.

  • Don : Don has a wonderful sense of humor, and his way of presenting his jokes makes them way funnier.
    Damiani : I feel like no one beats Damiani in terms of how much passion and care someone can put into something.
    Brad : Really like Brad's straightforward way of saying things. "That's right." "Shit, man." "That's just the way it is, dude."
    Blood : Blood seems like a very dependable person, and you always want someone like that in a group.
    Ian : Ian's a super smart dude that pays a lot of attention to the little details in everything.
    Huber : Huber's storytelling chops is off the charts. His Yakuza 0 E3 2016 story is what made me bought the game.
    Jones : Jones can say ordinary things in the most unique and elongated way, and it's great.
    Ben : Ben can articulate his thoughts so well, and he has a lot of interesting things in his mind.

  • i miss Kyle Bosman... :(

  • @yoshi

    My favourite ally by far, even though I like Huber and Ben too I don't follow the crew as closely as before after Kyle's departure. He was the one who resonates with me the most among allies. 😔