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  • This Thread focuses 100% on the Scores and weekly bets from the Easy Allies Podcast, with details and a Score Board


    EPISODE #249 Jan 15th 2021

    Quote of the Week: They don't use that cat tree! They just lay on random bullshit! -Ben moore
    BET: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Complete Edition launches January 14th. During the next Podcast recording, how many individual channels will stream the game on Twitch?

    Answer: "Way more than 70" // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 74


    EPISODE #250 Jan 22nd 2021

    Quote of the Week: Resident Evil is now like a box of cereal! -Brandon Jones
    BET: the Resident Evil showcase is happening on January 21st. What will the release date of Resident Evil VILLage be revealed as? (Or will it be revealed at all?)

    Answer: May 7th // Winning Bet: Bradley Ellis, April 16th


    EPISODE #251 Jan 29th 2021

    Quote of the Week: I wanna gauge your Nut Meter -Brandon Jones
    BET: The Medium launches January 26th. How long will the end credits of the game be?

    Answer: 5min 45sec // Winning Bet: Ian, 6min / Ben, 6min


    EPISODE #252 Feb 5th 2021

    Quote of the Week: Reloading isn’t an option -Shotgun Farmers
    BET: Control: Ultimate Edition launches on February 4th on Next Gen. At this point next week, where will it be on the Xbox Series X's "Top Games" list?

    Answer: Not on the List // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, 11


    EPISODE #253 Feb 12th 2021

    Quote of the Week: I mean, at least i've got a point on the board! -Daniel Bloodworth
    BET: The next expansion for Final Fantasy IV Online will be revealed. What will the release date be? (Specific Bets like "Fall 2021" or "no date" will lose if a specific date will be revealed)

    Answer: Fall 2021 // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, Fall 2021


    EPISODE #254 Feb 19th 2021

    Quote of the Week: This is a credit to how willing we are and how normal dumb can be! -Ben Moore
    BET: On the back of the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury retail box, how many different "Worlds" will be visible?

    Answer: 4 // Winning Bet: Huber, 3 / Bloodworth, 5


    EPISODE #255 Feb 26th 2021

    Quote of the Week: I said 3 sold well 'cause 2 did well, Revelations I guess did well as well -Brandon Jones
    BET: Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection launches February 25th. If you start the game on "Medium" and only walk right, how long will you survive?

    Answer: 7min // Winning Bet: Ben Moore, 25sec


    EPISODE #256 Mar 5th 2021

    Quote of the Week: Oh thx! Great! I won't get excited about what I'm looking at then. -Brandon Jones
    BET: Maquette launches on March 2nd for PS4 and PS5. How long will the launch trailer for the game be? (if there is no trailer, lowest time wins)

    Answer: NO TRAILER // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 1min 6sec


    EPISODE #257 Mar 12th 2021

    Quote of the Week: My butt is clean folks! CLEAN!!! -Brandon Jones
    BET: Watch Dogs Legion Online launches March 9th. On March 11th, before the recording of the podcast, what will be the gap in viewers between Watch Dogs Legion Online and GTA Online

    Answer: 303.915 // Winning Bet: Ian Hinck, 350.000


    EPISODE #258 Mar 19th 2021

    Quote of the Week: Oh that bear looked good! Yeah! Bears are in right now! -Michael Huber
    BET: The Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye campagne and the Next Gen Versions on July 18th. By the recording of the next Podcast, how many likes will the most recent Tweet by @PlayAvengers have? (no replies or retweets)

    Answer: 487 // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 600


    EPISODE #259 Mar 26th 2021

    Quote of the Week: Say they do pull the plug, it's all gone, there is no replacement Ben... how do you retaliate against Sony? -Brandon Jones
    BET: FallGuys Season 4 launches on March 22nd. At this time next week, how many people will be watching the most viewed stream on Twitch?

    Answer: 3800 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 3003


    EPISODE #260 Apr 2nd 2021

    Quote of the Week: NO!... NO!! NOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT WAS NUMBER 2! -Brandon Jones
    BET: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 3 + ReMind and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory release on PC on March 30th. At midnight from March 29th to March 30th, where will "Kingdom Hearts" be on Google Trends? (Filters: Worldwirde/Last Week)

    Answer: 42 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 84


    EPISODE #260 Apr 9th 2021

    Quote of the Week: We know we can make money here! -Daniel Bloodworth
    BET: Oddworld: Soulstorm launches on April 6th. At this time next week, now many outlets will have submitted a review to OpenCritic.com for the game?

    Answer: 3 // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 22


    EPISODE #261 Apr 16th 2021

    Quote of the Week: ---
    BET: Season 2 of Sea of Thieves launches on April 15th. At this point next week, what rank will it be on Twitch's "Browse" page?

    Answer: --- // Winning Bet: ---


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