Pokemon GO - Would a normal gameboy pokemon game have been as successful?

  • Question for everyone.

    Do you think a normal pokemon game (Possibly with streetpass features/social integration, but still a "gameboy" pokemon game) have been as successful as Pokemon GO?

    I already see Pokemon GO dropping numbers, and its making me think if people are just that desperate for a pokemon mobile game.

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    Oh dear lord no.
    Go is successful because it is a mobile game made for a mobile platform. You spend a few minutes checking your phone here and there to pick up items and catch pokemon.

    That and it is accessible to anybody with a phone, which is a hell of a lot more people than those with 3DS.

  • @El-Shmiablo That's fair. How about a mobile pokemon game that wasn't related to GPS-coordinates? - Or at least, the core gameplay is more true to actual series?

    Pokemon in Pokemon GO serve little more than to be thrown into a meat grinder for candy.

  • Low barrier to entry (all you need is a cell phone), low barrier to time spent (you're doing more that just sitting down to play a game).

    And if you like Pokémon, well, now all of your non-gaming friends are playing it too. No other Pokémon game of any other kind will ever be as successful.

  • In addition to the reasons listed above, the fact that it's free is probably one of the biggest drives for its success vs a game you have to play $40 to play. As for a more traditional Pokemon game on mobile - it could possibly work. I can only think of a hybrid between souped-up GO and dumbed-down regular series games. I'd imagine it wouldn't nearly match the success of GO, though. Pokemon GO is the first (somewhat traditional) Pokemon game on mobile, and part of the reason its so huge is because of that.

  • Nah, it would've failed. The issue with needing a console is that not everyone will buy one, even fewer will be able to gather enough people to make the social aspect meaningful depending on where you live.

    That's the benefit of Pokemon Go, it's on a phone, practically everyone has a phone even down to kids in elementary school now. It's free, doesn't have any real investment to get into if you already have a phone.

    Also, the only players we're losing are the idiots who wanted to cheat. And the even dumber people who wanted the tracking that was BROKEN and NON-FUNCTIONAL to not be removed, which makes no damn sense.

    Game works better now than it ever did, saves battery, and they'll eventually put the tracking back in. Anyone who quits over what's going on right now SHOULD go, and never come back.

  • Yeah I agree. I bet there's already more people who have Pokemon Go installed than even own a 3DS. The barrier of entry between a free game that works on basically any smart phone and a game that needs a 150$ Game Console is just not comparable.

    I'd even go further and bet you Pokemon Go isn't even going to significantly impact Sun/Moon sales. Not gonna hurt them either, but the most it's going to do is get people who already own a 3DS back in the mood for a Pokemon game. But I bet you the number of Pokemon Go players who are going to buy a 3DS now to get "the real thing" is going to be neglectable.

  • @babpel91 - I've recently been searching for the DS Pokemon Games (Gen IV and after) - they are extremely difficult to find. Gamestop said they use to have 10-15 copies of White/etc, and they barely keep a hold on 1-2 now. They mostly said Pokemon GO is the reason there.

    Its a small sample size, but it definitely impacted the region here. I was still able to get a game from each gen, but it took 4 different stores and 2-3 hours of driving around.

  • @Stormcrownn That's interesting. As far as anecdotal evidence goes I can't really say, that I've witnessed anything like that myself. Maybe that's an interesting question for the rest of you guys: Has anybody come across any cases of people getting into other Pokemon media because of Go?

  • @babpel91 Another bit to add, the DS games are a bit different because you can't trade online. You NEED two copies and two DS/3DS's to trade pokemon.

    Soul Silver/Platinum are probably more expensive because everyone is buying two now.

    On top of that, to move pokemon from Gen IV to Gen VI/Pokebank, you need White/Black or White2/Black2 to move them. So if you go to buy a game in Gen IV, you have to buy a second one to trade, and a third game to move them to the new games.

    That's if you are getting serious about it.