Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

  • Lately I've been trying to track down a few Nintendo Switch hidden gems on the eshop and was wondering if you had any suggestions. I've picked up The Red Strings Club and Neo Cab for their cyberpunk and story and character-driven identities, but maybe you have played some brilliant indie titles. I heard that Splasher and West of Loathing are good choices-can anybody confirm that?

  • Not really a hidden Gem as such, but Golf Story is a really cool Golf RPG it's funny, charming & plays damn well. Didnt really hear much talk about about it after release.

    You also have quite a few Psykio Shumps on the Store for a couple of quid each. Gunbird 2, Tenagi & Strikers 1945 are my personal favourites. I spent more time playing these than any other Switch games.

  • Bulb Boy, really bizarre and grotesque adventure game.

    Pool Panic, hilarious and trippy pool game from adult swim.

    Paratopic, short 1st persons horror game with PSOne graphics.

  • Bug Fables is one of the overlooked gems of 2020. Since Nintendo won't make a new classic style Paper Mario RPG, they did and it's great!

  • @paulmci27
    I'll also double down on golf story

  • Cosmic Star Heroine is an awesome Chrono Trigger-esque RPG with a really fun and unique battle system.

    Kamiko is the most brain-dead easy arcade action game, but the vibes and the music are 10/10, and the game can usually be found for less than 5 bucks. It's worth getting just for the soundtrack.

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