Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO)

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    What worked in RE7 was how little we knew going into it. The entire time you were searching for connecting tissue to the greater RE storyline so when it tied back to RE though subtle ways, it was pretty cool. But like you said, it also gets in its own way as it elaborately tries to tie itself into pre-existing threads.

    Again, I was content with Bayou Murder Family before everything being contextualized.

    I feel like there is a way to keep these games in the Resident Evil series with it's iconic features like green herbs, pursuer enemies, goofy puzzles, and survival elements, but it should just stop itself when it insists on injecting lore into every game. Another series would be cool too, but I just don't see Capcom leaving money on the table to start a new IP.

    It would be better off keeping the story contained to minute-to-minute goals. I really like the beginning of RE Village where you meet the daughter (Elena?) and her wounded father. Then you meet up with other villagers in the dark cabin. That kind of storytelling throughout the entire game would've elevated it to high heights. Instead we get a few of those moments and a lot of lore dumps near the end.

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    I beat Village last night. I kinda echo what @Mbun wrote a few posts above, but I feel like Village is an easy one to find flaws in because it could've been so much more, but ultimately it was a fun experience and I'm glad Resident Evil is in a pretty good spot right now. 8/10

    My big takeaways are:

    • Village is the best combo of RE systems (briefcase, selling treasure, Arkham Asylum-like world, classic RE "mansion").
    • First person storytelling is great, they just need MORE of it.
    • Enemy variety is there, but again, could use more variety.
    • Some combat scenarios are tense, some are routine, and I think there could've been more interesting combat scenarios.
    • Resident Evil needs to get out of it's own way.

    So on that last point...

    It's hard to tip toe around spoilers so I'll talk about what really works for Village. You enter a mysterious remote village and you find monsters, locals who are terrified and you interact with them in first-person cut scenes. Later, you encounter Lady Dimitrescu who is essentially a vampire, and you discover a classic genre-tropey way of killing her.

    In the late-game revelations, there is an explanation for everything that's been happening in RE7 and RE8 within the context of the greater RE series.

    Why is it so bad to just let go of trying to tie everything back into Resident Evil? I appreicated everything about the games story when I was accepting of vampires as vampires and lycans as lycans and they weren't given some ham-fisted context. I really truly think RE needs to step aside and just lean into their ideas without bringing everything back to viruses, Umbrella, mold, etc. The best story moments in here were the terrified villagers, or Lady Dimitrescu getting angrier at you as you tear her family apart. Just lean more into new characters, their motivations, and the minute to minute tasks as opposed to these massive conspiracies that never get resolved.


    Outside of story moments, I think the game itself is really fun. I was outright terrified and gasped out loud a few times inside of Castle Dimitrescu. Some late-game enemies in the factory really had me going Call of Duty try-hard sweatlord cause I was too scared to die to these creatures.

    So all in all, I really like the loop of exploring to find more treasure which gives you money for better upgrades. I also love how the Village evolves as you progress through the game, basically like Arkham Asylum, so you never know what to expect or if it's still safe or not.

    However, if Resident Evil is going to continue doing the action combat thing, I really think they should go full circle and look to The Evil Within 1 & 2 for inspiration. Those games have way more interesting combat encounters (i.e. maneuver saw blades while sniping enemies in the distance), whereas most combat in Village is shooting gallery-like.

    The best combat encounters happen in L-shaped stairwells or, say, an invincible enemy that you have to skirt around. Yet, too often, the combat scenarios involve poppin' some monsters and moving forward. I think the game could really use more interesting situations.

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    I finished my Village of Shadows run last night, it was a really nice challenge.

    How do you recommend I start my 2nd playthrough? I played on Standard/Medium 1st. Should I jump right to Village of Shadows or should I continue to grind out my weapons and cook my remaining meals first?

    I'd personally advise to go through at least once more and try and upgrade your best weapons. Some of the bosses and mini-bosses have a shit ton of health.

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    I just discovered the cheats you can buy with CP so I'm going to do Easy mode with unlimited ammo.

    Actually, been catching up on non-EZA general discourse around RE Village and I'm kinda surprised by the amount of people that think the series is going in a wrong direction with the action scenes.

    I personally just think the late-game pacing is more of a product of making / optimizing so many versions (XBO, PS4, XBXS, XBSS, PC, PS5), and running out of production time. Like, you can sort of tell they focused more on delivering and polishing than fine tuning near the end, but I still think the series is in good hands.

    Honestly, using cheats in The Evil Within or RE4 on repeat playthroughs is some of the most fun you can have in gaming. You won't ever see me complaining that I can murder everything in sight with unlimited ammo in a game that is supposed to be survival horror. I kinda love "breaking" the game in that way and playing the way I want to play on repeat plays.

  • 10/10 loved it. More survival than horror is fine with me. The game was scary enough.

  • I started at Easy Mode collectables run using a PowerPyx guide so I can get all collectables and get more CP for more bonuses. I started at 5:30pm and in 4 hours (while collecting things) I’ve beat 3/4 main bosses.

    I’m convinced I can actually get a speedrun trophy for a change. I think it’s >3h which I’m certain I can do if I’m not worried about ammo and just keep the eye on the prize.

    For once I can actually be one of those RE speed runners! Yay!

  • Just finished it, definitely enjoyed the first half more then the latter half. Gonna need a moment to formulate my thoughts.

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    You've had a moment? How you feelin' bout it? I just finished 2nd playthrough.


    Factory section is not my favourite part of the game by any stretch, but parts of it has it's moments. Visual design on Soldat enemies is some old school Resident Evil horror. Kinda makes me wonder if there is a way to make an RE sequel that unifies the prototypical t-virus zombie, freakazoid creatures of RE4-5. the moulded of RE7, and the folk tale creatures of RE8, all into one game. I feel like it's doable but idk if that is asking too much.

    Enemy spoilers:

    0_1622062373302_Resident Evil Village_20210526093231.jpg Spoiler

  • I did a 'final' knife only run to get the associated trophy but feel rather spent at this point in time. I haven't tried Merc's yet but I think that might be next on the agenda

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    Yeah I'm a bit spent too. Gonna try Merc's but I'm a bit disappointed that with killing every enemy on a Casual playthough, I didn't have enough Lei to purchase and fully rank up STAKE for unlimited ammo cheat so that kinda hurts my momentum a bit. I was going to speedrun with unlimited magnum but I don't think I have another NG+ in me to farm Lei.

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    Working a quick video of it, will probably have spoilers as I'm just gonna use mercs footage.