Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @iboshow
    I don't think we'll see a state of play till February

  • @scotty

    I still watched it because I was free and got nothing to do other than this and this demo/presentation was underwhelming say to least. Also that RE: Verse trailer was rough and funny not in a good way.

    Well, I still have 3 remake and 7 to finish.

    Edit: 2021 presentations started bad, hope it will only get way better from now on because I can't stand another 2020 in terms of game streams.

  • It's coming May 7th, which is a bit sooner than I expected. The castle looks so fucking sick, I'm so glad they kept the first person view here. Hopefully Huber streams the PS5 demo soon, really want to see what is up with that.

  • Yeah, I think I'll pass. But I'll try the multiplatform demo hoping it changes my mind.

  • Looks alright but it could be a safe sequel just blending elements of previous games together and maybe a bit of Bioshock and Bloodborne inspiration in there too.

  • I’m on blackout so I didn’t watch the presentation, but I love me some Resident Evil regardless of the form it takes. Come Halloween hopefully I’ll have a PS5 and can settle into a spooky cold village and creepy castles. So down.

  • @bam541

    ''and lots more unveiled''

    I'm sure it didn't with only thing other than what's written in the tweet was upcoming CGI movie's sneak peek. Ahahaha

    Edit: How could I forget that super duper collaboration with The Divison 2!!?? Shame on me...

  • Currently watching Huber playing the Maiden demo on Twitch, and boy this game looks gooooood. This demo definitely got me more excited for the game than the showcase did.

  • @bam541 Not having combat makes it immediately more appealing, to me.

  • Can't really tell from a demo where the full game is going to go, but they certainly seem to have the right direction for the series going strong right now, and I don't just say that because so much of the internet is horny for the female antagonists.

  • Based on the demo, the sound design is going to be intense.

  • @hazz3r
    Just finished it and yeah, this is probably gonna give me a heart attack with my headphones on

  • Wish I had my PS5 already to try the demo, but I like what they showed! Pretty much what I expected and wanted, a continuation of RE VII, even more gorgeous. The setting looks great, characters are intriguing, with still the right balance of seriousness and cheesiness.

    I'll probably go on media blackout from now on, I don't need to be convinced anymore, this will be a day one buy.

  • I don’t care if I’m in the mindset of a rabid consumerist, I cannot wait to get a PS5 with 3D Pulse Headphones and play Resident Evil 8.

    Capcom’s turnaround with this series has been magic and I feel compelled to find a way to tell them. I know it’s weird getting so excited for a non-demo but this series has made such good progress and RE7 / RE2 was some of the most fun I’ve had gaming this past decade.

  • It looks like best RE game by far.

  • Didn't they say something about this game being exclusive to new gen because of the technology etc. I wonder how old gen versions work. If it's something like CP2077 there will be another chaos.

  • @scotty Seems like they focused the now current gen versions first, then once those were done started work to port the games down to last gen. Structurally, I doubt they'll end up running as bad as Cyberpunk on last gen. They just won't look as nice.

  • @scotty There will be a graphical downgrade but I don't expect any other issues. It's not an open-world game that requires a lot of memory and interacting systems. It's actually a very basic game when you boil it down. If RE VII could run well, this one should too.

  • @axel Not basic enough for a nonCloud Switch version though...