Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @dmcmaster What's all this chicken talk lately-am I missing something?

  • @jdincinerator

    Watch the Game Informer video.

  • Just tried out the Village demo on PS4. Man, that's such a good demo! I'm particularly impressed by the voice acting, everyone did quite well and it actually got me to care for the characters in such a short time. I tried it out on Casual difficulty and
    it's already pretty intense for me, as someone who usually avoids horror stuff. Also, it looks and runs pretty decent on base PS4. RE Engine continues to prove how flexible it is.

  • I wish I could try the demo but the window to play it is between 1am-9am in my region, thanks Capcom but I have work tomorrow!

  • Is the demo a one-shot as well because I played it then decided to come off for a bit then when I went back on I couldn't access the demo again? If so that's just atrocious.

  • Gonna skip the demo. I'm already sold on the game and I can wait until May 8th or whenever. I just don't like the idea of spoiling 30 whole minutes.

  • @jdincinerator if you have some left over time from the first run, you can do a second run as long as the timer's still up. Even pausing will not stop the timer.

  • The fact that you have only a short time window and only a limited time within the game is a complete bullshit. Capcom basically tells me: "Look, man, we are the most important thing in your life! Build your schedule around our game, tell your family that you have more important things to do, if they’ll need you while you are playing our demo. And even if the stars align and nothing urgent distract you while playing, we still want you to be anxious about time limit instead of simply enjoying playing our game”.

    I must admit, this was a good demo that would sell me on the game otherwise, but when someone who doesn’t know me tells me how to live my life, I have zero interest in anything this someone is offering me.

  • @ffff0 I think this is the kind of thing publishers do quite effortlessly these days. They give us uninspired ideas, convoluted concepts and shady gimmicks they believe we'll mindlessly buy into. I think that many of us take the bait me included because we have faith in what the developers/publishers can deliver-but honestly I feel like many well-known franchises are stepping on familiar territory and playing it safe to garner the most attention. In my most-likely unpopular opinion and despite me looking forward to RE8 and thinking it'll be great-I can't help but feel it's going through the motions we've seen out of the franchise already. I know it's extremely short-sighted to look at RE8 in first-person and instantly think it's retreading RE7's ground but that's one niggling feeling I have. The ornate interiors look quite familiar as well but I guess I'm just picking anything I can to knitpick. I just think RE8 could do with something less predictable to catch us off guard rather than seemingly giving us thrills we've already experienced from the franchise. I want to think RE8 will bring some juicy surprises that catch us off guard.

  • @jdincinerator I, personally, almost always see limited time events as a desperation move. I think that if a game is strong enough, it doesn't need this kind of artificial attention creation to be talked about. Sometimes it's reasonable (some event to showcase indie-games for example), but when this is done for some AAA franchise, I immediately start to suspect that something is wrong with its newest entry.

    Probably my take isn't a common one and it's makes sense for publishers to lose customers like me to get those who always lean towards new hotness.

  • @ffff0 said in Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO):

    I must admit, this was a good demo that would sell me on the game otherwise, but when someone who doesn’t know me tells me how to live my life, I have zero interest in anything this someone is offering me.

    That's very understandable. It's just an effective marketing strategy to make it stick harder on people's minds, especially with the way they are doing it, spacing each demo per week. I personally don't blame em' for doing something like this, I think Capcom really don't want the Resident Evil hype train to slow down at all.

  • Played the game during the European window last night. Really really enjoyed it. It looks incredible on PS5. The Facial Animation might be best in the industry. It looks SO REAL.

    Ethan had a corny line here and there that I really wasn't a fan of. But other than that, super excited.

  • Demo was nice. Atmosphere, graphics, characters were all looking good. I had some problems about gunplay, enemies were a little bit fast but demo didn't have enough combat to decide that. Also it's great even in this demo there was a character that I sympathise in 10 minutes.


    Funny thing is, demo isn't just time limited; it is also "place" limited so it's not like you can speedrun all of the game, it doesn't let you continue after a door even you have enough time. Ahahahha

    What is the point of time limit stupid Capcom!? You already limited it within a place, let us explore it as much as we want. It was a small area and just from beginning of the game anyway.

  • I caved and watched Huber play the Village 30 min demo. I feel pretty fine seeing what I saw because he didn't get very far.

    I have to say, that main story moment in the house with the other villagers did a lot more tasteful storytelling in one 3 minute scene than the entirety of Resident Evil has ever done for its characters. It was surprisingly like well done. It's crazy cause at this point you'd never know Resident Evil 4 is in the same franchise based on how much more effort they are putting into the storytelling in these newer games.


    I've always loved Victor Lucas from Electric Playground / Reviews on the Run and over the years he's always been fixated on this one element of Resident Evil and he brings it up in every single review to an almost obsessive degree. He says video games have been getting more and more interactive and he feels like RE is still somewhat in the past because you always run around the rooms or the world and you can only interact with the objects the game says you can. So there are these detailed environments but they are basically set dressing until you find the object you are allowed to hit 'X' on to pick up.

    I always found it to be a weird criticism. It isn't like RE is a cRPG like Fallout 3, right? Why should you be able to interact with so many things? Especially when a game like RE2 Remake has you dodging horrific monsters in a close space.

    But as I watched Huber play the Village demo, I started to understand that criticism a bit more. When Huber was lost in front of the house not sure what to interact with, he wasn't really playing so much as he was just looking for the 'press X' button prompt to appear somewhere so he can progress forward. And you know what, that kinda thing happens a lot in Resident Evil. I'm not entirely sure what the solution would be but I do kinda hear Victor Lucas in my mind when I see that stuff. Because I thought his criticism was more of a weird obsessive point that nobody cares about, but I'm starting to see it a bit.


    @4:09 in his review he explains what he's talking about with the objects.
    Youtube Video – [04:09..]

    @6:20 in this review he also mentions what he wants from interactivity in RE series in the future.
    Youtube Video – [06:20..]

  • Second demo is out and annoying as hell. If enemies takes forever to kill like that, game will turn into Outlast real fast. I don't like running from enemies.

    I will reserve my opinion about vampire ladies until the main game but they just don't look affected at all from bullets. Guess there will be another type of weapon for them or we will just run from them which is not good, at least give us a chance to stun them.

  • First look at post launch DLC. You've never felt terror like this before.
    Youtube Video

    Ok it's not DLC......yet.

  • I thought about pre-ordering, but then I cancelled, because I realized there was no investment in it for me. Transferred the money to No More Heroes 3.

  • Looking at how Village is written is confusing. Depending on how you want to read it it's written like Resident Evil 7lage, Resident Evil VII with genitals resembling the additional 'l' and the 'age' afterwards. Honestly I've had a similarly warped perception when I look closer at the Resident Evil 6 box art-maybe I'm just messed up in the head.

  • @jdincinerator

    I remember the giraffe too...

    Btw downloaded for PC too just to see how my moderate system will run it. I'll decide where I'll play according to that.

  • Would love to play the demo but it's always when I'm working or busy...welp only a few more days till it's in my hands anyway.