Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO)

  • I caved and watched Huber play the Village 30 min demo. I feel pretty fine seeing what I saw because he didn't get very far.

    I have to say, that main story moment in the house with the other villagers did a lot more tasteful storytelling in one 3 minute scene than the entirety of Resident Evil has ever done for its characters. It was surprisingly like well done. It's crazy cause at this point you'd never know Resident Evil 4 is in the same franchise based on how much more effort they are putting into the storytelling in these newer games.


    I've always loved Victor Lucas from Electric Playground / Reviews on the Run and over the years he's always been fixated on this one element of Resident Evil and he brings it up in every single review to an almost obsessive degree. He says video games have been getting more and more interactive and he feels like RE is still somewhat in the past because you always run around the rooms or the world and you can only interact with the objects the game says you can. So there are these detailed environments but they are basically set dressing until you find the object you are allowed to hit 'X' on to pick up.

    I always found it to be a weird criticism. It isn't like RE is a cRPG like Fallout 3, right? Why should you be able to interact with so many things? Especially when a game like RE2 Remake has you dodging horrific monsters in a close space.

    But as I watched Huber play the Village demo, I started to understand that criticism a bit more. When Huber was lost in front of the house not sure what to interact with, he wasn't really playing so much as he was just looking for the 'press X' button prompt to appear somewhere so he can progress forward. And you know what, that kinda thing happens a lot in Resident Evil. I'm not entirely sure what the solution would be but I do kinda hear Victor Lucas in my mind when I see that stuff. Because I thought his criticism was more of a weird obsessive point that nobody cares about, but I'm starting to see it a bit.


    @4:09 in his review he explains what he's talking about with the objects.
    Youtube Video – [04:09..]

    @6:20 in this review he also mentions what he wants from interactivity in RE series in the future.
    Youtube Video – [06:20..]

  • Second demo is out and annoying as hell. If enemies takes forever to kill like that, game will turn into Outlast real fast. I don't like running from enemies.

    I will reserve my opinion about vampire ladies until the main game but they just don't look affected at all from bullets. Guess there will be another type of weapon for them or we will just run from them which is not good, at least give us a chance to stun them.

  • First look at post launch DLC. You've never felt terror like this before.
    Youtube Video

    Ok it's not DLC......yet.

  • I thought about pre-ordering, but then I cancelled, because I realized there was no investment in it for me. Transferred the money to No More Heroes 3.

  • Looking at how Village is written is confusing. Depending on how you want to read it it's written like Resident Evil 7lage, Resident Evil VII with genitals resembling the additional 'l' and the 'age' afterwards. Honestly I've had a similarly warped perception when I look closer at the Resident Evil 6 box art-maybe I'm just messed up in the head.

  • @jdincinerator

    I remember the giraffe too...

    Btw downloaded for PC too just to see how my moderate system will run it. I'll decide where I'll play according to that.

  • Would love to play the demo but it's always when I'm working or busy...welp only a few more days till it's in my hands anyway.

  • @dmcmaster said in Resident Evil Village (PS5/XSX/PC/PS4/XBO):

    Would love to play the demo but it's always when I'm working or busy...welp only a few more days till it's in my hands anyway.

    You aren't missing anything. The demos actually had a rather negative impact on me because it highlighted how much of a bullet sponge the enemies are in this game.

  • @sheria

    I also didn't like how hard to kill them. Hopefully in the main game it will be less annoying with different weapons.


    This last demo will be open for a "week". Check it out and maybe you can find an opening that suits you.

  • My PC ran it decent enough in "balanced" options. I thank Capcom for that options thing. Devs should put this graphics options for every game so we can play the God damn games without having to do fine tuning on PC. ๐Ÿ˜‘

  • Reviews are expected to go up on Wednesday 8am PDT / 11am EDT.

    I am excited to read and watch some reviews but Iโ€™m also totally in to play this Friday evening so I kinda want to skip them.

    Weโ€™re so close!

  • After the demo I feel this should be called Resident Evil 4ยฒ

  • @jdincinerator Improved exploration and puzzles it's good news to me since the 1st person combat seems to be just as bad as in 7. Really not expecting it to be my goty but I'm hopeful it's good.

  • @phbz What's bothering me is that I get the feeling RE8 might be a bit too reminiscent of previous RE games that have come before.

  • @jdincinerator I've read that's like a mix of all RE except 6.

  • Village is looking good. I feel like I've honestly seen too much from the preview and review footage but knowing it's a 15 hour game, that probably means I've seen little bits from the first hour.

    I really enjoyed RE7 having played it twice. I watched Mike & Mike play it on the EZA Plays channel and I wasn't as impressed with how fast the game goes by. In hindsight, I feel like RE7 needed more meat on the bone so knowing RE Village has double the length, better puzzles, more varied enemies, two major locations, and extra modes is basically addressing some complaints people had with RE7 in the long run. That 15 hour length is such a sweet spot for a game like this.

    Huber never mentions bosses. I strongly disliked the bosses in RE7, especially the chainsaw fight and Marguerite with the annoying bugs for a whole section of the game. So either the bosses are better or completely non-existent?

  • Everything I've been reading is making it sound like they captured the same lighting in a bottle that made RE4 great.

  • It's little bit bummer that I know at least 2 of those bosses but still looking forward to it. But I need to finish 7 first, really curious about that family and where the series headed. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    Btw, we are looking at the second GOTY contender after It Takes Two.